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Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I’ve started again

(Friday blog)

I’ve just got back from a few weeks holiday in a country in which prostitution is illegal. Therefore, you’ll never see scenes like this when you’re on holiday with your family:

Nor will you see scenes like this:

And here’s another interesting fact about that country. There are an estimated 10.7 million stray dogs. Of these, about 10% are believed to have rabies. In the first 3 months of 2019, over 80,000 people were bitten by stray dogs:

Most of these dogs would not have had rabies. But as rabies kills you and there is no cure, everyone bitten has to have full rabies treatment. This is both painful and expensive.

When adults get bitten, it’s usually on the leg and so is less likely to cause scarring for life. But when children are bitten, it’s often on the upper body or face and can leave the child with life-long scars. We don’t know how many tourists and their children are attacked. These figures are carefully hidden by the authorities who don’t want anything which damages the thriving tourist industry. A few weeks ago, in a similar country, a Norwegian (I think) girl died from rabies after she was bitten by a puppy she wanted to rescue.

Introducing Tony Heller

As I’ve only had 3 – 4 hours sleep, I haven’t the time or energy to write a blog today. But I thought I’d introduce you to Tony Heller. He makes slightly laid back, but well-researched, videos constantly debunking the lies and exaggeration of the mentally-deranged, Armageddon-predicting Warmies.

Here’s his latest:

6 comments to Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I’ve started again

  • William Boreham

    The truth about global warming:

  • loppoman

    Welcome back David.
    You have been missed

  • dave hancock

    Many happy returns ….. I’m pleased.
    I was in that country myself last year and had no idea !


  • Philip

    Thank goodness your back. Without your dose of realism we would be lving in a fantasy world

  • Alan Thorpe

    The climate change section of the Cato Institute has apparently been closed down. There are two issues – understanding the long term climate which is very difficult and debunking the nonsense of human caused climate change, which is easy, but not if you are a brainwashed product of our education system.

    Human caused climate change says that we are increasing the temperatures. Often it is not clear exactly what temperature is being discussed. The concerns are that sea temperatures are rising, harming corals and fish and increasing sea levels. Ice is also melting and increasing the sea levels. In other words, we need to know why the temperature of the seas and ice are increasing. There are only two ways to increase temperatures, either by adding heat or by doing work. The science does not get more fundamental.

    Doing work is perhaps more difficult to understand, but a good example is a hand bicycle pump. Pumping up a tyre requires work – a force moved through a distance – and the work increases the pressure in the pump. It also does something else. It increases the temperature of the air and the pump get warmer. This is the “gas law” which related pressure, volume and temperature of a gas. The reverse happens when a gas expand. If using compresses air to pump up a tyre, it is cold if blasted onto your hand. When a gas expands, it cools, when it is compressed it warms.

    In the atmosphere gravity does work. It compresses the atmosphere and the denser the atmosphere the higher the pressure at the surface of a planet. Hence, Mercury has a low surface temperature, the earth moderate and Venus very high. The surface temperature on Venus has nothing to do with CO2 and the imagined greenhouse effect. It is due to gravity compressing the very dense atmosphere.

    Adding heat is the other way to increase temperature and on earth the heat from the core and from our activities is ignored and so the only source of heat is from the sun. Heat is similar in many ways to time. Both are said to flow and both can only flow in one direction and cannot be reversed, but they can both be slowed. Everybody experiences temperature and so they think the understand heat, but since they accept the fraud of man made climate change most obviously don’t. The question is where does the heat that is warming the oceans and melting ice come from and how are we adding to it. It can only come from the sun and nowhere else. Some of the radiation from the sun is reflected back into space, some is absorbed by the atmosphere. Most is absorbed by the oceans, land masses and ice. This is the heat causing the temperature increases at the surface and we have no influence over it. The surface temperature is the highest temperature and as the heat flows the temperatures subsequently reduce. Just like the house heating system. The highest temperature is the temperature of the flame in the boiler, the water temperature is lower (although controlled by a thermostat), the room temperature is lower still and the outside temperature even lower. Heat is flowing from hot to cold. Nothing can change this. Adding insulation to a house does not change the temperatures. The flame is the same temperature and the outside temperature is whatever it is. Insulation only reduces the energy needed to maintain a given temperature. Insulation slows down the heat loss, it does not increase temperature. The argument that slowing down the heat loss from the earth’s surface by adding CO2 cannot cause the surface temperature to increase. Human cause global warming is a complete fraud and basic science is all that is needed to prove it. Why are humans so stupid when so much is spent on education?

  • tomsks

    GW or CC is just one tool of the globalists that is part of their agenda to create a NWO. They only give time/platforms to those on the agenda and not the skeptics so da yoof are indoctrinated at school and the masses are indoctrinated by the telly. They lack the brain power to explore the facts. Even when a few years ago a ship sailing south to investigate GW got stuck in the ice unexpectedly. The erth naturually heats and cools and the earth adapts. I’d say that its getting colder not hotter. I guess I’m one of those ‘Climet Change Deniers’. May get that on a tshirt.

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