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Who is the most Islamocoolest bearded mass-murdering maniac?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Who is the Islamocoolest of them all?

Here are some really Islamocool dudes:

And Britain has produced a couple worthy competitors for the Islamocoolest lunatic in the world:

But when it comes to being the most Islamocoolest of them all, most people would have thought that Osama Bin Laden could win:

After all, in one of his greatest hits, he had thousands of hated infidels killed in the 9/11 attacks. But he was also responsible for hundreds of other Al Qaeda attacks around the world massacring thousands more.

But Osama got wasted – even though our allies, the ever-trustworthy Pakistanis, had hidden him right next to a large Pakistani military base in the expectation that nobody would dare harm him while he was under Pakistani military protection. (And we still give hundreds of millions in foreign aid to a country which has repeatedly shown it is our sworn enemy and which rather likes murdering Christians):

The bearded guy screaming for Aasia Bibi’s death is also pretty Islamocool, don’t you think?

But now when it comes to being the Islamocoolest dude of them all, there’s a new kid on the block. It’s Al Big Daddy (also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)

Don’t you just love Al Big Daddy’s two-toned beard? Osama had a great beard. But it was a pathetic, shriveled weed compared to Al Big Daddy’s two-toned monster bush. Big Daddy is just so cool. He’s Islamocool. In fact, he’s the Islamocoolest hombre around. Big Daddy is responsible for tens of thousands of extremely brutal deaths and, unlike our former rockstar terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Al Big Daddy is still very much alive in spite of both the Russians and the Americans claiming they had long since sent him to Paradise.

I expect we’ll see many of our friends from the Religion of Total Peacefulness adopting Big Al’s fashionable two-tone beard look. It’s what gets the ladies really turned on and flocking to some Third-World hell-hole to be serially f****d by Big Al and his faithful followers.

By the way, why do these bearded chappies always seem so angry?

More gibberish from a bearded lunatic?

On a slightly more serious note, I won’t even lower myself to comment on this video clip of a leading but modestly bearded researcher from our favouritest religion except to say that there are tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of possibly low-IQ, inbred, retarded, bearded madmen, who believe the garbage he spews out. And that’s a problem for the world:


6 comments to Who is the most Islamocoolest bearded mass-murdering maniac?

  • Julia Green

    Very funny! But you can’t make jokes about these much misunderstood people, it’s illegal, teacher says we have to take them seriously and keep paying their welfare bills around the world because all their bad luck in life is OUR fault, not because they get their beards trapped in machinery and therefore can’t work.

  • Bonapartes B*lls

    United Snakes says it is staying in Syria, ILLEGALLY of course, there for the Oil as usual. At least their are open about being Batshit Crazy Power Mad Warmongers. The UK has troops there and wont tell us that they are training terrorists like the ones above. C’est la vie

  • BetterDedthanRed

    Daily Express is now a Leftist Marxist Rag ,so just Toilet paper now same as all the rest. Don’t waste your money, put em out of business.
    The Left Wingers are just useful idiots for the real power that is waiting in the wings.Once they have wrecked the country they too will be squashed like flies, by those in their own ranks, same as always with Marxist Commmie Coups and takeovers. Those who do not study history(and learn from it) are doomed to make the same mistakes.
    Marxism is a tool for the rich and powerful gangster banksters every time.

  • william boreham

    Yes, I knew the game was up when the Mirror Group took over the Express from Desmond.
    The new editor of the Express spills the beans:

    The new, left-wing editor of the Daily Express has boasted to the Guardian about turning one of Britain’s only Brexit-supporting newspapers into an increasingly watered down, pro-mass migration outlet.
    In an interview celebrating Gary Jones’s first year running the Daily Express after it was bought out by Reach, formerly Trinity Mirror, which publishes the leftist Daily Mirror, the Guardian gloated that the formerly populist newspaper, once “associated with… a relentless campaign for Britain to leave the EU”, has now been thoroughly neutered by its Remainer editor.
    Jones “seems to have recanted most things his newspaper stood for”, the Guardian cheered, describing him as a “lifelong Labour supporter [who] wants to promote the positive impact migration has on the UK and has pledged to do all [he] can to fight Islamophobia”.
    “The Express was undoubtedly anti-immigrant, despite the fact that without immigration we would not have a National Health Service,” Jones alleged, bragging that, on his very first morning at his new job, he told staff: “I’m not going to be doing an anti-immigrant story. Ever. Do not put them on the schedule.”
    According to Jones, he “couldn’t sleep” after seeing a collage of previous Express front pages which featured stories highlighting some of the negatives of mass migration and lax border controls, or which exposed the scale of immigration to Britain.
    Amongst the often-alleged to be “offensive” front pages put out by the Express, which Jones characterised as dealing in “brutality”, were headline stories titled ‘Britain opens door to asylum seekers’, ‘Immigration soars 20% in a year’, and ‘Britain’s 40% surge in ethnic numbers Collages featured in the Guardian piece, which are frequently used by activists and left-wing media to demand more press censorship and advertising boycotts in Britain, were put together as part of “research” which argued British front pages should be covered with emotive stories and images which boost support for mass migration — for example, pictures of dead children who had attempted to travel to Europe.
    “People had collated every front page which was anti-immigrant. It was certainly Islamophobic,” Jones claimed.
    “This was not representative of the kind of society I think we should be,” he complained, before going on to talk of the public’s reaction to his transformation of the publication.
    Readers of the newspaper, which now carries articles painting patriotic European leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán as “autocrats” against whom their countrymen are supposedly in “revolt”, were “[not] entirely aware” of the newspaper’s populist stance, Jones claimed, but instead were “sucked into it because they’re loyal to the Express.”

  • BetterDedthanRed

    Mary Transgender female weightlifter smashes multiple women’s world records in single day.

    Honestly I really do give up the West is truely stuffed .The Fabian Cultural Marixsts and brainwashed disciples are in for a shock.When they have really debased society fully back to the Stone age they will not like what they find there.Political Correctness has no limits, it was Politically correct to kill millions in Cambodia..

    Pol Pot Year Zero.. Do they know who he was, who the Khymer Rouge was, do they know where Cambodia is? Do they think it can’t happen here? Of course they don’t show the film “The Killing Fields” any more do they.Should be essential viewing for any budding Socialist.And no this time it wont be different.Small country Cambodia 2 to 3 million deaths maybe more.

  • Daveh

    David, are you ok ?

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