July 2024

Third-world London knife crime “nuffink to do wiv immigration!”

(Friday blog)

I’m not sure how many people have been stabbed, shot and/or murdered in London so far this year. But I know there have been more than one a day this week. And I suspect that London’s fabulous, selfless, public-servant mayor, Sadiq Khan, will be going for a record year in 2019.

As the useless Sadiq Khan and the even more useless Met boss Cressida “Dickless” Dick scratch their politically-correct heads as they try to find out why violent crime is shooting up in London, I wonder if I could possibly help them find the real reason?

Here are pictures of a bunch of people killed in Sadiq Khan’s violent London twinned with Mogadishu:

and here are some more:

It seems to me that the majority have something in common. But I just can’t put my finger on what this could be. Hey, let’s have a stab at guessing what most of these victims might have in common. Let’s have a shot at finding out why violent crime is shooting up. I’ve got an idea! Could it be that the majority of those involved in London’s crime epidemic come from a diverse, multi-culturally enriching background? Could it be that the majority come from an immigrant background?

No! That’s not possible as such a conclusion would be politically-incorrect. Such a conclusion might represent “hate thought”. So, to be politically correct we must conclude that the increasing violence on London’s blood-soaked streets has “nuffink to do wiv immigration”.

And so the search for the ever-elusive reason violent crime in London is shooting up must go on.

And here, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it yet, is a short (3 mins) (rather brilliant, I think) video I made about Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London. Please click on the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner to get the link for the video and recommend it to your contacts as I need to increase the number of views:

3 comments to Third-world London knife crime “nuffink to do wiv immigration!”

  • William Boreham

    Job hunting in London in the 50’s, the city was 99,9 per cent white. One rarely saw a black face, so rare people would look back and comment on that unusual event – and one NEVER saw a Muslim. Now, real Londoners are a minority in their own capitol city. Canvassing for the National Front in the East End in the 70’s, I came to the conclusion that the English were more prepared to commit national suicide, rather than be labelled ‘racist.’ The first generation in our history not ready or willing to fight for their own national and ethnic survival. Come another 70 years or so, the English people will be as rare in England as the Ancient Greeks are in the Peloponnese today.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Surely, it is pictures of the attackers you should be showing, not their victims. And if knife crime is related to immigration how does that provide a solution?

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