July 2024

650 lying, cowardly thieves – enemies of the people

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What to say? It’s not the job of this blog to regurgitate the stories and opinions already appearing in the mainstream media. Instead my intention is to find stories the mainstream media won’t cover and to back these up with facts and figures. However, after the chaotic scenes of the last few weeks, it’s almost impossible not to mention the shambles that Brexit has become.

Let us start by going back to the 2016 referendum. Prior to the referendum, Cameron’s government spent £9m of our money sending a booklet titled “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK” to every home in Britain. So, it was already clear how the Establishment wanted us to vote. Sadly for democracy and fairness the Electoral Commission was stuffed with Remainers:

So they didn’t raise any objections to the government’s bias and gift of £9m of our money to the Remain side.

The booklet also promised us “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide”. The promise our politicians made to us could not be clearer.

Since then we’ve had nothing but backsliding, lies and delays. Many Remoaners have claimed the Referendum was only “advisory” clearly choosing to forget the Establishment’s promise “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide”.

But, much to the Establishment’s surprise, we voted the ‘wrong way’ – we voted to leave the EU.

In fact, our Remainer MPs would like to ignore the Referendum result, revoke Article 50 altogether and stay in the German-controlled Fourth Reich for ever. But they’re afraid to do that because of the outrage such an undemocratic move would cause. So instead they’ve chosen the cowards’ path – destroy Brexit using “death by a thousand delays”. Here they are – 650 lying, cowardly, expenses-fiddling, self-enriching, pompous, self-regarding enemies of the people:

In fact, we will eventually get some form of Brexit. But it will be BRINO – Brexit in name only. We will probably stay in the single market and customs union so we can’t do any trade deals with any other country. And we won’t have any influence over future EU rules even though we’ll have to accept them. We will become a vassal state, subservient to the German Chancellor and his/her French poodle.

The EU is desperate to ruin the UK. It would be a disaster for the EU if Britain were to break free from the EU and be successful outside the sclerotic, incompetent, undemocratic, corrupt EU. And the dishonest scum who rule us have surrendered our country to our EU overlords:

Never have so many people been betrayed by such scumbags. And never in history has a once great country like ours been handed over to our enemies without so much as a bleat of resistance.

I guess we all should start learning to speak German in addition to Arabic.

10 comments to 650 lying, cowardly thieves – enemies of the people

  • Julia Green

    The turnout yesterday in London was absolutely MASSIVE, The Soros BBC is trying to play this down but it VASTLY outnumbered the loser fest of last week, funded by…well no one seems to know. And the speeches were incredible, the Soros BBC won’t dare show them either. Dominic Grieve has now been deselected, so one by one the scum are going but they won’t dare trigger by elections because they are as popular as herpes.

  • A Thorpe

    If only the main media would say something like this. They are just as cowardly as the MPs. Cameron was one of the few who understood both sides. He stated very clearly that leaving and staying in the single market or customs union was the worst possible outcome because we would have no say. He advised people thinking in this way to vote to remain. It’s time he was forced to explain himself and he might be the only person to resolve this mess. Perhaps it’s also time for another “Ed stone” in Parliament Square with the names of the 650 who have brought the country to this state.

  • William Boreham

    Like, I think it was Ireland and Denmark, I think we are headed for a second referendum and this time, I have a horrible suspicion that (like Ireland and Denmark) after all that fearmongering, this time there are not enough patriots left in this country to vote leave again. Previous generations that willingly took up arms to defend our sovereignty would have voted nigh on 100 percent to leave, not having gone in in the first place. Hell, when I was a schoolboy, we had maps of the world displayed, showing virtually half the world highlighted in red, depicting the huge British Empire we once ruled over. And now we are supposed to be incapable of even governing ourselves?

  • chris

    There are rumours of a 4th attempt to get MPs to approve May’s Surrender Agreement. However I wonder what possible effect this might have.

    I might be reading this wrongly, but the European Council’s ‘hard’ deadline for the Parliamentary vote was the 29th March 2019. There were only 2 possible consequences (on a strict reading of the text):

    The UK will leave the EU:
    (a) On the 12th April 2019 if the withdrawal agreement is rejected by the 29th March 2019; or,
    (b) on the 22nd May 2019 if the withdrawal agreement is approved by the 29th March 2019.

    The 29th March 2019 deadline passed yesterday and option (a) has become effective. The UK will leave the EU on the 12th April 2019.

    The European Commission’s text is silent on subsequent votes in the Commons (i.e. a 4th vote). So, strictly speaking, a further parliamentary vote (either way), after the 29th March 2019 should be ineffective vis-a-vis the European Council’s text. That is if/until there is a new agreement before 11PM on the 12th April 2019 or the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 is repealed.

    I suspect more talk of deals and much more national humiliation is coming. I suspect the Withdrawal Act will be repealed and a 2nd referendum agreed with the EU as the price. The future date will be left vague. The question will be tri-partite so as to split leave voters. Treason May will be rewarded by a sinecure post (remember Baroness Ashton)in the the EU and the Conservative Party (and Labour too) will be despised for a long time. I just hope Nigel survives and gets UKIP into Parliament.

  • leila young

    Did anyone hear Mervyn King leave Humphries gobsmacked on BBC 4 yesterday morning? he was very upbeat about Britain’s ability to thrive outside the eu and pointed out the various problems that exist there Deutsche bank shares are down to about 3.80! Salvini wants to chemically castrate rapists and is anti eu Perhaps not all is lost! but King should be put to work asap! @ Chris Nigel is no longer UKIP.

  • chris

    Sorry, I meant to say “UKIP gets into Parliament”

  • chris

    Stolen from the comments section of the Daily Telegraph:

    WE’RE OUT !
    An agreement by the UK with the EU can only be valid in international law if constitutional due process has been followed.

    The Gina Miller case established that if the British Government wishes to agree an extension of the Article 50 period beyond 29th March 2019 with the EU, it must do so with the authority of an Act of Parliament passed for that purpose.

    No such Act of Parliament existed when, on 22nd March 2019, Sir Tim Barrow, UK Representative to the EU, wrote a letter to the EU requesting an extension of the Article 50 period from 29th March to either 12th April or 22nd May 2019.

    On 27th March 2019, Parliament passed a Statutory Instrument amending the exit date in the EU Withdrawal Act 2018 from 29th March to either 12th April or 22nd May. The ‘agreement’ with the EU of 22nd March was made contingent on Parliamentary approval for the Withdrawal Agreement being given before 29th March. This contingent condition also indicated that the exit date did not change under international law on 22nd March. Under international law, the exit date continued to be 29th March, regardless of any public statements by the EU or the British Government.

    The power by the British Government to amend the exit date in the EU Withdrawal Act under Section 20 (4) of the Act applies only where the day and time specified in the definition of exit day differ from that when the treaties will cease to apply. Since the exit date had not in fact changed in international law, the power to amend the exit date in the EU Withdrawal Act did not exist when the Statutory Instrument was passed on 27th March. The validity of the Statutory Instrument is therefore questionable. This also indicates why a separate Act of Parliament would be required to authorise a request to the EU to change the exit date in international law.

    Even if the Statutory Instrument were valid, constitutional due process has not been followed, because no request was made by the British Government to the EU to change the exit date on the basis of the Statutory Instrument between 27th March (when the SI was passed by Parliament) and 29th March, which continued to be the exit date in international law, given that due process was not followed.

    This means that in international law, the UK left the EU at 11pm GMT on 29th March 2019.

    If, in international law, the UK has now left the EU, this must have legal consequences if both the British Government and the EU continue to behave as if it has not done so.
    If the British Government continues to pay money to the EU as if the UK were still a member state after 29th March, the legality of any such payments can be challenged in the courts, and the recipients of any such money (the EU, member states, organisations or individuals) may be liable to repay it. (A related point is that the expenditure of money by the British Government, particularly major expenditure, normally requires primary legislation, and using a Statutory Instrument for this purpose may be open to legal challenge.)

    There will also be legal consequences in a wide range of other situations. For example, businesses may incur costs from continuing to apply EU regulations, and may be eligible to sue the British Government and the EU for recovery of those costs.

  • chris

    UK petitions/248281

  • Teresasghost

    Philip May, husband of the UK prime minister, works for a company that is the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, whose share price has soared since the recent airstrikes in Syria.

    The company, Capital Group, is also the second-largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin – a US military arms firm that supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Its shares have also rocketed since the missile strikes last week.

  • TheGreatBritishShithole

    Why are British troops training terrorists??

    UK troops to train moderate Syrian opposition.

    The Defence Secretary has announced that the UK will provide military training to Syrian moderate opposition forces.

    As US withdraws troops from Syria, France and UK remain in the back seat

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