July 2024

Did they die in vain?

(weekend blog)

As this is Remembrance Weekend, a cynic might be tempted to ask whether those who so courageously and so patriotically gave their lives in the last two wars would be pleased at what has happened to the country, the traditions and the freedoms they fought to defend:

After all, it seems those cowards and traitors, who now run Britain, want our country to be a humiliated vassal state to a new resurgent German Fourth Reich:

Ruled by Germany but fronted by a useless drunk from a crappy little country the size of Leicester:

And the ‘new Britons’ are no longer interested in the freedom past generations died to preserve:

Nor do the ‘new Britons’ seem particularly enamoured of democracy:

Crime in Britain is spiraling out of control:

There are multi-cultural enriching rape gangs operating freely in pretty much every city and town:

Our police have become a pathetic, impotent laughing stock getting endless medals for political correctness above and beyond the call of duty while running away at the slightest whiff of danger:

Those who rule us despise us:

And make no attempt to protect us against our enemies:

And anyone who dares voice concerns about what’s happening in our once great country is persecuted and imprisoned by our Big Brother state:

I don’t believe this is what so many fought and died for.

I wonder if they may have all died in vain?

9 comments to Did they die in vain?

  • Mark

    It makes you wonder what a Bradford pals battalion would look like now.
    So progressive.

  • loppoman

    Spot on again, David.
    What we see in the media, wreath laying etc., is just theatre.
    Today’s youngsters need to wait a few years to discover the tragedy that awaits them.
    Voltaire’s saying is so very true.

  • Stillreading

    Yes – with hindsight, it now seems they indeed died in vain. Their deaths enabled treacherous politicians and financiers to subvert everything they were told they were fighting for.
    Have others noticed the sudden emphasis by the BBC in the past couple of days on “low fertility/reproduction rates”? Of course, they then go on to say that these low rates pertain to traditional Europeans, who are choosing to have fewer children for various reasons – financial, womens’ career choices, the desire to provide the chosen number of children with adequate nutrition and accomodation, good education etc. A cynic might think this sudden emphasis is a ploy by those who wield power over us poor plebs to open the way for a huge wave of more immigration. We desperately need all those highly educated, gentle, tolerant Third World immigrants to enrich our culture and care for our elderly and disabled, don’t we?

  • Tom

    It’s Agenda 21 – all of what you describe in the article and the comments is planned under UN Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development”. It’s going to get much worse unless folks wake up. It’s depressing because so many people scoff at the mention of the topic and call you a conspiracy theorist despite putting the evidence under their nose

  • A Thorpe

    Lord Curzon said the peace treaty was just a 20 year truce and he was right. So more died for the same cause in WWII. Merkel is doing things differently. We know what we have to do now.

  • Stillreading

    ” Merkel is doing things differently. We know what we have to do now.” We sure do! We just have to do what Germany (Merkel) tells us! Simples!

  • John Fields

    Mr Craig. One of your best blogs to date. Thank you.
    As a veteran of North Atlantic convoys you have put into words my very thoughts at this time of the year.Wear a poppy for two weeks,gather round the cenotaph for one hour, go home and forget all about it until the following year.

  • leila young

    Those who glorify war are encouraging the living to join the dead. Both my parents served in WW2, RAF Spitfire pilot and WAAF weather forecasting officer. Both would be horrified at the state of Britain today.

  • Stillreading

    I agree Leila. Both my grandfathers were in WW1 and my father and uncle in WW2. I saw my father only during his “leaves” until I was nine. During the war my mother held the family together (herself, me and my younger sister) as my grandmothers had done a generation previously. She somehow managed to feed us adequately when food was rationed and she clothed us by cutting down and re-fashioning her own clothes. Her hand Singer sewing machine was the household god! Our generation, the now generally despised and disregarded oldies, grew up knowing how to survive and be self-sufficient. Very different indeed from many of today’s snowflakes.

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