May 2024

Please give generously to greedy “BBC Executives in Need”

(Monday blog)

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is once again gearing up for its annual CHILDREN IN NEED appeal. The big night is Friday 16 November 2018. But you can already buy your Pudsey (made in China) stuff at your local supermarket.

Oh what fun we’re all going to have! Oh how amusing it will be to see attention-craving former celebs and even us ordinary plebs doing really crazy things to raise money for good causes! Yippeee! Hooray for the BBC!

The BBC claims that “every penny you give makes a difference”. But a difference for whom? The children in need? Or the BBC bureaucrats and pen-pushers? After all, since when could you trust any of the left-wing, progressive, rapefugee-hugging, UK-loathing biased garbage put out by the self-serving scum at the Beeb?

Before you hand over your money, let me just tell you a few inconvenient truths about this great charitable BBC event. Then you can judge for yourself whether you really should be throwing your already heavily-taxed cash into that great, corrupt, politically-biased, libtard, steaming cesspit of parasitical, self-serving, overpaid, over-pensioned bureaucrats that is the BBC.

The BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED charity only has about 134 employees. But they seem to be awfully lucky employees indeed. While the average employee cost (salary, NI and pension contributions) at our larger charities is between £20,000 and £30,000, the employee cost at the BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED is a wonderful £38,575 per employee. In the chart below I show the rather stunning difference between the annual cost per employee at children’s charity Barnardos (£20,436) compared to the BBC’s Children in Need (£38,575):

Moreover, the CHILDREN IN NEED boss managing these 134 people pocketed about £110,440 of our ‘charitable donations’ in 2015, £119,934 in 2016 and £130,000 in 2017 – an 18% increase in just two years – not much austerity for him. That’s about the same as the boss at Oxfam who got around £130,000 in salary and pension for managing over 5,100 employees (including loads of kiddie-fiddlers?) across the world, many of them in some of the world’s most dangerous countries. And the head of Oxfam gets his £130,000 for generating and spending income of over £400m, rather more than the BBC CHILDREN IN NEED’s boss’s £130,000 for raising and spending a slightly more modest £68m.

Moreover, current employees at the BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED are fortunate enough to be eligible for one of the most generous pension schemes in Britain – the BBC’s gold-plated final salary pension scheme, which will give them guaranteed, inflation-protected pensions for the rest of their lives.

Sadly for us TV licence-fee payers and for contributors to CHILDREN IN NEED, the BBC’s pension scheme is so unbelievably generous to BBC employees that it doesn’t have enough money to meet its liabilities. In fact, it has a shortfall of over £1.14bn. No problem – the BBC has decided to fatten up its own pension scheme with our money. Over the 12 years from 2014 to 2026 around £905,000,000 extra of our money (in addition to the regular contributions the BBC makes each month for each employee) will be put into the BBC pension scheme to ensure all BBC employees can have a comfortable, secure, well-rewarded retirement at our expense. So, Fiona Bruce and Angela Rippon and others of their ilk can relax in the knowledge that we will be paying for their lives of luxury for many more decades.

As for the CHILDREN IN NEED part of this pension scheme, it was also underfunded and so in 2015 got an extra £274,000 of our charitable donations which rose to £298,000 in 2016 and then was £296,000 in 2017. The BBC CHILDREN IN NEED would need 29,600 people donating £10 each just to help top up the CHILDREN IN NEED employees’ pension scheme for 2017.

Of course, we should support worthy charities. But is it really necessary to allow greedy, money-grabbing, self-serving, lefty, UK-hating, Europhiliac, lying BBC bureaucrats to take such a generous cut of everything we give? Why don’t you just find a local charity and give directly? At least you’ll know your money will go to those whom you intended to get it.

These over-paid, over-pensioned, self-regarding BBC bureaucrats are laughing at our stupidity and gullibility while grabbing huge amounts of our supposed ‘charitable donations’ for themselves.

Maybe it’s time to put an end to their party?

And if you know anyone who might be tempted to give their money to these lucky BBC bureaucrats, perhaps you should send them a link to today’s blog?

6 comments to Please give generously to greedy “BBC Executives in Need”

  • William Boreham

    Not just the BBC, ALL the public sector fat-cats have been awarding themselves pay scales many times the salary of the PM. The result is that the public sector unfunded pension debt is now much the same as the national debt and is administrated much the same as Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme and must inevitably collapse as his did. The gravy train will end soon.

  • Stillreading

    ” The gravy train will end soon.” It’s already ended for many in public-funded employment where the government determines pensions. Furthermore, the changes have been retrospective. A member of my family went into teaching more than 30 years ago, in the knowledge that whilst the actual pay wasn’t very good – far higher salaries were available in industry for employees with similar degree-level qualifications – the pension scheme was. Now it’s different and middle-aged employers are discovering that their pensions will be significantly less than they had understood they would be. The complexities around when to retire, how to calculate lump sum payments and increments after retirement are such that the average employee just cannot understand how the system works. The plight of people who took out personal pension plans and have subsequently been ripped off by insurance companies or by individuals who were acting fraudulently (Equitable Life and Philip Green come immediately to mind) when paying into schemes whih were purportedly subject to Regulatory control by the Treasury, is even worse. Such people have lost a large part, or all, of their pensions. The UK pensions provision system is a national disgrace. As for the BBC and their annual orgy of begging, switch over to another channel or put on a pleasant DVD! Don’t give them a penny! Look for genuine local charities, where you can see the results of your donations.

  • Peter

    I cannot decide which is the more stupid; giving to the BBC (under the guise of BBC Executives, sorry Children, in need) or donating to the Labour Party……

  • John Fields

    Why do we need to start with overseas charities. For me, in England, the children’s hospices and children’s hospital wards are streets ahead for places to send my money etc.

  • An excellent article that I will post on my Facebook page. I myself have never given a penny to Children in Need because I have better things to do with my money than help the BBC service itself.

    The BBC is a state-owned organisation (as is Channel 4) that is run and staffed by people willing to be extemely well-paid (grossly overpaid) by the public’s licence fee as if they are special people, while in reality being low-order enough to use the platform to deliver liberal political propaganda. Such people are fully deserving of the denigrating names this article ascribes to them.

  • Liz Sibbons

    They are all members of the Greedy Bastards club

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