March 2023
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The idiots running Argentina are looking for new scapegoats

Argentina started the 20th Century as one of the richest ten countries in the world. For a while its economic position in the world was comparable to that of Germany today. It had a per capita income much higher than that of Japan and Italy and comparable to that of France. However, it ended the century with the largest default in history. And things haven’t got much better since then. Argentina is now languishing 53rd in the OECD ranking of countries by GDP/person along with countries like Gabon and Botswana. It takes pure genius to drag one of the world’s richest countries down to the level of impoverished African nations. So, having destroyed their own country’s economy, what do the buffoons running the country do? Change their policies? No way. Much easier to try to pin the blame for their stupidity on someone else. Thirty years ago, to distract public attention from their own corruption and incompetence, Argentina’s joke military leaders in their bright shiny uniforms with all their chunky medals launched their “glorious” invasion of the Falklands. That was, of course, yet another disaster and led to the military junta’s downfall. But plus ca change, plus ca reste le meme. Now, thirty years later, faced by a stagnant economy, rising unemployment and an infrastructure that’s falling apart after decades of almost no investment, Argentina’s pathetic leaders are desperately trying to deflect public attention on to a scapegoat. First up was Britain as Argentina’s lady president started a new war of words with the UK over the Falklands. Then came Spain as the good lady decided to nationalise a Spanish oil company’s assets in Argentina. In fact, it’s surprising Argentina’s lady president didn’t blame Britain or Spain or the evil Yankees or the Martians or somebody else for the recent train crash which killed dozens of her people.

Frau Kirchener’s recent attacks on Britain and Spain, have of course, helped shore up her declining popularity amongst the monkeys in the street. After all, it’s much easier to blame others for your misfortunes rather than accepting that they come from your own stupidity, incompetence, idleness and corruption. So we can expect more fireworks from Frau Kirchener over the next few months as she casts around, ever more desperately, for suitable scapegoats for her own and her people’s failures.

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