May 2024

Why the Government will steal your money – and how they will do it

Our greedy, incompetent governments have borrowed well over a trillion pounds – about £1,400,000,000,000 I think. Sociopathic buffoon Gordon Brown single-handedly managed to waste about one trillion pounds of our money. Then with unfunded public-sector pensions, PFI projects and other bits and pieces, the government owes at least another trillion or so. So that’s two and a half trillion pounds of debt. Fortunately for the government, we actually have that money. In fact, we ordinary people have around four trillion pounds in savings, investments and pensions. So our government has a choice – cut public spending and reduce the salaries of at least a million overpaid, overpensioned public-sector managers and bureaucrats or find some way of grabbing as much of our savings as our thieving lying politicians can without people realising they are being robbed.

Naturally, our politicians and bureaucrats have decided to keep their big salaries, expenses and pensions. So the only way to cut their debt is pocketing our savings. They’re doing this in several ways. Firstly, they’re using inflation to cut the size of the government’s debts knowing that this is decimating the value of our savings. Then they’re taxing the little interest we do get even though this interest is well below the level of inflation. So we savers are losing twice – once to inflation and then to tax. But the real ace in the government’s strategy is their plan to steal some of the £800 billion we have in pension funds. Our lying chancellor George Liar Osborne has already suggested that our pension fund money should be used to fund public-sector infrastructure projects such as roads and schools. Basically, the government is going to steal our money and waste it. Ken Livingstone has also spotted our juicy £800 billion pension money and he too is suggesting this should be “invested” in public-sector projects. Then when the ghastly Ed Balls becomes chancellor after the bungling, shambolic Tories lose the next election, you can bet your bottom dollar that he also will propose that in order to promote “fairness”, our pension money should be stolen and wasted by the insatiable Brown/Balls public-sector monster.

So, say goodbye to your pension savings – your wasteful, thieving, corrupt politicians need your savings to pay for their stupidity, greed and profligacy.

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