May 2021
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Are NATO leaders liars or fools? Or both?

NATO’s big bosses are meeting in Brussels for two days of eating, drinking and whoring. Sorry, what I meant was two days of talks. They claim they’re going to discuss how to pay Afghan security forces after foreign troops leave. Currently, the figure of about a billion euros of our money a year seems to be what they’re planning to spend. There are just two problems with this. Firstly, if NATO really did hand over a billion euros a year of our money, most of this would be stolen by corrupt, drug-dealing Afghan politicians, bureaucrats and military leaders, leaving little to nothing for equipment and ordinary soldiers’ pay. Secondly, most people (apart from NATO’s brilliant leaders) know that whatever corrupt, incompetent puppet government we put in place in Afghanistan will be overthrown about 24 hours after foreign troops leave. So there’s no need to worry about funding Afghan security forces – there won’t be any. Most will defect to the other side (for whom many already secretly work) and Afghan military bosses will scarper to Dubai to spend the billions of our money they have already stolen.

So, great leaders of NATO, are you the only people who don’t realise that Afghanistan is a lost cause? Or do you realise it but pretend otherwise because you’re a bunch of liars and can’t admit your own failure after over ten years of a pointless unwinnable war? I think you’re both liars and fools. You lie to us about the “progress” you’re making in Afghanistan and are fools because you think we will believe your lies.

And as for all those British and US soldiers who will be killed or maimed between now and foreign troop withdrawal – sadly your sacrifice is totally pointless and you’re giving your lives just so your NATO bosses don’t lose face. What a waste. What a criminal waste.

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