June 2024

How civilisations decline and die

(Wednesday blog)

They are NOT ‘do-gooders’

Yesterday I listed some famous (IMHO) progressive libtards – Gary Lineker and Bono and Saint Bob Geldorf and JK Rowling and Lily Allen and George and Amal Clooney and others of their ilk. One reader made a comment about them being “do-gooders”. But the problem is that they are (as far as I know) NOT “do-gooders”. They are (IMHO) holier-than-thou virtue-signallers. They tell us how we should behave, how we should welcome rapemigrants into our country and homes, how we should give ever more of our hard-earned and heavily-taxed money to corrupt Third-World sh*tholes. But they generally absolutely do not practice what they preach.

Mr Bono, for example, is possibly as well known for his smart tax avoidance tricks as he is for his music. And Mr Lineker was recently handed a rather large tax bill following his involvement in a scheme which HMRC considered deliberate tax avoidance. But perhaps multi-millionaires Mr Bono and Mr Lineker weren’t aware that the money to support rapemigrants and to give to Third-World kleptocrats comes from the taxes we pay and money our government borrows. Were those like Mr Bono and Mr Lineker to pay their taxes, there would be more money for the causes they so frequently preach to us about.

As for the others in my list, I rather suspect that they also have rather smart tax advisers to help them avoid the taxes the rest of us have to pay. After all, taxes are just for “little people”.

Moreover, when it comes to welcoming rapemigrants, I imagine all of our most vociferous virtue-signallers live in well-protected mansions without a rapemigrant in sight. They’re not the ones who will get mugged in the street by moped robbers, whose children will be gang-raped, gang-sodomised and forced into prostitution or who will forced out of their homes as their neighbourhoods are increasingly turned into crime-ridden Third-World ghettoes.

Well-protected from the reality the rest of us have to endure, the virtue-signallers can preach to us from the safety of their security-guarded existences.

How civilisations die

Each civilisation assumes its own immortality. Yet each civilisation grows, gains power, develops becomes decadent, loses its moral courage and dies. In Western Europe’s case, we have become apathetic, decadent and don’t have the moral courage to defend our civilisation from a hostile invading army of violent, intolerant, backward, largely illiterate, largely unemployable, often criminal people who hate us and want to destroy everything our forefathers (and foremothers, of course) have built up for us.

The shortish (6 minutes) video below isn’t the best I’ve seen because it doesn’t clearly present the reason why Western Europe will collapse – the migrant invasion and us white Europeans becoming minorities in our own countries. But the video still encapsulates how our obsession with superficial pleasures and our lack of moral courage means we are heading to our own destruction.

Only Donald Trump and the East European countries – Hungary, Poland, Austria etc  – who still value what our civilisation has given us, can save us from our own civilisational suicide:

8 comments to How civilisations decline and die

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog and video. It’s been evident for several decades that Western civilisation, despite its medical and scientific advancements, is on the decline and will eventually inevitably go the way of the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Of recent years we have plumbed new depths of self-indulgence and sheer idiocy, with the demand by the young for instant material and sexual gratification, the worship mainly by the young of brain-dead “celebs”, obscene salaries paid to certain sportsmen, above all the move by the LGBT brigade to deny the innate psychological and physical differences of gender and actively to encourage little children to question the rightness of the bits they were born with. Western society now is all about “want” and “have”. Very little is about morality or duty or obligation or delayed gratification. The generation which unthinkingly screams about carbon production, energy consumption and equal rights is the generation which cannot exist without every digital device going, which routinely throws away imported cheaply purchased garments after a single use, which whilst vociferously demanding its own “rights”, puts the perceived needs of immigrants above those of its fellow-citizens who have worked and paid into the State system all their lives. It’s simple. A society which becomes too soft, too self-indulgent, too lacking in spiritual (as opposed to religious) values, above all collectively unintelligent, is on a course to self-destruction. In the immediate future, though, perhaps there is at last just a glimmer of hope. Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Greece and now Italy have woken up and are at last uniting against Mad Merkel’s immigration policy. (And those mentioned yesterday are indeed holier-than-thou virtue-signallers. We all know, however, what the term “do-gooder” implies and it certainly isn’t someone who does good!)

  • TonyTrenton

    Hungary wants to remain Hungarian, BBCs Emily Maitlis yaps at Hungarian Foreign Ministers with Multi Cult garbage.I wish we were more like Hungary, ashamed of Britain really, very sad.Our media is garbage and no-one to vote for that isn’t tainted with Liberal ideology.

    “You Are Unbalanced”: Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged BBC Reporter Over EU Migration.

  • TonyTrenton

    Maybe I should help the cause, buy one of Mark Dice’ T-Shirts,”Liberalism Help Find a Cure”.

    watch his other videos too, God he is Good.

    Video above 52 year ld leaves his family with 7 kids says he is a 6 yer old girl dresses like one and has adoptive parents and plays with their grandchildren.

    Incest Embraced by Liberals as “Sexual Diversity” – “Nothing Wrong With It” Say SJWs.

  • TonyTrenton

    Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?

    Hillary Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA!

    Miss America Ruined by Feminists

  • TonyTrenton

    Feminism – Before & After

  • MikeSurrey

    Who would have thought this would happen! Push people too far and they will react.

    Sweden’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ Party Support Surges As Immigrant Gang Violence Soars.

  • A Thorpe

    I think you are wrong to say that “taxes are for the little people”. Taxes are for people who take responsibility for their own lives. We are the ones who are punished by the state so that the state can reward the irresponsible. We see this today with the policy to increase taxation to pay for social care, promoted by a supposed Conservative Sarah Wollaston – she is a socialist masquerading as a Conservation, just like her leader, Theresa May. The poor must be able to spend their money on holidays and entertainment so how can they be expect to take responsibly for themselves. The state has made legalised theft from people who are responsible since they are the only ones with savings. Soon the savings will be gone and the economy will have collapsed. What will the socialists do then?

  • Roy Hartwell

    Luckily Sarah Woolaston is in the neighbouring constituency to mine. You might like to know it’s Totnes !!! Says it all.
    She made my blood boil the other day when she joined forces with the other so-called conservatives in an attempt to stop Brexit in parliament. In fact I wish she was ‘my’ MP as I would love to have the chance to tell her some home truths

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