July 2024

Would German-run Europe be delighted if Israel was wiped out and all the Jews slaughtered?

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Germany has always been a good friend to the Arabs. Germany made a lot of money by exporting nuclear technology to Iraq and then Iran. Germany also started the extermination of the Jews. Maybe the Germans are rather hoping the Arabs will finish the job?

As Donald Trump dares stand up to the Iranians, Europe’s leaders – under German control – have gone grovelling to the Arabs. After all, there are about 700 million Arabs and only a few million Israelis. So clearly, future business prospects look much better with the huge and growing Arab populations than with tiny theatened Israel:

In fact, the German-run EU sees Israel as a kind of embarrassment and believes that the Middle East would be much more peaceful if Israel was obliterated and Israel’s small sliver of land was handed over to the Arabs to be turned from a successful modern, technologically-advanced democratic state into the usual impoverished, excrement-covered, backward Arab sh*th*le.

The day after the US left the nuclear agreement with Iran, Merkel’s French poodle French President and world-famous granny-buster Macron called Iranian President Rouhani on the phone with the aim of “continuing to implement the nuclear agreement and to maintain regional stability”. That’s diplomatic speak for helping Iran wipe out Israel.

But then the cowardly spineless French have a long history of appeasing Arabs and sacrificing Jews:

  • in World War II, the French were probably the most enthusiastic country in rounding up the Jews, stealing their possessions and helping send them to their deaths

  • in 1967, (the 6-Days War) when Israel was attacked by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, De Gaulle sided with the Arabs who were trying to wipe out Israel and applied an embargo to Israel
  • during the Intifada, when the Israelis were slaughtered on buses, the French ambassador in London Daniel Bernard called Israel “that little country of s….t”
  • with Saddam Hussein, France ran to sell him missiles and nuclear technology
  • Arafat, treated like a king by Mitterrand and who died in Paris:
  • Valéry Giscard d’Estaing granted asylum to Khomeini in Paris
  • whenever Jews are killed in the French suburbs by “I-love-my-snackbar” screaming fanatics, the French authorities always try to cover up the murders and deny they are ‘hate crimes’
As for the European mainstream media – a couple of days ago it was full of horror stories about the supposed indiscriminate Israeli slaughter of supposed ‘unarmed, innocent’ Palestinians. Now that Hamas has proudly claimed that over 90% of those killed were active, well-armed Hamas fighters, there has been total silence from Europe’s media. It wouldn’t do to let the ignorant masses know the truth! It wouldn’t do to let the ignorant masses know that Israel was actually defending itself against armed and dangerous Arab aggression.

In case of war with Israel trying to protect itself from being over-run by Iran or Iran’s proxies Hezbollah, what will Nazi-run Europe do? Will it stand against America and Israel and in favour of the Iranian aggressor? At this time, it seems it will. Will it even cheer Iran (and/or Hezbollah) on from the sidelines? Most probably.

The foreign ministers of France, Great Britain and Germany are already meeting the Iranians to work out how to get around US sanctions and help huge Iran (population over 80 million) against tiny Israel (population 8 million):

One might be tempted to ask how low German-run Europe will abase itself just to do a bit more business with the Arabs. As one Israeli journalist recently wrote: “This Europe of pacifist freeloaders who owe their security to the United States….would sell its own mother to sell some more toasters and pots on the market“.

At the end of the Cold War, the Europeans contributed one third to the expenses of NATO. Today only 20 percent (with much of that coming from Britain). One American military commander described European armies as “fat, obsolete and redundant”. And the situation will only become worse for Israel as uncontrolled immigration into Europe and high Religion of Love and Peace birth rates mean no Western politician or political party will soon be electable unless they abase themselves to get the block Religion of Progress and Peace vote.

Israel has just celebrated 70 years of its existence. Given the German-run EU’s cowardly policy of appeasement to the Arab countries, I really wonder if Israel can ever reach 100?

6 comments to Would German-run Europe be delighted if Israel was wiped out and all the Jews slaughtered?

  • Mr J G Fields

    Yes, Israel will survive for more than 100 years.
    In the last 70 years the IDF has beaten Egypt,
    Syria, Jordan, Hezbollah and Iran all at one time.
    Their armed forces are second to none. Their strength
    lies in their determination to survive. In most
    instances, their political leaders are strong, unlike
    the lily-livered bastards that we have leading us.

  • chris

    Religious bigotry, superstition, hatred, feudalism, oil, gas, power, wealth, conflict.

  • b.a. freeman

    it would be really cool if the nazis of the EU were to violate the u.s.-imposed sanctions. i am hopeful that if they do so, mr. trump will force the nazis running the u.s. to actually enforce the sanctions – which have the force of law, having been passed by congress and never having been rescinded – and stop most trade with the EU. this would hurt both the u.s. and the EU terribly, but a report by forbes magazine in the early 1990s showed that the u.s. had about a $100 billion dollar GDP during WWII, yet incurred a $12 *TRILLION* debt fighting the war. defense is worth *ANY* price, so let the nazis try; if our nazis can be coerced to do it, we will sink the EU (and perhaps ourselves), but we will remain free – and UNnuked.

  • Julia Green

    The media assault on Israel is disgusting, always has been.

  • Stillreading

    Uplifting to know that there are a few Israeli supporters in the UK, if only those who have responded to this blog. Dedicated, hard-working, able, unplagued by political correctness, proud of their country – they have all the assets required for the survival and upward progress of any nation. For that reason I believe Israel will survive, perhaps the sole remaining oasis of sanity in the midst of a vast continent of medieval ignorance and bigotry. Strange now – and sad – to think that in my childhood the ethos of England actually was founded on those same qualities, which were upheld and practised by the the majority of the population. Had it been otherwise we as a nation would never have overcome Nazi Germany. But of course children in our schools are now largely taught to despise Churchill for having lead us to victory and to take on an enormous burden of national guilt for our bombing of Dresden. I would love to feel once again proud of England, my country of birth. Hope of that, as I suspect for many older voters, was the major reason I voted for Brexit two years ago. Sadly with every day that passes we see that hope receding further into the distance. I believed that we still retained just about sufficient native ability and resilience to stand proudly on our own feet, rebuild our industries, take back control of our utilities from foreign companies, generally stand on our own feet and, in the vernacular, tell “Europe” where to get off! A country which fails to do that is sunk. Which is just what “Europe” is waiting for – the final submergence of the UK beneath a sea of European control. Can anyone imagine the Israelis allowing something similar to happen to their little country? I think not!

  • the thought offender

    So, my notion of Israel joining NATO as a full partner is stillborn?

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