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Is David Miliband George Soros’s whore?

(Tuesday blog)

You might be aware that multi-millionaire former New Labour mini-Blair and very well-paid charity boss David Miliband was in Britain yesterday campaigning with political has-been – former MEP Nick Clegg – and some other nonentity for Britain to remain under the control of Germany in the Fourth Reich (otherwise known as the EU). Here they are at their press conference:

You can judge a man (or woman or transgender thing or whatever) by their friends. And here’s ‘patriot’ David Miliband with one of his bestest friends for life – none other than George Soros – possibly the most loathed man in his home country Hungary.

David Miliband George Soros

© Neilson Barnard/Getty
David Miliband and George Soros
Soros is, of course, the (IMHO) piece of West-hating human excrement who wants to abolish nation states by swamping Europe with an invading army of often violent, often illiterate, often rape-obsessed, often low-IQ Third-Worlders

Miliband is the multimillionaire boss of the supposed ‘charity ‘The International Rescue Committee’ (IRC), an open borders-backing NGO.

In 2013, George Soros won the International Rescue Committee’s “Freedom Award”. In 2016, Soros pledged around $500m to organisations helping rapefugees. One organisation reported to have got a chunk of this money was none other than David Miliband’s International Rescue Committee. And in February this year UK government ministers froze funds to Miliband’s International Rescue Committee over allegations of sexual harassment and fraud in some sh*thole laughably called “The Democratic Republic of Congo”. Miliband’s supposed ‘charity’ has already received millions of pounds of our money that could have been spent on the NHS or social care or more police in Britain.

Of course, there is no suggestion that the honourable, honest, selfless, highly-paid Miliband ever tried to cover up the shenanigans at his supposed ‘charity’ in order to protect his own position and rapidly-increasing wealth.

While pretending to be a patriot, Miliband has several times intervened in the Brexit debate to try to keep Britain under the German jackboot as an insignificant part of the great new German Empire. Arch-Remainer Miliband branded Brexit ‘the humiliation of Britain’. Miliband has also told Europeans that “they can rescue themselves” through sponsoring mass immigration, and slammed claims that asylum seekers should be properly vetted.

European Union (EU) nations must “play their part”, David Miliband said last year, in a speech demanding the U.S. and other Western nations reduce vetting when taking in refugees from the Middle East, the majority of whom the United Nations ensures are from the Sunni Muslim population.

I, of course, believe that David Miliband is an extraordinarily honourable man who is making huge personal sacrifices to save Britain from the dreadful folly of wanting to be an independent country rather than a subservient vassal of the new resurgent German Empire.
However, I could understand that there might be stupid, ignorant, uninformed people who might believe that Miliband is just George Soros’s whore who would gladly betray Britain providing the money was right.

4 comments to Is David Miliband George Soros’s whore?

  • daveh

    Whore, absolutely …. considering what Soros is involved in R.E New world Order, Agenda 21, 5G etc etc

    Scum the lot of em !

  • A Thorpe

    It is time all governments stopped supporting charities with our money. It should be entirely our choice whether we support charities and which ones. Most charities now seem to be part of the state and totally unaccountable with overpaid executives.

  • Julia Green


  • Ken Gibson

    I remember Miliband – as UK environment minister – to whom I sent a book on hemp. He never read it. Years later, I met him in NYC – at a liberal synagogue where certain Jews were not permitted to ask questions of him, the lib rabbi controlling the questions.
    As a multillionaire home owner, he found a way to get out of paying taxes but wants to allocate other people’s taxes.
    I think the US ought to deport him back to the UK where he ought to pay taxes like the rest of the citizens there.
    He is photographed in company with Ghislaine Maxwell and Amir Dossal on occasion

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