April 2024

Lefties’ deafening silence over ‘British’ rapists

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Excellent article in the Spectator (Australian edition, I think) about the deafening silence from the lefty, libtards concerning the abuse, rape, torture and prostitution of thousands of white girls by you might be able to guess who.

In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting some comments from our (IMHO) most hypocritical virtue-signallers about the issue. So, Mr Bono and Bob Geldorf and JK Rowling and Emma ‘global-warming’ Thompson and Gary ‘let-in-more-Syrians’ Lineker and Lily ‘hug-a-rapemigrant’ Allen and Kathy ‘scream-and-shout’ Newman and Jon ‘f**k-the-Tories’ Snow come on, tell us about your outrage at the rape, torture and sexual exploitation of probably up to 50,000 vulnerable white girls over the last 10 to 20 years. What do you think about it? Do you think it’s ok? Should the underage white girls just submit to their rapists (vaginal, oral and anal) and torturers (threats, cigarette burns, beatings etc etc) in the interests of preserving multi-cultural harmony as one female Labour MP suggested? Come on, virtue-signallers, tell us your important opinions! Normally you’re all so keen to show us how liberal and progressive and humanitarian you all are.

Oh, silence. It seems our greatest virtue-signallers have nothing to say.

I’m outraged. But I’m not a multi-millionaire, lefty libtard hypocrite living in a well-protected mansion in an exclusive 95% white area of my home town. Moreover, if I were to mention what I suspected to be the religion or the origin of the rapists, I’d probably get prosecuted for a supposed ‘hate crime’. (In fact, I wonder if the article – click on the link below – had to go into the Australian edition of the Spectator because publishing it in Britain would bring Plod knocking at the Spectator’s door? Free speech anyone?)

Meanwhile, most of the rapists (from you might be able to imagine which ethnic and religious group) are allowed to carry on with their favourite hobby without ever being inconvenienced by our utterly useless, politically-correct policepersons and their ultimate boss, Allison Saunders, of the Crown Prosecution Service which only prosecutes indigenous white British people for supposed ‘hate crimes’ and never dares take any action against any hate-filled, bile-spouting, West-loathing, violent multi-cultural enrichers.


Telford and the Left

6 comments to Lefties’ deafening silence over ‘British’ rapists

  • Stillreading

    First rate article, telling it as it is. What an utter disgrace that we have to look to the Antipodes for a truthful account of what life is like for under-privileged white girls in certain areas of glorious multi-cultural Britain. As for the white Libtard lefties, as a woman totally committed to gender equality, I find the wailings of the #MeToo lot quite nauseating. Almost without exception, they more than willingly went along with the advances of the repellent Weinstein and others of his ilk and kept quiet about their alleged rapes for what they could get out of it in terms of career advancement. When they shout equally loudly for the rights of poor little abused white girls I might feel inclined to lend them my ear. Meanwhile, slaughter by knife and sometimes gun continues to increase on the streets of England’s capital and if you are spied using a mobile on its street you are liable to be mugged by a scooter thief or be blinded with a noxious substance, or both at the same time! There is of course no correlation between this increase and the cultural and religious affiliations of the current elected Mayor.

  • David Brown

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd should faces calls to resign. The body count in London is 47 so far.
    Rudd of course is more concerned about online hate stuff.That is given facts about things such as the capitals demographic transformation. Or that 21% of those in Cat A prisons are members of the religion of peace.

  • william boreham

    Don’t expect our police to fight crime, they have more serious isssues to deal with:

    “Northumbria Police Commissioner Dame Vera Baird has funded the training of 19 hate crime advocates, who will work with the police and criminal justice system to raise awareness and understanding of LGBT issues.”

  • brian rodney

    Stillreading ** You might have read in today’s press that mobile phones stolen by scooter-thieves are being sold on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.I wonder how they got there.

  • JohnWayneII

    Lefties are silent because they know this is all Fake News. There are no rapists. It’s all designed to push the buttons of Right Wing Fascists and get them hopping, violent, and scared of their own shadows.
    Russia wins in the end by destabilizing other countries from within.

  • Stillreading

    Yes indeed; I heard that yesterday. Miraculous, isn’t it!!!
    Meantime a 78 year old man from what appears to be one of the relatively few remaining decent neighbourhoods in London has been arrested for murder having, it seems, stabbed with a screwdriver (presumably the nearest handy weapon) one of two burglars whose activities he disturbed during the night. How pleased Plod must be feeling with themselves! Such an easy target, a 78 year old doing no more than defending himself and his property against illicit intruders. Excellent for crime detection figures too! (Cynic? Moi?? You must be joking!)

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