July 2024

They weren’t prostitutes! They were raped!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I have been struck down by the flu or something similar so won’t be writing much today. The only comment I’d like to make is that we should be careful when calling the girls (and boys?) f*cked by aid workers “prostitutes”. There is a huge difference between the ladies of Amsterdam, Hamburg and Kings Cross in London who could get jobs in shops or factories and still choose to earn a (much better) living by selling sex and the girls (and boys?) forced by poverty, destitution or natural disaster to sell the only thing they have left to sell – their bodies.

Personally, I can see nothing wrong with aid workers using real prostitutes. However to exploit the desperate and destitute – the very people the aid workers are extremely well-paid to help – for sex is extremely close to rape and should be treated as such. The sight of a couple of these hypocritical, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, exploitative, libtard bastards being prosecuted and then jailed in the countries where they committed their crimes would soon send a signal that their ‘fun’ is over.

And here’s a comment from a Times reader:

“I live in SE Asia, and find this whole story very bizarre. In countries like Cambodia or Vietnam the charity / NGO / UN-subsidiary workers were almost the only people with vast amounts of spending money. And they spent most of it in girly bars, which were about the only entertainment venues for foreigners (there were local places that were a lot of fun, but they wouldn’t have been seen dead mixing with the people they had come to ‘help’). Any night, you could see rows of their hugely expensive top-of-the-range SUVs parked outside, with the name of the organisation blazoned proudly down the side. They made no attempt to be sneaky about it, and yet suddenly everyone’s surprised?”

Oh, and you’ve probably read that yet another (IMHO) self-righteous, preachy, holier-than-thou, lefty virtue-signaller, Brendan Cox husband to murdered MP Jo Cox, has had to leave his position in 2 or 3 charities because of ‘problems’ with his behaviour. He was apparently allowed to resign before investigations into his activities were completed. So I guess we’ll never find out what the jolly chap was up to. The usual lefty cover up? Of course not! Just a coincidence!

And to cheer us all up, here are two possibly inbred, probably rather intolerant and rather unintelligent idiots from the Religion of Progress and Peace trying to throw stones at a synagogue in France (click on the headline below to watch the very short video clip):

6 comments to They weren’t prostitutes! They were raped!

  • Dr Livingstone

    Why do people fall for a slick advert? If its well craft and pulls at the heart strings its a sting.

    I will NEVER give a pound to aid charities BLASTS former-Africa field worker on Newsnight.

    A FURIOUS and jaded former-aid worker who worked with the disgraced director in Haiti for Oxfam said in an explosive Newsnight interview that he will never “give a pound” to any aid organisation because the money goes to CEOs rather than field workers.

  • Julia Green


    Get well soon.

  • Stillreading

    You’ve been pointing out for many months where the majority of money donated to the major charities actually goes, so this latest news shouldn’t particularly surprise most of your readers. It certainly didn’t surprise me. This Christmas I received the customary clutch of “charity” cards, featuring cuddly puppies, starving donkeys, huge-eyed African babies, etc. etc. Do people who pay, say, £5 for a dozen of these cards know that less than 25p. (5%) actually reaches the animals or the children? The rest goes on “administrative costs” a.k.a. 6-figure salaries for chief execs and office-bound staff, pretty good pay for those “on the ground”, generous pension rights, money to employ the “chuggers” in high streets to extract shoppers’ money. How many people are cajoled into setting up direct debits to this “charity” or that just to get rid of paid chuggers who disturb family peace by banging on the door and begging after working hours? The entire charity sector is a scurrilous scam and it surely shouldn’t surprise anyone that employees in chaotic areas of the world are taking advantage of what is, through desperation, flagrantly offered by the indigenous population.
    If people want to want to “give”, then there are local charities – hospices, organisations which support local elderly, schools in the UK which give free education with boarding to disadvantaged children (there are plenty of youngsters in the UK with appalling family backgrounds), the RNLI (there’s never a shortage of idiots to rescue who have taken to sea in an inflatable in the face of a Force 8 forecast, or “inlanders” on a seaside holiday who don’t know that tides ebb as well as flow!). Give money (or effort) where you can see the results, not to finance the dubious leisure activities of employees who receive salaries and pensions many of us can only dream of for ourselves or our family members.

  • David Brown

    of Topic. Recall the case of the Bacon roll Mosque man who mysteriously died in jail just before his release date.Someone posted on local news site this- Max Clifford collapsed in prison on 07/12/17 died on 10/12/17 inquest two weeks later.
    Crehan died on 27/12/2016 cremated on 20/01/2017. An inquest is be held end of 2018.
    Seems they are still playing for time.

  • Stillreading

    Inexcusable. By all accounts, the Bacon Roll man wasn’t a particularly pleasant character – criminal record extending back for years etc. In no way however does that justify delaying the inquest for two years, presumably while some energetic blurring of the truth/invention of an acceptable cause of death is cooked up. If it was all straightforward, as in the case of Max Clifford, why delay? Whatever happened to British Justice – Oh yes! Got trampled somewhere in the rush to multiculturalism.

  • Amorée

    Aid of any sort should be kept in the UK only. 120,000 children without a proper home 2017. Now that’s what you call disgusting. If there’s a natural disaster then of course the UK should help, water projects etc, otherwise keep it in house. …… Wasnt Jo Cox husbands ‘activities ‘with a charity being ‘looked into’, or had Ben or was going to be looked into? No offence to Jo but it’s weird how he media etc bring up things, hide things, brush things under the carpet as and when it suits. Royal BritishLegion is a brilliant charity, Roger Daktrey and Pete Townsend ‘Teenager Cancer Trust is brilliant too. Let’s give to these.

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