June 2024

Time to expose the great Global Warming lie?

Those, who make a very good living from promoting the scare that Global Warming is man-made, link two “facts”. One – the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing. Two – the earth is (probably) getting a bit warmer. From this they have built the elegant theory that carbon dioxide is creating a greenhouse effect causing irreversible warming. But there is another equally valid way of linking these two facts which is seldom discussed. This alternative theory proposes that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling due to solar activity. Currently we are in a warming phase and the increasing temperatures cause the oceans to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So the increase in carbon dioxide could be the result of natural warming rather than the cause of man-made warming. Soon we’ll enter a cooling phase and we’ll find we’ve wasted hundreds of billions on fighting a disaster that didn’t exist. Remember, in the 1970s the same climate research centres which are talking up man-made Global Warming told us that we were moving into a new Ice Age – well they got that one wrong too!

If this is the case, then there’s no big scare to be foisted on the public; there’s no need for the warming fantasists to get huge research grants and lots of publicity and there’s absolutely no need for supposedly “green” taxes and wind-farm subsidies and all the other rubbish that’s being foisted on us. The “man-made warming” fanatics have (probably knowingly) mixed up cause and effect. What they’ve done is a bit like visiting a supermarket, noticing that many people buying paper tissues have got colds and then concluding that colds are caused by paper tissues – confusing cause and effect. When will any of our leaders have the courage to expose the man-made Global Warming for the scam that it actually is?

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