June 2023
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A comedy of corruption from our enemy Pakistan

Transparency International regularly rates Pakistan as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. If there were an Olympics in corruption, Pakistan would be winning lots of medals. This means that almost all Pakistani politicians, bureaucrats, judges, police bosses, military leaders and businesspeople are thoroughly venal through and through. But this rotten excuse for a country is giving the rest of the world an entertaining corruption comedy. Pakistan’s corrupt judges are pursuing the prime minister for corruptly refusing to reopen a corruption investigation into the financial activities of Pakistan’s president, affectionately known to his people as “Mr Ten Percent”. It makes one think of pots and kettles. We can expect much more amusement in the months to come as this farce rumbles on.

Meanwhile our lying PM David Cameron claims Pakistan is our friend. Pakistan hid Bin Laden in the safest place they could think of – just beside a major military base. Pakistan was behind the Mumbai terror attacks. Pakistan supplies and trains Afghan fighters to kill and maim British soldiers. Mr Cameron, you are not only a liar but also a fool. Pakistan is our enemy. We should cut all contacts with Pakistan, stop all direct flights and stop all immigration. There are already enough people in Britain who hate us, why allow hundreds of thousands more in?

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