May 2024

Christians – 58: Jihadis – 850. Jihadis win yet again!

The recent horrific attack in Las Vegas, in which 58 innocents were killed and over 500 injured, has been a gift from heaven for the lefty, libtard, migrant-hugging, *sl*mophiliac elites in politics and the media. “Look”, the libtards can claim, “terrorism is not just caused by Jihadis. White non-M*sl*ms can also be terrorists”.

Watching Fiona Bruce on BBC News just after the attack, she seemed to me to be giggling with delight as she reported that the Las Vegas massacre had been committed by a white man with apparently no links to our friends from the Religion of Peace and Harmony. Channel 4 News – Jon Snow, Kathy Newman and Krishnan Someone – wasn’t much better.

Given that there have apparently been no major Jihadi attacks over the last few weeks, apart from a couple of girls in France having their throats slit and a few people being run over by a van in Canada, the media have managed to get away with this new narrative of non-*sl*mic terror being just as dangerous as, if not more dangerous than, *sl*mic religiously-inspired terror. But, of course, one reason the media been able to propagate this false narrative is because the media chooses to not report 99% of Jihadi religiously-inspired terror attacks.

Did you know that during the last 30 days there have been no fewer than 147 religiously-inspired *sl*mic attacks in 20 countries? I doubt it. Did you know that around 850 innocents have been killed in these 147 *sl*mic attacks and another 739 injured? I doubt it.

I doubt you knew anything about these 147 *sl*mic attacks in 20 countries killing 850 innocents and injuring another 739. I doubt you knew about these attacks because our rulers and their sycophantic media are terrified of unleashing civil war in the West and so censor almost all stories of *sl*mic mayhem and murder.

So, next time some bleeding-heart libtard gleefully drools over the 58 Las Vegas killed and  500+ wounded by a white American with no links to *sl*mic terrorists, please remember the never-mentioned 850 innocents killed and 739 innocents injured just in the last 30 days by our friends from the Religion of Peace and Love. Please remember that in 2016 there were 2,478 *sl*mic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21,245 people were killed and 26,682 injured. Please remember that so far this year there have been 1,607 *sl*mic attacks in 55 countries, in which 10,941 people were killed and 11,298 injured.

And here are just the last few days’ *sl*mic attacks – there isn’t space here for all the 147 committed during the last 30 days by *sl*mists who clearly have nothing to do with *sl*m which is (as our rulers keep telling us) a religion of peace:

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2017.10.05 Pakistan Jhal Magsi 18 25 A suicide bomber goes off at a Sufi shrine, killing at least eighteen.
2017.10.05 Somalia Bosaso 1 2 A businessman is shot to death at a coffee shop by Islamic extremists.
2017.10.04 Niger Tillabéri 8 2 Three Americans are among eight members of a security patrol killed during an ambush by Islamic militants.
2017.10.04 Iraq Hussayneyah 2 4 Two Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahid car bombers.
2017.10.04 Libya Misrata 4 40 An Islamic State suicide bomber detonates at a court complex, killing four.
2017.10.03 Pakistan Yazman 1 0 A young women is honor killed with an axe for marrying against her family’s wishes.
2017.10.03 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 A woman is among three residents killed in their own homes by ISIS bombs.
2017.10.03 India Srinagar 1 2 Fedayeen stage a suicide attack near an airport, killing a guard.
2017.10.02 Iraq Qaim 2 0 Two young people are executed for ‘apostasy’ by the caliphate.
2017.10.02 India Padgampora 1 0 Religious extremists barge into a house a shoot a man to death in cold blood.
2017.10.02 Pakistan Malam Jabba 1 2 A bomb planted by religious radicals claims the life of a villager.
2017.10.02 Syria Damscus 17 20 Two Shahid suicide bombers slaughter seventeen.
2017.10.01 Sudan Zalingei 1 9 Islamic milita fire into a displaced persons camp, killing at least one refugee.
2017.10.01 France Marseille 2 0 A man shouting praises to Allah slits the throat of one women and stabs another to death.
2017.10.01 Russia Tetkino 1 0 Muslim terrorists murder a border guard.
2017.09.30 England Birmingham 0 1 A 14-year-old Shiite is stabbed in a targeted attack by Sunni radicals.
2017.09.30 Nigeria Bama 1 0 One person is killed during a Boko Haram attack.
2017.09.30 Afghanistan Herat 2 2 Two Taliban bombs take care of two Afghans.
2017.09.30 Sudan Tawila 1 3 Janjaweed militia shoot a local herdsman to death.
2017.09.30 Canada Edmonton, AB 0 4 A man with an ISIS flag stabs a cop and runs over four pedestrians.
2017.09.29 Russia Belogorsk 2 2 An observant Muslim soldier turns his automatic weapon on non-Muslim peers, killing two.
2017.09.29 Afghanistan Kabul 5 29 At least five innocents are massacred outside a Shiite mosque by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2017.09.29 Somalia Barire 10 11 A suicide bomber attacks a local army base, killing ten.
2017.09.29 Afghanistan Kansak 9 3 A brutal attack by Islamic radicals leaves nine dead.


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