January 2021
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How David “Money” Miliband craps on the stupid voters who elected him

It has been reported that David “Give Me Money” Miliband pocketed about £500,000 last year. But if Miliband was working tirelessly to represent his constituents and to fight for his political beliefs, he would only have been paid his MP’s salary of about £65,000, plus he could probably have fiddled another £30,000 by cheating on his expenses. So how did Miliband make so much money? The answer, of course, is that Miliband couldn’t give a flying f—k about his constituents or any “political beliefs”. Miliband is in it for himself and for the money. Although Blair was a piece of human excrement, he at least had the decency to give up his parliamentary seat when he went off to make his millions. But Miliband knows that without his place at Westminster and the probability that he will be a senior minister in the next Labour government, he would just be a nothing. So he needs his position as an MP if he is to get rich.

So all you stupid voters in South Shields. At the next election are you really going to support a greedy, self-serving, pompous turd like David “Give Me Money” Miliband? Or will you have the intelligence to get rid of this arrogant creep and let him find out how “easy” it is to get a job in a country he helped Gordon Liar Brown to bankrupt?

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