March 2019
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Corruption wrecks South Africa’s education system

Interesting article in the Bangkok Post this week about the collapse of South Africa’s education system. Apparently South Africa spends an impressive 20% of it’s budget on education. That’s the good news. The problem is that much of the money is stolen by corrupt ANC-friendly politicians and bureaucrats and never gets anywhere near schools or universities. A recent special grant of about £200m to one area to buy books and other equipment for the start of the school year was all embezzled. So no new books and no new equipment. And hundreds of “teachers” being paid by the government don’t actually exist – millions more stolen. This week some member of the ruling ANC was expelled for supposedly “bringing the party into disrepute”. The ANC is nothing but a bunch of crooks and thieves run by a buffoon-like son of Mugabe who is itching to take his country down the same road as Zimbabwe. How could you bring the ANC into further disrepute? What a disaster the ANC has been. What a corrupt, incompetent shambles.

Meanwhile in Britain, the lying, thieving former minister, the inappropriately named David Laws, looks set to return to government. Maybe we’ll soon be as corrupt as South Africa.

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