May 2024

Another week of multi-cultural enrichment

Britain’s aircraft carrier farce

Before I launch into today’s blog, I thought it worth mentioning Britain’s wonderful new aircraft carrier – the only aircraft carrier whose deck isn’t cluttered up with untidy aircraft. All the news channels seem to be getting very excited about this great big white elephant and only briefly mention a slightly embarrassing lack of aircraft for the next few years as if this was some kind of surprise.

Well, I hate to be churlish and p*ss on everybody’s parade, but on page 55 of my 2006 book – PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR – I predicted that Britain would be getting an aircraft carrier with no aircraft. That was 11 years ago. Yet in those 11 years, the stupid incompetents at the Ministry of Defence have been unable to fix the problem.

And, by the way, (also on page 55) I warned that when the MoD bought the aircraft, the MoD experts forgot to also licence the technology and so would end up having a hopefully advanced plane but without the knowledge how to operate it and repair it.

This week’s multi-cultural enrichment

It’s difficult to choose the best stories of multi-cultural enrichment from around the world. So, here are just a few of so many wonderful tales:


A teenager accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl with his school friends in Austria has moved to the UK, prosecutors say. The unidentified boy is one of six youngsters apparently from migrant families who terrorised the girl at the school in Graz – Austria’s second largest city – for months and reportedly raped her at least four times.

On one occasion, the schoolboys allegedly dragged their terrified victim out of the girls’ toilets, stripped her naked and raped her in the canteen.


A trainee nurse, who was hoping to work and support her impoverished family was raped by a fellow student from our favourite religion while working at a local hospital.

When she reported the attack, the victim family was being pressurized by the hospital authorities to bury the case. It seems that on her refusal to make a compromise, she has been removed from the job. All her belongings are lying in her hostel room which the management has put a lock on.


Also in India, a 14-year-old boy was taken by some Moozerlum ‘friends’ after an argument at a shopping mall. The ‘friends’ then phoned the boy’s mother demanding a ransom. During the call she heard her terrified son being beaten and tortured:

When she failed to pay, her son’s body was found dumped near New Delhi Railway Station. Multiple injury marks were found all over his face and the body indicated that he was battered to death, doctors said. However, police remain tight-lipped over the cause of death considering it a “communally sensitive matter”.


Officials said that Ramadan Abdullah was arrested by Johnson City police on May 31 for shoplifting ammunition.

According to the Broome County District Attorney’s Office, when a search warrant was executed on Abdullah’s storage unit in the town of Union, the following items were recovered:

  • Four loaded handguns; Eight assault weapons; 64 high-capacity ammunition feeding devices; One loaded shotgun; Two rifles; Thousands of rounds of ammunition for rifles, pistols and assault weapons, including .50 caliber armor piercing incendiary rounds, numerous firearm parts and flak jackets.

Abdullah was previously arrested when he was found to have enough material to make around 50 bombs but received an unusually light prison sentence..


The libtard lefties – the mainstream media – are once again outraged (as they usually are) about something democratically-elected US President Donald Trump has said. Apparently Trump has dared to suggest that both sides are responsible for the Charlottesville violence. That seems reasonable to me. And I think most people outside the London media bubble would agree. After all, how can you have a mass riot between two factions if only one faction is violent? But for the lefties it is an outrage to suggest that the lefty protesters are ever responsible for violence as lefties are always right.


You have probaby all had the misfortune to see Channel 4’s Cathy Newman. She’s the one who starts screaming at any interviewee who dares say anything she considers ‘politically incorrect’. When criticised recently for calling Moozerlum rape gangs “Asians”, here’s what the (IMHO) self-righteous, virtue-signalling, left, progressive Newman replied:

Yeah, right Cathy. The rapists’ religion had absolutely nothing to do with their actions. All Asians in Britain – Chinese, Thais, Malaysians, Sikhs, Koreans, Hindus – have also raped tens of thousands of white British trash girls over the last 15 years with the full cooperation of the police and social services. Is that what you’re claiming Cathy? Chinese, Thais, Malaysians, Sikhs, Koreans and Hindus are all rapists too?

Faggott-throwing – a new international sport?

I could go on. But you probably get the picture.

Anyway, to cheer us up, here’s the latest video by the genius who gave us the utterly brilliant “Join Islam Now”. Enjoy:

10 comments to Another week of multi-cultural enrichment

  • Victor Newell

    Aircraft carriers are Obsolete, very expensive target practice for relatively cheap Hypersonic Missiles. Such as Brahmos missiles that travel upto Mach 3.0 they are old having been around since 2016.Brahmos 2 being developed Mach 7-8 thats 6000 mph for you and me.Of course this country being lead by the totally Inept and Incompetent why expect anything other than total incompetence, £12 Billion wasted of your money.

  • Victor Newell

    Correction Brahmos 1 been around since 2006, plenty of time to have cancelled the tin coffin Aircraft Carriers.Hypersonic missiles split ships in half when they strike.see below link.

    Of course we have already been invaded anyway as arranged by the politicians that plot against us.Hitler must be laughing in his grave.

  • Fred the Shred

    Comrades of Cultural Marxism we are in for a rude awakening.Invasion and destruction of our markest courtesy of your Corrupt Politicians and Banksters.

    Patently obvious price manipulations happen daily now in all electronic markets. Oil, gold, silver, indexes, individual equities, options – you name it – all are subject to overt price manipulation tactics being run by the largest and most well-connected Wall Street and private trading firms.

    The algos are now the dominant force in the markets in terms of both quote and trade volumes.

    Further, the central banks can and do easily use these same lightning-fast programs to halt and reverse market price declines.

    This level of micro-management of the “correct” pricing is ruining the core function of the financial markets, which is to set prices by aligning the collective needs and wisdom of millions of individuals and entities.

    The main predicament were facing is that by jamming the “”markets”” ever higher, the central banks have created an enormous gap between current prices and reality.

    It’s unknowable exactly how much longer our unsustainable markets can remain at their record levels. But there is one thing we know for certain: we’re closer to their day of reckoning than we’ve been at any point over the past seven years. A recession is due soon by historical standards, and long overdue by fundamental ones.

  • David Brown

    Gordon Brown had the carrier built in Scotland it was not about protecting us but an attempt to protect the Labour Party from the SNP.
    Channel 4 Cathy Newman see her in action

    The unexplained demise of bacon man Kevin Crehan in Bristol prison 27/12/2016 shortly before he was due for release. I have sent emails to the prisons ombudsman as the cover all deaths in custody and list them on their website. They have responded saying they will get back regarding this case but have not done so.
    I suspect he might have been killed by Muslim inmates but its been put down as suicide.

    Many of our prisons are controlled by “Asian” gangs. Even the Guardian and BBC websites show a huge rise in the “Asian” prison population.I expect their is a covert Home Office policy to try and keep the numbers down by early release.
    The footballer Alan Johnson will serve the full three years of his sentence (six year but all are halved) over his affair with a 15 year old girl. Mubarek Ali “Asian” gang boss in Telford whose members pimped out underage white girls at £150 a time was sentenced to 22 years -meaning 11 – he is being released after serving 5 years.

  • Tom

    Aircraft carriers are not obsolete, it depends on whom one is fighting, without them in the Falklands its possible that we could not have succesfuly operated against the Argies also the ordinance and facilities on board are ideal for dealing with ( for example ) the aftermath of the typhoon in the Phillipines and other similar disasters in remote places. But yes it was to appease the SNP and also it shows the lack of immagination within the MOD. HMSQE2, why do we have to name everything after the Queen, even during the Limpics they wanted to rename St Stephens Tower the Queen Elizabeth Tower. Why ? She has hospitals, bridges, gallerys, malls, boats, community centres, estates, parks etc etc named after her. yes I’m a royalist at the moment , better Elizabeth than a president May/Corbyn/Cameron etc but I’d much prefer a Cromwell Lord Protector. Hopefully they will knock Charles on the head and give it to one of the lads. David did you hear about the police sergeant at Sussex Police whom has been policing supermarket signs and compleined to Tesco that the sign ‘feminine hygiene’ above sanitary towels was not gender fluid? You ned to read his tweet lines. This is what our police have become. keep up the good work.

  • chris

    The press is very quiet about the second aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales which is due to be launched soon, it too will not have any planes.

    As to such carriers not being obsolete, who will be the likely enemy? Russia? China? Both have sophisticated missile systems and there is no way the UK can engage either in a fight unless on the coat tails of the US. In any case why would we treat these developed, sophisticated countries as enemies? The real enemies are much closer and carriers are useless against primitive beliefs and superstitions.

    As for being useful in dealing with disaters in remote places! I’s personally rather our taxes were spent on dealing with this country’s ‘natural?’ disasters, such as the lack of affordable care homes.

    Also, apart from the build costs there are the running and mainatenance costs. I bet these carriers will rarely leave Portsmouth.

    These carriers are vanity projects, like HS2 and the channel tunnel.

  • Tom

    Indeed Chris, this is why I said it depends on who the enemy is. Argentina/ then yes a carrier is useful, China/Russia then no it aint. Russia only has one and its well aged. America has lots but it has a number of fleets that it can disperse globally in relation to its foreign policy, the French have a bigger navy than we do now. We also dont need such a big army, we are flying missions over Afghanistan using drones being operated in Lincolnshire. War now is operated differently, cyber warfare is vital and can do more damage than a carrier,even if it has planes. The enemy is amongst us as Chris says,they sit in our parliament and do the bidding of their globalist european masters and they have allowed other enemies whom are also their enemies into our country and seem unable to get rid of them. All part of the hegelian dialect plan. Order out of chaos. HS2 is another vanity project, absolutely pointless but some people will get evenricher from it whilst nobody normal benefits.

  • brian rodney

    I don’t suppose there is a prize for spotting that ” Flinging a Faggot off a Roof ” is a reworking of Tom Lehrer’s ” Poisining Pigeons in the Park ” .

  • brian rodney

    ……or even ‘ poisoning ‘ .

  • Tom

    Pigeons are just sky rats.

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