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The “Enemy of the State” terrifies TV luvvies

I wasn’t aware of this video till a couple of days ago. It shows Tommy Robinson being ‘interviewed’ by Piers Morgan and some woman on a breakfast TV programme in June 2017.

I don’t know much about Tommy Robinson except that he has a somewhat colourful past and was once a member of the EDL. In December 2015 Tommy Robinson published a book about his life called “Enemy of the State”.

But what’s possibly interesting about the supposed ‘interview’ is the absolute panic shown by the (IMHO) virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou Morgan and the woman when Mr Robinson tries to quote a passage from the greatest book in the world. I believe the passage is the one about how devout Moozerlums should “kill the disbelievers wherever you find them”.

When Robinson tries to read this passage, Morgan and the woman just start shouting (even screaming) at him to drown him out so he can’t read the possibly incendiary passage from our favourite holy book.

I’ve never seen anything like it on British TV. So much for our tradition of allowing free speech.

To a much lesser extent, I got similar treatment when I foolishly appeared on a BBC Radio programme about charities because of my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL. As soon as I started giving facts and figures proving 90% of money collected by ‘chuggers’ (charity muggers) never got anywhere near the charities they were supposedly collecting for, I was shouted down by the two presenters and then the segment on charities was cut short to prevent me telling listeners the (inconvenient for the politically-correct BBC) truth.

(Tomorrow – flinging faggots off a roof)

2 comments to The “Enemy of the State” terrifies TV luvvies

  • Tom

    From what I hear also is that a panic ensued behind screen with the producer in the gallery shouting to Morgan to get him to put the book down. His book is very interesting reading and when one thinks about it he only says wht Christopeher Hitchens, Douglas Murray, Pat Condell, Churchill, Charles Dawkins, Stefan Molyneaux and a whole host of others that one would claim to be upper or middle class and further educated but when a working class normal bloke says it he is lambasted, in one of his recent vids on Rebel Media he mentions someone arrested for quoting Chuchill.

  • twi5ted

    Given how media polished Mr R has become i think Morgan probably knew what he was doing giving him the publicity. It was a few weeks ago but huge across social media at time.

    I have read Enemy of the State and it’s chilling stuff fueled by the state’s hatred and presumably paranoid fear of smart working class citizens who dare to organise.

    Funny bit in his book is when he admits at the start he didn’t know who the guardian newspaper was and took their reporters at face value when they came calling pretending to want to cover his story.

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