July 2024

Give generously! The world’s David Milibands need your money!

Please, please give generously. Charity bosses like David “multimillionaire” Miliband desperately need your money.

I’ve just been subjected to yet another charity TV ad bleating about how we need to give money. This one seemed to suggest that we had a moral duty to hand over our money to some Moozerlum sh*thole, “Yemen”, where Sunnis and Shiites are having fun killing each other in just the latest phase of the 1,400-year-old conflict between these two bunches of “I love my snackbar” screaming idiots.

Though from the TV ad I didn’t quite understand why hordes of crazies murdering each other should be our problem.

The supposed charity (this one was UNICEF whose bosses get their huge salaries free of any income tax) claimed that just £2 a month could feed a Yemeni child or provide medicine or whatever.

So, I had a quick look at where some of our money goes. I couldn’t find UNICEF’s figures. So I started with another of the charities I believe is most involved in trying to save Yemen’s mini-Jihadis so they can grow up and then can come over to Europe and kill us – the US-based charity International Rescue (not to be confused with Thunderbirds who are probably much more effective than the real International Rescue even though they are fictional).

Former British foreign secretary David Miliband is reportedly paid a staggering $600,000 (£425,000) a year by the refugee charity International Rescue. The huge sum is understood to have been declared publicly for the first time by the US Charities Bureau and also reveals that Miliband’s income is the reward for working 37.5 hours a week as head of the charity:

The sum is significantly more than the charity’s previous boss, George Rupp,who was reportedly paid $413,000 a year. It is also far more than Miliband earned as Foreign Secretary, for which he was paid £142,000 ($209,000).

The 50-year-old Miliband launched a failed bid to become leader of the Labour party in 2010 but lost out to his younger brother Ed “mill-stone” Miliband, sparking deep divisions within the Miliband family. Three years later David moved to New York with his wife and their two children, becoming president and chief executive of the International Rescue Committee.

His job is to oversee humanitarian aid and development programs in 40 different countries, the budget for which is £450m a year.

So, let’s do some simple arithmetic:

  • It costs £2 per month to feed a Yemeni mini-Jihadi or African starving child or suchlike
  • David Miliband gets paid £35,417 a month
  • David Miliband’s salary would be enough to feed 17,708 Yemeni mini-Jihadis or starving Africans every month

Moreover, I expect that Miliscum also gets a massively generous expenses allowance to be able to live in one of the most expensive areas of expensive New York. So, we could possibly assume that for Miliband’s salary and expenses around 25,000 to 30,000 Yemeni or African children could be fed or given life-saving medicine or whatever.

Is Miliband really worth this?

So, next time you see some fatuous third-rate celeb on TV appealing for your money to supposedly “help” starving kids in some Third-World (usually Moozerlum) hell-hole where the population doubles every 15 to 20 years, remember that the David Milibands of this world, who run these charities and who usually have massive tax-free salaries and expenses, desperately need your money if they’re to continue living their multi-millionaire lifestyles.

Please give generously! The world’s David Milibands need your money!

And for any readers who haven’t seen it, here’s a YouTube video I made about our massive, wasteful, corrupt charity industry featuring our favourite singer – Camilla FatManJelly:

4 comments to Give generously! The world’s David Milibands need your money!

  • zx80

    Ive often seen these adverts claiming that £3 a month will save a donkey, or £2 a month will save some supposed child in africa (who will then write to you to tell you how theyre doing….when theyre 18 months old? eh?) and theyre nearly always shown at prime times as everyone of us horrible, racist, filthy, kuffar white bastard westerners are settling down to eat our dinners after grafting all day for a pittance.

    And every single time they do it they get the same response from me, “F*ck you!” as i tuck into my own grown dinner. Yup I bothered to plant my own food whenever possible so I wont starve and to cut costs.
    Does that give them a clue as to what THEY should be doing? Nah too thick to geddit.
    Anyways, my tirades are aimed at the so called aid organisations and charities which are simply just businesses making money from death and suffering not the genuine cases that are so cynically exploited by the likes of Minibrain et al.
    By giving to charity all youre really doing is trying to assuage the guilt theyve caused you to feel by being more fortunate than those they claim to speak for. I call bullshit!

    Charity begins at home and until our incompetent so called “leaders” stop pissing our taxes up the never ending bog wall of foreign aid ill never give shit to any of these fraudster aid organisations, especially when a prize winning wankstain like minigland is running it for his own personal benefit!
    Why isnt islamic relief supporting it all?
    Oh forgot, theyre all to busy killing each other, good show, carry on.

  • Tom

    Great article mate, just recently got your Great Charity Scandal book. Brilliant read, I quote it often. Been challenging Barnardos on twitter over their use of a white European girl in their campaign against FGM, I’ve asked them a number fo times to provide a percentage of GM victims whom are white European but they are silent, also Oxfam on their lottery and your idea of merging with other self stated anti poverty charities which would reduce CEO’s and give more money to the front line – silence. Crooks and business’s not charities mate. Plenty of real charities that I do support but non of these business ones. Keep up good work mate.

  • English Patriot

    I like donkeys so don’t mind giving to the local English donkey sanctuary. However, Milliband and his libtard chums seem to want all our money to go to other people, do they think your average pole spends his money here or sends it home, now Millibands lot want the rest.

    He was on TV I’ve never noticed him before, but his face looks like he has been hit with a bat it’s all low on his left hand side. He looks like a monkey that’s had a stroke.

  • tomsk

    He is campaigning with John Major for a peoples vote on the referendum, so basically two losers are campaigning for a losers vote. His charity wage could feed 17,000 Yemenis a year. I read Davids book, the Great Charity Scandal and it shows just what a scam these big charities are. t

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