May 2024

Stockholm attack – who would have thunk it?

Good heavens! What a surprise! I’m totally gobsmacked! Not!!!

So, our friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Hate have decided to send a few dopey, progressive, migrant-hugging Swedes to Paradise using their latest weapon of choice – a hijacked lorry.

It’s difficult to resist the urge to scream “I told you so”. So, I won’t.

“You progressive, lefty, virtue-signalling, libtardy Swedish idiots, what did you expect when you imported hundreds of thousands of illiterate, West-hating, unemployable, violent, rape-obsessed, intolerant, rape-obsessed Middle-Eastern subhumans? Peace and harmony?”

I’ve written before about how a UN “Development Report” predicted that Sweden would turn into an impoverished, Third-World country (poorer than Mexico) by 2050.

Let’s look at how Sweden is turning itself into a violent, Third-World, bankrupt cess-pit.

Religion of Love invaders posing as refugees are expected to cost Sweden $18.2bn this year, nearly 10 times over budget. And that’s just the cost for 318,000 Syrians who arrived in the last two years. There already are two million mostly welfare-dependent Religion of Happiness migrants in Sweden out of a population of just under 10 million (but growing rapidly)!

The $18.2bn is 19% of Sweden’s central government’s annual budget, and 3.2% of their GDP—imagine if the US spent $608bn (or the UK spent £100bn) a year on refugees, same proportions. That’s just over $58,490 per refugee per year.  For reference, the average annual income in Sweden is $41,000 a year.

Of this total of $18.2bn, $8.7bn are the hidden costs of increased migrant crime incidents (specifically increased instances of rape and sexual assault)—which the government refuses to publicize.

Furthermore, migrants are not contributing to Sweden’s economy—of those refugees that came in 2015, only 500 have jobs.

Calculating the Cost of Sweden’s Syrian Refugees

Since 2013, Sweden has been deluged by 318,000 total migrants — lots of people, given Sweden’s small population.

Sweden’s government deliberately hides the true costs of the migrant crisis to maintain order. This is also the case in Germany, where the number of Islamic immigrants is underestimated by half.

Here’s how the basic costs break down:

  1. Sweden’s government spends roughly $17,000 per year, per adult migrant, on general asylum costs (housing, food etc.).  Given that there are 181,000 adult migrants, this works out to $3.1bn —already 50% higher than Sweden’s budgeted “migration” costs.
  2. Sweden also has a very generous system for underage migrants—their subsidies actually work out to $74,000 per year per migrant (they get a daily stipend for food etc.).  Since there are an estimated 57,000 migrant children in Sweden, this works out to $4.2bn.
  3. The cost of social services is enormous: migrants get access to Swedish state-funded education, healthcare etc.  However, since Sweden’s government excludes migrant status from usage statistics, it’s impossible to know their exact burden.The exception is education—we know that migrant children are educated at a cost of $17,600 per year.  This works out to $1bn a year.The real education costs are probably higher (but the data is inadequate), because migrant children need translators (sometimes 5 translators per classroom), schools have to pay for added security measures, and migrant children often exhibit learning disabilities (caused by trauma, poor developmental healthcare in their homeland etc.) which means nurses & care-workers are needed in greater numbers.
  4. Healthcare costs are also significant, with migrants receiving full benefits under Swedish law.  Given that Sweden spends an average of $6,808 on healthcare per person per year, this works out to $1.6bn for the remaining migrants.  Again, the real costs are probably higher, because the migrants are by and large not as healthy as are native Swedes.

In total, the base cost of migrants to Sweden will be at least $9.9bn in 2017. And no, they’re not “contributing to the economy” as many on the left claim— only 500 of the 163,000 migrants that arrived in 2015 have jobs.

They live on state handouts. That’s not surprising, given the massive cultural and language barriers, and the fact that most of the migrants lack relevant job skills.

Moreover, many of them hate the very people who get up every morning and go to work to pay the taxes which pay the migrants’ handouts

HIDDEN COSTS: Sweden’s Migrant Crime/Rape Epidemic

Crime is expensive: not only is policing costly, but price of administering justice is astronomical — there’s a reason lawyers are rich. First, let’s be clear: the “Syrian refugees” have caused an enormous amount of crime in Sweden, particularly violent and sexual crimes.

Let’s break it down statistically:

  1. Sweden’s police officers admit that migrants are causing most of Sweden’s crime.
  2. Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, has stated that he needs at least 4,100 new full-time officers to deal with the surging crime rates (at a cost of over $160m a year).
  3. Swedish police have now labelled 55 areas as “no-go” zones — 206,000 people (the “new Swedes” as they’re called) live in these areas.  They are migrant slums which have replaced domestic law for Sharia.
  4. In fact, migration is to blame for almost all Sweden’s increasing crime rate.

Furthermore, the types of crimes committed by migrants are an order of magnitude more serious than they used to be.

As you can see in the following charts, which tracks the crime rate of immigrant/migrant men aged 15-44, the number of incidents of serious crimes (red bar) has tripled since 2000, this includes things like murder, rape, and aggravated or sexual assaults



What are the costs of this migrant crime?

According to a recent study by Ingvar Nilsson, the average cost of an incident of a less serious crime in Sweden, like a mugging, are $22,000. The cost of a serious crime (violent or sexual assaults) averages out to $67,000.

The costs included by the researchers include ambulance costs, emergency room operations, sick leave, the need for social assistance for injured people, police investigations, the court system etc.

If we calculate the increased cost of crimes associated with the migrants, it turns out that serious crimes cost an additional $, while less serious crimes cost an additional $2bn.  Finally, extra policing costs will require a minimum of $200m for additional officers and equipment.

Goodbye Sweden. It was nice knowing you

Immigration is turning Sweden from one of Europe’s richest and most peaceful countries into a violent, crime-ridden, bankrupt Third-World hell-hole.

Thanks progressive, ever-so-liberal, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, brain-dead libtards.

4 comments to Stockholm attack – who would have thunk it?

  • david brown

    As with other EU states with proportional voting system, such as France, not enough Swedish voters that the choice is one of life or death for their nation. The control migration Sweden Democrats party get close on 25 per cent of the vote. The other parties just form an alliance against them and continue on the road to destruction.
    Sweden itself is being demographically transformed both by the higher average female migrant birth rate and the number of blonde females with a fondness for the more Alpha male migrants .

  • Colin Smith

    When our own politicians repeatedly tell immigrants they are more important than the indigenous population…

  • Len

    What is happening in Sweden and in europe in general is treason committed by TPTB who are controlled by the likes of soros and rest of the “elite”.
    To get fuller picture check out Kalergie plan, Frankfurt school and Gramsci hegemony.
    It will give you clear picture of what is in store for white population.
    And, as you will probably realise who is behind it all, avoid breitbart news as they will do anything possible to hide the truth.

  • zx80

    The multicultural mentalcases that have enabled this self perpetuated genocide of the swedish people have the blood of all those attacked and dead on their hands, not that it bothers them though, more likely everytime one of the wests indiginous citizens is murdered by a refugee/immigrant/asylum seeker/religious follower of some kind, you can bet a collective cheer rises from them as yet another stupid tolerant and welcoming dickhead is paid back in full for being an utter moron, but swedensnot the only place its happening, coming to a town near you shortly no doubt.

    Whats the actual programme?
    Is it to transform the entire world one country at a time into a sea of brown faces and attitudes such as we see in the middle east and snuff out caucasian races and their entire history and achievements in order to turn back the clock on technical prowess, medicine, science and the improvement and liberation of humans from ignorance and poverty the world over?
    Because that appears to be whats happening, one sick step at a time.
    Do the proponents of this death plan not understand that their own existence and that of all they hold dear is going to be swallowed up in a tide of hatred, death and destruction and theyre the ones doing it to themselves? Apparently not, they must think theyre immune and will be rewarded with some priviliged positions in the new world order theyre helping to establish, pity for them and happy for the rest of us theyll find out far too late the only think waiting for them is the same as theyre visiting on everyone else.

    Theres a word for what the so called progressives ( what are they progressing to btw?) are doing and its based purely in racism, bigotry and hatred, its called Oikophobia and it means the hatred of ones own race.
    Seems we have a collection of world leaders who are all of that persuasion with many followers who completely and irrationally believe in the righteousness of their ideology.
    Quite plainly, liberals, leftists and progressives are also suffering from a collective mental disorder, lets hope they get some electroshock therapy and they recover fully soon to rejoin the human race.

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