April 2024

17-year-old child with younger brother who is 23 years old?

Yesterday I showed a photo of the supposedly “17-year-old Iranian child refugee” who was attacked by a group of thugs while waiting at a bus stop.

Being cynical and bigoted and a Little Englander and a waaaccciiissssttt, I cruelly suggested that the “17-year-old Iranian child refugee” might actually be slightly older than 17, that he might have lied about his age in order to be allowed to stay in Britain and that he might actually be a migrant rather than a refugee.

Apparently, the Iranian “17-year-old child refugee” has a 23-year-old brother. I wonder if the 23-year-old is his younger or older brother?

Moreover, I suspect that the “17-year-old child refugee’s” family may have sent him to Benefits Britain so that he can then demand that they be allowed to follow him to Benefits Britain on Yuman Rights grounds once he has been granted the right to remain here.

I’m no expert in the ageing process. So I picked a few pictures at random from Google Images of 17-year-olds who actually are 17 years old.

Here’s one young chap:

And here’s another:

And here’s yet another:

And once again here’s the supposedly “17-year-old child refugee”:

I leave it to my dwindling band of readers to judge whether the “17-year-old child refugee” is really a “17-year-old child refugee” or is actually a lying, deceitful, benefits-scrounging, parasitic, (at least) 25-year-old economic migrant sent by his family so they can all come and sponge off us naive idiots in Benefits Britain for the rest of their useless lives.

I know what I think.

7 comments to 17-year-old child with younger brother who is 23 years old?

  • Chris

    The first casualty of war is truth. It seems the mainstream media is being used to deceive us in almost every aspect of foreign and domestic policy. Children being used to gain sympathy for evil agendas.

    But why oh why has Trump now fallen for it as well? I dont believe Assad used chemical warfare on children. But even if he did why did Trump order an attack on a Syrian air base?It is a reckless and misguided response. Surely evidence should be made public before any attack is made on a foreign state.

    I fear we are being manipulated yet again into supporting a war.

  • NoMore

    When I buy alcohol or a DVD in Tesco on the self-scan machines, a message pops up asking the checkout staff to confirm the customer is 25 or over. This is even though the age restriction on buying alcohol is 18 and the same for the DVD (though nearly all that I purchase are 15 rated.) I take from this that, as Tesco can’t carry out an autopsy on me to determine my age, they build in a safe buffer of 7 years as no-one is likely to mistake a 17 yr old for a 25 yr old. I suspect the above invader would have no trouble swapping some of his taxpayers’ money for beer or DVDs in Tesco. Obviously this is too sensible for the likes of Lunatic House.

  • Neo-CONNED

    Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag

    The former Congressman went on to explain how the incident was clearly being exploited by neo-cons and the deep state to enlist support for war.

    ISIS Celebrate Trumps attack on Syria,

    Ahrar Al-Sham, Tahrir Al-Sham (#AlQaeda) and #ISIS private Telegram channels praising #UnitedStates attack tonight.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

  • mark

    i was told they look old from the effect of being in a war situation …how can that be when they have been living here and in a camp in france???

  • David Craig

    A war situation make may well make one look older. But this supposed “17-year-old child refugee” is from Iran and Iran isn’t at war with anyone (at least, not yet!!!)

    But I imagine this probably 25-year-old “17-year-old” is possibly one of the youngest of the supposed “child refugees” the bleeding-heart libtards forced us to accept from the Calais Jungle

  • david brown

    Where are the refugees we are taking in being settled . In order to conceal the extent of this, meaning the true number ,at places away from the larger suburban areas especially London.
    One such is Darlington, of railway history fame. This time last year it had almost no Muslims. Now due to a Government refugee processing place being located there it has a fast growing population of refugees mostly male. After a time under family
    re-unificatio rules they will be able to bring in more.
    A conspiracy theorist or is that realist, might think this is part of the globalist plan to create Muslim enclaves across Western Europe.

  • Len

    Trumps ear is governed by his son in law who gets his orders from nathanbloodyjahy who desires greater is**hell and pipeline through Syria to upset Russian gas delivery to Europe. Then, there is a little inconvenient fact that those who run FED are being kept out of Syria. Go figure…

    @ David brown – It is the plan, called Kalergie plan. It comes hand in hand with teachings of the Frankfurt School.

    As for all those “children” invaders, they all lie, their jihad operating manual (quran) instructs them so. Their aim is (under supervision of soros and the tribe) to destroy white europe so their masters can take over and rule.

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