February 2018
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Another week: another Euro crisis meeting: another pack of lies?

Here we go again. Every week Merkel and Sarkozy have a get together, come up with a new Grand Plan to save the euro and announce it with a great fanfare only for the whole thing to collapse within a couple of days as investors realise it’s just another pack of lies from two puffed-up, self-important political pygmies. These two buffoons are playing ‘chicken’ with the world economy. Sarkozy is desperate to bail out the PIIGS (with european taxpayers’, not French, money) as this will save the bankrupt French banks. But Merkel wants to impose fiscal discipline on the PIIGS before throwing hundreds of billions of German taxpayers’ money into the pockets of lazy and corrupt Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Greek and Spanish politicians, bureaucrats and bankers.

Who will blink first? I think it will be Merkel as this time she will be forced to bail out the PIIGS to avoid a pre-Christmas worldwide economic meltdown. But once German taxpayers’ money starts flowing, the PIIGS will tear up their supposed ‘austerity budgets’ and it will be back to borrow, spend, waste and steal. The PIIGS are going to have a truly great Christmas thanks to Muttonhead Merkel’s generosity with German taxpayers’ money.

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