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Have they left America yet?

Lying lefty luvvies

These are apparently well-known celebs who have all vowed to leave America if Donald Trump was elected:


I recognise the fat (sorry, I meant ‘gravitationally-challenged‘) ‘woman of colour’ in the middle of the top row. But I don’t know who most of them are. However, I rather suspect none of them have put their mansions up for sale and upped sticks. And I don’t imagine any of them will. Yet every time one of these vacuous, preening, multi-millionaire, security-guard-protected, holier-than-thou a***holes spouts off, their inanities are reported with breathless excitement by our progressive lefty media.

Go on celebs! Bugger off to Canada – possibly the most boring country in the world. Sweden used to be the most boring country in the world. I know, I lived there for a while. But since the Religion of Peace invasion Sweden has become quite exciting, especially if you’re a blonde girl who enjoys being sexually abused by older men:

finland girls 1

More lying lefty luvvies

By the way, how many supposed ‘Syrian refugees’ has Saint Bob Geldorf now put up in one of his luxury homes? None? Oh, what a disappointment. Or lefty luvvie George and his charming wife Amal? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Or are the ever so politically-correct Cloonies enjoying the protection of high walls and loads of security guards at their palatial Lake Como residence while the local town fills up with inbred, violent, illiterate, migrant scum?

And how about the Archbishopric of Canterbury? I remember him promising he would also turn over part of his massive home to supposed ‘refugees’. Well, great holy man, how many have you taken in? None? What a surprise!

The only person who seems to have taken in a Syrian migrant was an ordinary English foster family who agreed to look after a supposed ‘child refugee’. This ‘child refugee’ turned out to need a daily shave because he was probably in his twenties if not older and he rewarded their hospitality by raping their daughter as is the admirable custom of people from his background.

What will Gina do next? Ban Remembrance Day?

Former Guyana-born model (ha-ha-ha-ha! I wonder how many people Gina has ‘modelled’ for!) Gina Miller (married to multi-millionaire investment manager Alan Miller) seems to have got the publicity she (IMHO having met her and people who know her) has always craved by trying to prevent Britain leaving the EU so that our country remains a craven German colony.

Incidentally, if Gina ‘look at me look at me’ Miller loves Germany so much, why doesn’t she just move there and spare us her self-righteous, hypocritical whining?

I imagine that for an internationalist, globalist, progressive multi-millionaire like Gina, things like Remembrance Day must seem like archaic throwbacks from a racist, bigotted, little-Englander past. So, why doesn’t the lovely Gina go to court in order to have Remembrance Day banned as being anti-German and thus racist? Come on Gina, get your tits (sorry, I meant ‘legal advisers’) out, start a court action, ban Remembrance Day.

Come on Gina. It’ll get you and your beloved investment company more publicity! That’s what you want, isn’t it?

4 comments to Have they left America yet?

  • MGJ

    Careful David, they might come here. You could find yourself living next to Miley Cyrus!

  • MGJ

    The irony is lost on these celebri-twats. They all want to live in Canada: a country full of white, relatively high IQ people that embraces Western civilisation and Western values. Mexico and Venezuela come a little further down the list of destinations.

  • NoMore

    Biggest disappointment for me was Bruce Springsteen – whilst he didn’t threaten to leave he went the whole hog for Clinton, performing at the key rallies and so on. This is the man whose songs epitomised the life of the white, working class, rustbelt young male dreaming of fast cars and girls. Talk about pissing in the face of your audience. Perhaps now he will just turn out narcocorridos for the illegal Mexicans.

  • zx80

    Cant disagree with any of the O/P’s observations nor the following posters.

    What I will say is that its priceless that Jeremy “I hate Britain and its white population” Corbyn now seems to think that releasing a statement about Trumps victory being a wake up call for the global elites, misses the point in a tragic and cynical attempt to position himself as a candidate for change and capitalise ( isnt he against capitalism?) on the public mood for something different.

    The issue Komrade Jerry is quite a simple one.
    Its that most people dont subscribe to your momentum backed bullying world view that the left is somehow our friend and has a unique inside knowledge of our woes.
    You dont have a clue! None of the left do and never did! You wouldnt have a clue if one came up to you, smashed you in the face with a bottle and announced ” I am a clue!”
    Here is the clue youre missing dearest lefties: Its YOU that are the problem. Its your self satisfied smugness that youre always right thats the issue.
    Your beloved political correctness that stifles the merest hint of a smile of someone telling a joke that youve decreed to be racist. Its the smothering of our culture, heritage and beliefs with your weapon of choice : Stinking diversity and multiculturalism at the expense of common sense and rational debate.Its your insistence on being utterely joyless and trying to make everyone around you be the same.

    So no Jeremy, youre no candidate for change, youre just as much a part of the problem as the rest of the elites of which you and your party aspire to become, as much as the Main stream media, the twitter and facebook illterati and assorted crybabies in the establishment along with the useful idiots across the nation.
    We see you, right through you

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