June 2024

Will the revolution against the elites spread?

A tale of two countries?

First, just my personal experience of the Trump victory. I’d guess that about 90% to 95% of those interviewed on the TV news programmes have been negative about Trump’s wonderful victory over the parasitic, sneering, contemptuous, failing elites. Every single vacuous, desperate-to-get-media-attention, multi-millionaire celeb has quickly jumped on the oh-so-fashionable ‘we-hate-Trump’ bandwagon. And, of course, there was gushing praise for all the lefty idiots throwing their toys out of the pram as they protested because the majority didn’t vote the way they were told by the progressive establishment.

But the reaction I found among ordinary people was of pure joy. I was in my local B&Q on Wednesday and the old guy who helps out at the self-service unprompted asked me what I thought about the US election result. When I said I thought it was excellent, he started beaming with pleasure. Even though Trump’s victory wouldn’t affect him, he somehow felt that it was also his victory, a victory for ordinary people against the corrupt, self-serving elites.

Later on Wednesday, I had someone over to agree to replace some windows. He ran a small (ten employees) window manufacturing and installation company. Again unprompted, he asked me what I thought about the US result. And again, when I said it was a great achievement, he too started enthusing about Trump’s success.

OK, these are only two small examples. But what I’m finding is that many ordinary people see Trump’s victory as also being their victory – a victory of the ignorant, tax-paying deplorables over the rotten, greedy, sanctimonious, self-interested, holier-than-thou elites.

Some dates for your diary?

But the big question now is whether the Brexit/Trump revolt against the establishment elites, their sycophantic media and preening, progressive, multi-millionaire lefty celebs will spread or will be crushed. Here are some dates for your diary:

Austria – re-run of the Presidential Election Sunday 4 December – a battle between a patriot, Norbert Hofer, who wants to defend European civilisation and former Greens leader Alexander Van der Bellen who seems to want Europe to be over-run by the violent, ignorant, West-loathing hordes from the Religion of Peace

Italy – Constitutional Referendum on 4 December – on the same day Italy will vote on europhiliac Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s referendum about changing the structure of government and the distribution of power. But this is likely to become a plebiscite on Italy’s economic stagnation, levels of unemployment that are worse than the Great Depression and the invasion of the country by swarms of locust-like, benefits-scrounging, rape-obsessed supposed ‘refugees’ from Africa fished out of the Mediterranean just off the Libyan coast and ferried in luxury to Italy by the idiotic Italian coastguard and navy

Romania – a week later, Sunday 11 December, there will be a General Election in Romania. It looks like the lefty socialist parties will lose seats due to almost endless corruption scandals and uncontrolled immigration and that patriotic, anti-corruption, anti-EU parties will gain.

Netherlands – 15 March 2017 – elections to choose the 150 MPs in the Dutch Parliament. Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration, anti-EU, patriotic Dutch Freedom Party is currently leading in the opinion polls. The Dutch authorities are desperately trying to prosecute Wilders for ‘hate speech’ or ‘incitement to violence'(or some bollox like that) in the hope of discrediting him and preventing him and his party winning power. Perhaps they should consult former model (he-he-he, I think we all know what the word ‘model’ means) Gina Miller to learn how to use the courts to destroy democracy?

France – Presidential Election in late April to May 2017 – Marine Le Pen of the Front National will probably come second in the first ballot. But then she’ll lose in the final two-candidate run-off as the pampered, self-enriching elites on both the left and the right magically put aside their supposed ‘ideological and political differences’ to unite to keep Marine Le Pen from power and thus preserve the utterly corrupt status quo

Germany – elections probably in late September 2017 (the final date hasn’t been fixed yet) to elect the 598 members of the Bundestag who, in turn will choose the new Chancellor. Hopefully this will be *sl*mophiliac Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s last stand and she will be slaughtered by her electorate for allowing the Religion of Peace invasion which has wrecked her country

Czech Republic – October Czech legislative elections. All 200 members of the Chamber of Deputies will be elected and the leader of the resultant government will become the Prime Minister. Sadly most of the main parties are grovellingly pro-EU and so the Czechs will vote whichever way Brussels and Berlin tell them to vote.

Still, there is hope that the Brexit/Trump rebellion will spread to other countries.

The next few months should be ‘interesting’.

6 comments to Will the revolution against the elites spread?

  • NoMore

    Only one single A-lister, a great American actor and even better director, came out openly for Trump when he won the nomination. That man was Clint Eastwood. I raise several glasses to him – to do that took real cojones in the vacuous echo chamber of Hollywood (and maybe California itself).

    Thanks for collating all the upcoming dates – 2017 looks like make or break year for Europe. I think how it works is that if Le Pen can win over 50% of the first vote she can win it outright there and then. That has to be the target to go for to avoid the Houllebecqian “coalition”. Are the French up to it or do they hate themselves too much?

  • Eddie John

    The “Elite” as they like to call themselves will only see this as a minor set back.
    Their plan has been in place for years so a hiccup right now is probably nothing more than an irritation and a signal that they hadn’t brain washed enough snow flakes.
    To continue the return to sanity needs vigilance and further achievements.

  • brian rodney harwood

    Some excellent advice to those anti-Trump Americans thinking of heading for Canada, from an internet poster;

    Do nothing, just show up. Part of the reason you are moving to Canada is that you are upset that Trump wants to enforce US immigration laws, which you think are evil. When you move to Canada, jut ignore their laws, since obeying US laws is so wrong. Canadians supposed are more open and caring, so I am sure they would NEVER think of deporting you or doing anything other than giving you stuff you need to get by and will turn a blind eye to you getting a job under the table and getting drivers license without any ID and all that good stuff. In fact, you can go ahead and vote too! After all, if you think it is OK for illegal, er, undocumented workers in the US to register and vote, I am sure Canadian authorities will be just as kind to you. And if you believe Canada will treat you as an undocumented immigrant to Canada the way you want the US to treat the undocumented, I would like to hook you up with a Nigerian prince I know, who needs some money to grease the wheels when he buys the Brooklyn Bridge……

  • MGJ

    Everybody loves democracy when it gives the result they want but recently it hasn’t for the left so expect more violence from their Hitler Youth morons.

    In the UK and the US, the left are asking for Trump’s murder in a subtle or not so subtle way. The likes of the BBC makes sure it remains a regular topic of discussion in the full knowledge there is always some looney out there to inspire. In some of the UK’s crappy state schools, teachers have suddenly decided that discussing the morality of his murder is an important part of the curriculum.

  • MGJ

    I suspect Hillary is clever enough to escape justice courtesy of Parkinson’s disease but I hope Trump carries out his promise to Drain The Swamp.

    In particular much of the disgusting MSM is financially close to the edge and maybe a $100 million lawsuit for libel may push them over. There are few more despicable things one can do than make false rape claims and fail to retract them once they are exposed as false.

    The MSM gambled everything on Hillary and lost. There needs to be consequences.

  • zx80

    With Trumps victory now done and dusted we find once again, the usual suspects intent on creating anarchy and division assisted and enabled by the complicit corrupt “main stream” media, who it seems are less and less able to grasp the fact their agenda isnt being swallowed down like one of slick willies interns with a gobful of man glue.
    Instead of learning any lessons (because lets face it, theyre too damned retarded to reform with their guiding left wing stars leading the way), they just continue blithely onwards interviewing as many whining cry baby shitheads as they can to try and sway an ever more sceptical audience of their impartiality toward believing what they say is the gods honest truth, really guv it is yer know!
    Two of their selected interviewees concluded that america “fucked up” and another mused that “we dont need a president” how-very-insightful, whilst the rest smashed up cars and shops because theyre just so enlightened and progressive….They give the illusion that EVERYONE feels the same about the result despite the fact that Tumps the winner proving otherwise.
    One can only conclude the vast majority of Crooked Hillary supporters arent particularly bright, indeed, it says not very much about the quality of their fathers ejaculate considering these winners busting the cities up are comprised of the sperm that won.
    To qualify such a sweeping statement Id like to suggest that the reasons for their electoral defeat lie neither in Trump or his voters direction but rather more directly the fault lies within the democratic party itself.
    “Why?” They squeal expectantly, their little lefty heads spinning like their useless windymills.
    Think about it for second wooly heads, your Sainted Hillary bought the votes of most all the superdelegates to give herself an almost unassailable head start in the race for democratic nominee.
    And all throughout the race despite Bernie Sanders being way more popular than Fetid Hilly the bent democratic leadership decided to sink poor old Bern and ensconce their favourite festering pustule as nominee.
    You see cry babies? Trump was right, the systems rigged, your beloved democrats rigged it to destroy Bernies chances, you got what you asked for, so dont go blaming Trump and attacking his voters they didnt do anything other than vote for their preferred candidate, just like you did.
    Got it now morons? No, I didnt think so.

    Incidentally a riposte to all those supposedly superior leftist brains out there.

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