June 2024

Whoever produced this racist video should be thoroughly ashamed

1. A nasty racist video

There’s a video on YouTube called “*sl*m is not for me”.

I dare not provide the link for reasons you will understand if you watch the 5 minute 40 second version.

Whoever produced this video should be thoroughly ashamed for ……………….whatever.


2. Assad’s and Putin’s supposed ‘war crimes’

Our rulers (supported as usual by a compliant mainstream media) are desperately accusing Assad and Putin of committing supposed ‘war crimes’ in Syria, and in particular in Aleppo.

Why are they doing this? A cynic who understands nothing about international relations might claim they are deliberately creating a false enemy because they want to unite us against this supposed enemy Russia in order to distract us from their own incompetence and catastrophic interventions in the Middle East.

Obviously there is no truth in such an assertion. So, I just wanted to clear up some possible confusion.

When the USA and Britain killed between 112,667 and 123,284 Iraqi civilians in their invasion to grab Iraq’s oil (sorry I meant to ‘overthrow the brutal dictator Saddam and establish a modern democracy’) these civilian deaths were not ‘war crimes’.

When Assad and Putin killed about 500 to 600 Syrian civilians in trying to retake Aleppo, these civilian deaths were ‘war crimes;.

I hope this is now clear!

2 comments to Whoever produced this racist video should be thoroughly ashamed

  • Twi5ted

    Only problem for the West is that Russia seems far more sensible, measured and competent. Its hard to convince otherwise in the modern age when we are no longer reliant on BBC propaganda etc for the truth.

  • MGJ

    Expect a glorious US led “victory” a day or so before the election.

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