May 2024

It’s not a “rescue”, it’s a free ferry service!

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Ferry to the Promised Land

It’s frightening how the elites use words to twist the truth and spread their propaganda. First we were told that the flood of human detritus pouring into Europe were “refugees”. But when it became clear that the majority were from countries that weren’t actually at war, the elites were forced to admit that many were actually “migrants”.

The latest abuse of words to fool us is to tell us how many refugees/migrants have been “rescued”. They’re not being “rescued” at all. They’re being towed out to sea in overcrowded, unseaworthy wrecks by people smugglers and dumped in full view of European ships which then gladly take the migrants on board and bring them to Europe. Moreover, it’s never explained to us why the migrants are not dumped straight back to there they boarded their people-smuggler boats rather than being transported to Europe. This is not a “rescue”, this is a free ferry service:


European ships patrol just outside Libyan territorial waters waiting for the people smugglers to deliver their next cargo of human garbage. In just the last 7 days, more than 13,000 migrants have been taken on board Western naval vessels and then ferried to Europe at our expense. About 1,000 more drowned mainly because, as soon as a European ship goes over to “rescue” them, they all rush shouting and screaming and ululating to one side of their boat and, given that it is overcrowded, it naturally capsizes dumping many migrants who can’t swim in the sea.

One boss from the Libyan coastguard described how this ferry service was just enticing more migrants to come to Europe, “I blame NATO and the EU for many of these deaths. Their rescue ships now push to the 12 nautical miles limit of our territorial waters. The migrants respond to this by trying to cross in greater numbers and the smugglers respond by sending them to sea in shittier and shittier craft designed to stay afloat for a few hours only. The more are drawn, the more try. The worse their craft, the more die”.

Incidentally, among the 117 bodies washed ashore on Libyan beaches, 75 were women and 6 were children. The old British maxim of saving women and children first doesn’t seem to have been adopted by the illiterate, uneducated, violent, unemployable, healthy, military-age young men pouring into Europe.

And now this great “rescue” lie will be used for migrants trying to cross the channel. There are over 20,000 migrants waiting along the coasts of France, Belgium and Holland. Our ships will be sent to ferry them over in ever greater numbers and the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and Channel 4 and the other mainstream media will keep feeding us stories of “heroic rescues” when all we suckers are really doing is providing a complimentary ferry service to the scum of the world.

Once and Afghan animal, always an Afghan animal

A 20-year-old German woman was raped by an Afghan man with whom she came into contact with through the anti-racist network “Refugees Welcome”.

The 26-year-old Afghan, who came to Germany two years ago, crept into the woman’s bedroom and began to rape her while she slept.

Let’s hope the holier-than-thou, self-righteous, look how virtuous and liberal I am young lady has learnt something about the vermin she has welcomed into her country.

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  • Justwait

    Europe Braces for More Jihadist Attacks: “Another Attempted Attack Is Almost Certain”

    Sports stadiums and big music events are especially vulnerable: “This is where you put a small town into a small area for a couple of hours.” — Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, London.

    “We know that the Islamic State has the European Championship in its sights.” — Hans-Georg Maaßen, head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.

    According to Patrick Calvar, head of the France’s domestic intelligence agency, at least 645 French nationals or residents, including 245 women, are currently with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Another 200 individuals are “in transit,” either on their way to Syria or returning to France. Around 244 jihadists have already returned to France.

    British police chiefs are struggling to recruit enough officers who are willing to carry a firearm, because many fear they will be treated as criminal suspects if they use their weapon in the line of duty.

    European security officials are bracing for potential jihadist attacks at public venues across Europe this summer.

    In France, officials are preparing for possible attacks against the European Football Championships. The games, which start on June 10, comprise 51 matches involving 24 teams playing in 10 host cities across the country.

    Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that more than 90,000 security personnel will be on hand to protect the 2.5 million spectators expected to attend the games, as well as the hundreds of thousands more who will watch the matches on big screens in so-called “fan zones” in major cities.

    Patrick Calvar, the head of the France’s domestic intelligence agency (Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure, DGSI), warned: “We know that the Islamic State is planning new attacks in France.” He added:
    “We risk being confronted with a new form of attack: a terrorist campaign characterized by placing explosive devices in places where large crowds are gathered, and repeating this type of action to create a climate of panic.”

  • Justwait

    The Petition is still short names to reveal Heaths betrayal .. 10000 is all that is needed..

    Heath took no notice of the Lord Chancellor’s analysis or objections and proceeded to surrender his country to a foreign power and our courts to a foreign jurisdiction. This petition demands that these critical issues (for so long censored by those who betrayed our country, our parliament and our democracy) must now be debated in Parliament.

  • Bongo

    I’m disappointed by your last paragraphs. I despise the ‘Refugees Welcome’ morons but there is absolutely no need to celebrate their rape. Ultimately these are dumb, naive virtue signallers with absolutely no idea of the true nature of the vermin they have welcomed into their country. However idiotic and pathetic these people are, they do not deserve to be attacked and raped.
    It’s hardly surprising that this sort of thing is happening because most of us can see how the PTB are transforming the face of Europe by importing millions of scum bags. It is the EU and political elite that really deserve some sort of physical retribution, and not the dumb do-gooders.
    I would say that the rape victim would deserve contempt if she failed to condemn her attacker. Time and again we have seen victims forgiving their attackers and taking the blame fir being attacked. For once I would like to see one of the idiots express some sort regret for supporting the m*sl1m invasion of Europe.

  • tony meres

    French national detained on Ukrainian border ‘with explosives & AK-47s, may target Euro 2016’

  • kd

    For that matter.
    “Liberals” suffer from one major problem:
    they possess an emotion called Compassion.
    Further more.
    They don’t understand that Compassion isn’t a universal emotion encompassing all branches of humanity.

    And they haven’t a clue about 1400 years of deep religious brainwashing throughout True Islam as practiced in the shittle East.

    For they think that All Religions Are Equal.
    And compatible.

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