April 2024

Why are our rulers ashamed of being British?

I’ve plagiarised today’s blog from slightly adapting a piece on a ‘Vote Leave’ email:

According to the Europhiliac Remanians if we left the EU our pay would drop by thousands of pounds a year, food prices will rocket, jobs will vanish, the value of our homes be halved, trade would stop, we would be invaded by terrorists, no one would be able to go abroad on holiday, universities would shut, scientists would be unable to work, even World War Three will break out by the end of the year… on and on goes the list of disasters they predict:

project fear

Incidentally, these are pretty much the same disasters our rulers predicted if we didn’t join the Euro. They lied to us then and they are lying to us now!

I wonder why they never actually go into details of how all these situations are to arise, why firms would leave the UK despite us having one of the best workforces in the world, why we would be unable to travel, why house prices would fall when there’s a shortage of housing, why conflict would arise despite having nothing to cause one and all the rest? There can only be one answer which is they have no idea because they are inventing the situations to suit their case; there simply are no disasters waiting for us after June 23rd if we vote to leave. As for our pay dropping, actually wages would probably increase as there wouldn’t be so much competition from East Europeans for jobs

Another point they never address is how did we British manage to invent so much, have the world’s strongest military, become the workshop of the world and build a merchant navy many times larger than any other to take those goods all over the globe, invent a legal and government system so good it has been copied world wide while controlling a quarter of the planet via our Empire, all without ‘help’ from the bureaucrats of Brussels?

How did our scientists like Newton, Faraday, Jenner, Fleming or Darwin manage without foreign funds and assistance from Brussels bureaucrats? How did engineers like Stephenson or Brunel make their products with no assistance from the Spanish and Greeks and Portuguese and Bulgarians and Romanian gypsies and all the other good folk who are flooding into our country from the ghastly, economically-stagnant EU? And just how did explorers like Cook, Drake, Scott or Cabot manage to sail without the EU’s permission and without EU regulations?

All these things, and more, were done because we were once a nation run by people of honest determination, patriots who believed in Britain and her people, men and women we will long remember with drive, energy and skills.

We still have such people around. But it is because our leaders no longer trust and believe in our nation, its people or what they can achieve, a greatness far beyond its size as we proved over centuries, that they have made us grovellingly and expensively subservient to nations we once refused to bow down to and several of whom are, and always have been, either ungovernable jokes (hello Greece, Portugal) or mafia fiefdoms (hello Bulgaria, Romania etc)

I hate to think of what the true leaders of the past, men like William Gladstone or Benjamin Disraeli or Winston Churchill, would make of their modern counterparts like Blair, Brown or Cameron!

Vote Leave on 23 June!

4 comments to Why are our rulers ashamed of being British?

  • Squid Buster

    I see Canadian, Mark Carney doing his fair share of scare mongering yesterday. Well what do you expect, just doing his job for his old boss the Vampire Squid. Checkout who else is part of the Ex Squid Clan.Search for yourself, there all over…


    Goldman Sachs conquers Europe.

  • Teflon Tory

    Just look around you, hadnt you noticed, who is going to pay to keep them with our £8.5 TRILL. of debt already round our necks, and George Osborne blowing out the Deficit higher every month, now we know why, the end wont be pretty, when the books have to be balanced or bust, you wont have long to find out either.


    UK Immigration Crisis – Official Statistics Underreport Real EU Migration by 50%!

    The mainstream press is belatedly waking up to the fact that the UK governments official migration statistics compiled by the ONS under report real permanent immigration from the EU by at least 50% per year! For instance ONS EU immigration stats since 2011 was a net 1 million european union migrants permanently settled in the UK. However during this same time period 2.2 million National Insurance numbers were issued to european migrants. I have been flagging this huge persistent disparity in numbers for several years now that illustrates that the official immigration statistics just cannot be trusted!

  • ToryBlairComplicity

    Welcome To Londonistan.
    A tale of internal malice towards the United Kingdom’s host population.

    The residents of London have had their own neighborhoods taken over by the million plus Muslims who leave them frightened to walk the streets.

  • moqi

    And of course the remain argument that our economy is so weak and fragile that it has to cling on to the Eu’s apron strings else it will die AND on the other hand if we leave we will wreck the worlds economy, fire and brimstome blah blah.
    It can’t be both.

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