May 2024

The Peasants’ Revolt – can the peasants win this time?

Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Viktor Orban, the German AfD party – they all have something in common. They’re all trying to preserve their country’s national identity and for this they’ve all been branded as racists and bigots and even Nazis by the sneering ruling elites and their obedient lackeys in the media.

Also they’re usually referred to contemptuously as “populists”. I looked up “populist” in the dictionary and the definition was “representing or relating to the ideas and opinions of ordinary people”. That’s perfect, isn’t it? As the elites hijack our democracies to flood us with immigrants in order to destroy any sense of national identity, the elites and their media have managed to turn the word  “populist” into an insult. But if our democracies actually worked for ordinary people, the word “populist” should be a term of praise and “elitist” should be the insult.

London is a huge achievement for the ruling elites. Only about one in three Londoners is ethnic British (a fact not mentioned by anybody in the media during the recent London mayoral elections). Two thirds of ‘Londoners’ are actually foreigners who have no sense of being British and no intention of adopting British values. So, they will always vote for more immigration and more handing power to the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU.

As I’ve written before, the EU Referendum is a battle, probably the final battle, between the people and the elites. If the Remain campaign wins, Britain is lost forever and the migrant hordes will flood in, overwhelm us and put our country on the same path as Sweden and Belgium – a downwards spiral towards becoming a poverty-stricken, excrement-covered, intolerant, violent Third-World hell-hole.

Across Europe we’re seeing a new “Peasants’ Revolt” against the ruling elites’ plan for creating the continent of Eurabia.

Here’s an excellent article from (perhaps surprisingly) the Daily Telegraph describing the new “Peasants’ Revolt”:—donald-trump-can-win/

The last “Peasants’ Revolt” didn’t end too well for the peasants and their leader Wat Tyler. This time let’s all vote “Leave” so we can fight back against the sneering, self-serving, lying elites and turn this:
lauging 1

into this:

cameron and osborne angry

This time, the peasants can win!

We just have to have the confidence and self-belief to defy those who have power over us!

4 comments to The Peasants’ Revolt – can the peasants win this time?

  • peter fredricks

    They just love it in Euroland, all that Harmony,

  • peter fredricks

    I am not surprised the Austrians are P***ed .

    Migrant Rape Epidemic Reaches Austria.

    A 20-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy at a public swimming pool in Vienna. The Iraqi said the rape was a “sexual emergency” resulting from “excess sexual energy.”

    Those who dare to link spiraling crime to Muslim mass migration are being silenced by the guardians of Austrian multiculturalism.

    According to data compiled by the Austrian Interior Ministry, nearly one out of three asylum seekers in Vienna was accused of committing crimes in 2015. North African gangs fighting for control over drug trafficking were responsible for roughly half of the 15,828 violent crimes — rapes, robberies, stabbings and assaults — reported in the city during 2015.

    Austria received 90,000 asylum requests in 2015, the second-highest number in the EU on a per capita basis, but this pales in comparison to what may lie ahead. Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka warned last month that up to one million migrants are poised to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe.

    The brutal gang rape of a woman by three Afghan asylum seekers in central Vienna on April 22 has shocked the Austrian public and drawn attention to a spike in migrant-related rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes across the country.

    The migrant crime wave comes as the anti-immigrant Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has surged in opinion polls. The party’s candidate, Norbert Hofer, won the first round of Austria’s presidential elections on April 24, and is on track to win the presidency in the second round, run-off election scheduled for May 22.

    The three Afghans — two 16-year-olds and one 17-year-old — followed the woman, a 21-year-old exchange student, into a public restroom at the Praterstern train station, one of the main transportation hubs in Vienna. One of the migrants held the woman down while the other two took turns raping her.

    A passerby called the police after she heard the woman screaming. By the time police arrived, the men had gone. The suspects, who were arrested as they were attempting to flee the station, do not speak German. Through an interpreter, the migrants told police they were drunk and do not remember carrying out the crime.

  • Tim Cook

    Cameron says there will be War and Genocide if we leave the EU.
    There will be War and Genocide if we stay IN the EU.
    It has always occurred when we have been under the threat of Invasion.
    Looks like we have the Quisling this time.

  • Tim Cook

    The Invasion wont be by Europeans either.Its been planned a long time , Socialists like to play with fire and are surprised when they get their fingers burned. But they dont learn and keep on trying to impose their twisted ways. The fire they nurture so vehemently will consume them aswell.

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