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Has ISIL just conquered London?

Rejoice, rejoice! Let us all rejoice! London, Britain’s most ethnically diverse city, has just elected a M*sl*m mayor. And he hasn’t got a beard, so he must be a ‘moderate’. (Though he has some fairly dodgy friends, so may not be quite as moderate as the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation and other media like to claim)

Below is a table showing the change in the ethnic make-up of London between the 2001 and 2011 censuses:

Ethnic Group 2001 2011
Number % Number %
White: British 4,287,861 59.79% 3,669,284 44.89%
White: Irish 220,488 3.07% 175,974 2.15%
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller 8,196 0.10%
White: Other 594,854 8.29% 1,033,981 12.65%
White: Total 5,103,203 71.15% 4,887,435 59.79%
Asian or Asian British: Indian 436,993 6.09% 542,857 6.64%
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani 142,749 1.99% 223,797 2.74%
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi 153,893 2.15% 222,127 2.72%
Asian or Asian British: Chinese 80,201 1.12% 124,250 1.52%
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian 133,058 1.86% 398,515 4.88%
Asian or Asian British: Total 946,894 13.20% 1,511,546 18.49%
Black or Black British: African 378,933 5.28% 573,931 7.02%
Black or Black British: Caribbean 343,567 4.79% 344,597 4.22%
Black or Black British: Other Black 60,349 0.84% 170,112 2.08%
Black or Black British: Total 782,849 10.92% 1,088,640 13.32%
Mixed: White and Black Caribbean 70,928 0.99% 119,425 1.46%
Mixed: White and Black African 34,182 0.48% 65,479 0.80%
Mixed: White and Asian 59,944 0.84% 101,500 1.24%
Mixed: Other Mixed 61,057 0.85% 118,875 1.45%
Mixed: Total 226,111 3.15% 405,279 4.96%
Other: Arab 106,020 1.30%
Other: Any other ethnic group 113,034 1.58% 175,021 2.14%
Other: Total 113,034 1.58% 281,041 3.44%
Total 7,172,091 100.00% 8,173,941 100.00%

What do we notice?

British in a minority

The number of white British has dropped by 618,577. Over 60,000 white British have left London every year for the 10 years up to 2011. Assuming this has continued since 2011, around one million white British have fled from London since 2001. Interestingly, the number of white Irish has also declined. This is an exodus of almost biblical proportions. Ooops, the lovers of cultural diversity perhaps forgot to tell us of the scale of this ‘white flight’? The % of white British in London fell from about 60% in 2001 to 45% by 2011 and is now probably below 38%. White British are in an ever-shrinking minority in their own capital city. No wonder London voted Labour.

By the time Mr Khan comes up for re-election, less than one in three Londoners will be white British. This suggests Mr Khan will be in office for an awfully long time.

The EU influx

One of the groups with the biggest rise has been ‘white other’. They’ve shot up by 439,087 – about 40,000 arriving every year. I think we can assume most of these are fleeing low wages or even unemployment in the EU. Who are they going to vote for? Labour naturally. And these are just the ones we know about. There are probably a couple of hundred thousand more who are here illegally.

The rise of the M*sl*ms

The number of M*sl*ms (Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Arab) has shot up by 255,302 from 296,642 in 2001 to 551,944 by 2011 – an increase of 25,000 every year. Assuming this has continued since 2011, there are probably at least 700,000  M*sl*ms in London. Though, if we include ‘other Asian’ then there are over one million M*sl*ms in London. And who will the M*sl*m block vote plus the postal vote fraud go to? Labour’s Mr Khan, of course.

Towards a bright *sl*mic future

With the Tories’ plans for mayors in more cities, we’re going to see an acceleration of the M*sl*m takeover of our country.

So, is Khan’s victory a triumph for diversity? Or is it actually due to the white ethnic population fleeing from the foreign invasion of their country?

I fear it’s more the latter, rather than the former.

And if you know any builders who specialise in mosques, they’re going to be very busy over the next few years.

How they must be celebrating in Raqqa as we allow the invasion of our country while committing cultural, economic, military and political suicide in the name of political correctness!

7 comments to Has ISIL just conquered London?

  • Peter

    So Britain now has terrorist sympathises as both leader of Her Majesty’s opposition and as Mayor of London. Probably says more about London’s demographics than anything else. This is hopefully a wake up call to the nation, as from past events not to Liberal David Cameron as he will continue his pandering to their every whim

  • John Fields

    This is not a Labour victory, for this success will have to be taken in conjunction with the
    loss of Labour votes in the rest of the U.K. The election of a Muslim mayor and
    Mr Corbyn’s association with Hezbollah and Hamas will drive away many grass
    root supporters.

  • Peter

    Nothing left to fight with Britain Surrender London To Islam

    “Our once great nation is a laughing stock. We are defenceless”

  • David Brown

    Long ago and far away Enoch Powell MP made his famous speech, the so called rivers of blood, on immigration. It opened with Whom The Gods Seek To Destroy They First Drive Mad. Well they are not just driving the rulers of England made but those of most of Western Europe,
    See the age demographics for German males in the same age range as the majority of migrants.
    What spiritual or psychological state of mind has caused this death wish?

  • David Brown

    Correction error on the youtube link -Germany crosses The Demographic RUBICON:20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020

  • David Brown

    Is this being kept out of the main stream media prior to the EU referendum – The International Organization for Migration, based in Geneva, reported by April 2016, some 170,000 migrants had reached Europe by sea from Turkey.In addition 18,000 so far have reached Italy by sea from Libya.

  • brian rodney harwood

    Here is an American telling the UK how he sees the election of a Muslim Mayor for London

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