April 2024

Sometimes a cartoon says more than words ever can

The massive scale of the establishment cover-up of sex crimes by M*sl*ms across Europe is beginning to be exposed. Now we even learn that a year or so ago, Swedish women were groped and raped at a party in Stockholm organised by idiotic liberal lefty ‘progressives’ to welcome the rapefugees to Sweden. That too was covered up by the media and the authorities lest indigenous Swedes got the ‘wrong idea’ about the kind of primitive subhumans pouring into their country.

Anyway, here’s a cartoon which seems to sum up what is happening across Europe:

muslim rape cartoon

But as we in Britain watch the cover-ups unravel across Europe, we Brits should hang our heads in shame as the worst sexual violence against females by M*sl*ms and the greatest number of cover-ups by the authorities have been in Britain – in most of our major towns and cities.

We should probably put a sign up outside most of our towns and cities with the line “Twinned with Rotherham”.

Guard your daughters well. Because the politicians, police and local authorities seem to be under instructions to allow them to be raped and sodomised and beaten and tortured as long as the raping and sodomising and beating and torturing are being done by M*sl*ms.

After all, that’s multi-culturalism, isn’t it?

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