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Submission – have our cowardly rulers already handed our continent over to the M*sl*ms?

I’ve just finished reading a book called “Soumission” (Submission) by a French author, Michel Houellebecq. Like most French so-called ‘intellectuals’, he spends much of the book peering admiringly into his own rectal cavity convinced that what he sees is giving him amazing new insights into the nature of human existence and other such important stuff.


But what is interesting about the book is the setting. It’s France in about ten years. The M*sl*m population has grown to about 20% and the M*sl*m Brotherhood have formed a ‘moderate’ M*sl*m political party.

(I believe French elections take part in two stages. First there is an election in which all the parties take part. Then a week or so later there’s a run-off in which only the top two parties participate)

In the Froggy’s book, in the weeks leading up to the election, there are rumours of fighting between local French and M*sl*ms in some cities. But none of this is reported in the French media as the liberal lefties controlling the media don’t want people to vote for Marine Le Pen’s anti-EU, anti-immigrant Front National. And when the French switch over to the BBC, they find no mention of the fighting there either.

In the first stage of the election, the winning party is Le Pen’s Front National. But the runner up is the M*sl*m Brotherhood. This gives the pro-EU, pro-immigration socialists and pro-EU centre right a dilemma. Which party – Front National or the ‘moderate’ M*sl*m Brotherhood – do they ask their supporters to vote for? The socialists naturally go for the M*sl*m Brotherhood. At first it’s assumed that the centre right will support Le Pen’s Front National. But, having spent so many years castigating the Front National as ‘waaacciissssttts’ and being slavishly pro-EU, the centre right also decides to advise its voters to support the M*sl*m Brotherhood.

So, there’s an establishment pro-EU stitch-up preventing the largest party – the anti-EU, anti-immigration Front National – from winning in the second round. This thus allows the ‘moderate’ M*sl*m Brotherhood into power with socialists and the centre right being handed a few government ministries as a reward for their support.

Of course, once the M*sl*m Brotherhood get into power, just as happened in Egypt, people find out that ‘moderate M*sl*m’ is as much an oxymoron as ‘Cameron promise’ or ‘EU democracy‘. But by then it’s too late, France’s laws are rapidly changed to benefit M*sl*ms and France starts eagerly pressuring the EU to admit Algeria, Tunisia and other such wonderful countries (in the book Turkey is already a member) thus turning the EU into a majority M*sl*m not so super state.

This scenario could only happen in a country with proportional representation. With Britain’s ‘First Past The Post’ system, what we’re likely to see here is M*sl*ms taking control of all our main cities and towns where they tend to live in their Third-World ghettoes and the Tories controlling all the rural constituencies. Moreover, the M*sl*ms wouldn’t need to form their own political party in Britain. They already have one. It’s called Labour. And the M*sl*m block vote plus the usual massive postal voting fraud will make Labour unbeatable anywhere where there is around 25% to 30% M*sl*m population (and that includes an awful lot of towns and constituencies).

By the way, it seems that it took an amazing five days for the news to seep out that up to 1,000 men of North African and Arab appearance were believed to have been involved in a series of robberies and sexual assaults on white girls in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, despite evidence to the contrary, the German authorities are desperately denying any connection between these assaults and a million immigrants flooding into Germany in 2015.

A rather worried-looking Justice Minister Heiko Maas said “During these investigations it will become clear which circle of perpetrators is involved”. And he implausibly claimed “Making this an issue through over-simplifications, and connecting it to the issue of refugees is nothing more than misuse of the debate. Now it is about determining the facts and drawing the necessary conclusions”. Similarly Cologne’s leftie Mayor said there was “no reason to believe the attackers were refugees” even though a policeman, who tried vainly to stop some of the worst attacks, stated that many of the attackers were refugees with temporary residence papers.

So, if you live in any British city or major town, it may soon be time to lock up your daughters. Remember, wherever there are Labour councillors and Labour MPs, M*sl*ms do not get arrested or prosecuted for attacking and raping white girls. In fact, the mainstream media and our rulers do everything in their power to prevent us finding out what is happening.

Soon someone in Britain will also be able to write a book called “Submission”. Perhaps they already can?

2 comments to Submission – have our cowardly rulers already handed our continent over to the M*sl*ms?

  • Tony Potts

    While the European Sheeple were asleep, they have lost everything.

  • David Brown

    At what point in the near future say the 2020 Generally election will the block Muslim vote actually determine the outcome?
    The so called Conservative MP for Croydon central won by just 165 votes. By 2020 the population of Croydon will be somewhat changed.

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