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Total silence from Fatty Fry and the hypocritical, *sl*mophiliac, limp-wristed lefties

Here’s a lovely photo from that popular Syrian tourist hotspot Raqqa. Apparently it’s of a 15-year-old boy joining the “Raqqa Flying Club” – being flung off a high building and then being stoned into a bloody unrecognisable pulp by a jeering mob urged on by some bearded maniacs (sorry, I meant ‘respected M*sl*m clerics‘). The boy’s crime? Allegedly he was having a homosexual relationship with an ISIL military commander. But most likely he was being raped by the commander.

fifteen year old thrown from building

But, of course, in Sharia Law being raped is a crime which is almost always punished by death. If a female is raped, that’s adultery and if a male is raped, that’s homosexuality. For females death is usually by stoning. Apparently medium-sized stones are recommended so the head doesn’t get crushed too quickly. For males, first they join their local flying club before being stoned. All pretty civilised stuff.

Do you remember, just a few years ago, just before the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, the Russian Government passed a law making it illegal to promote homosexuality to children? Do you remember Stephen “Lard-Arse” Fry bellowing his outrage at this supposed ‘oppression’ of back-entry Mandelsonians like himself? I think Stephen Fry even demanded that Britain should boycott the Winter Olympics. (Actually I don’t imagine anyone would have noticed if we didn’t turn up as we tend not to be too great at winter sports.) However, Fatty Fry and his limp-wristed leftie mates, bursting with self-righteous, holier-than-thou indignation would be quite happy for Britain’s few Winter Olympians to throw away four years’ training just so the lefties could show off their well-polished liberal consciences.

Well, Fatty. What do you think about ISIL chucking recidivist botty-botherers like yourself and suspected botty-botherers off high buildings? Then stoning what’s left of them? Surely that’s slightly worse than the supposed ‘oppression’ of serial shirtlifters in Russia? But strangely, there is deafening silence from that great pile of sweaty buggery (sorry, I meant ‘great national institution’) – Stephen Fry – and his limp-wristed, *sl*mophiliac leftie mates. No outrage against ISIL. No demands for action against ISIL. Strange isn’t it?

I think what we’re seeing is the usual hypocrisy and selectiveness of the British Britain-hating liberal lefties. M*sl*m female genital mutilation? Not a peep of protest from the lefties or the feminists. M*sl*ms crashing our NHS and care system with congenital idiots born from first-cousin marriages? Silence from the lefties. M*sl*ms crucifying Christians and burning churches in M*sl*m countries? The lefties look the other way and bleat about how we need to allow more M*sl*ms into Britain. M*sl*ms gang-raping, gang-sodomising and gang-torturing underage white girls? Desperate attempts by the lefties to keep the story out of the press so as not to offend the so-easily-offended M*sl*m community.

Imagine the howls of outrage from the lefties if Israel ever did any of these things. In fact, I think there’s currently a boycott on Israeli universities and a refusal from our universities to invite any Israeli academics to Britain, whereas every bearded Jew-hating maniac from *sl*m is welcomed with open arms by the holier-than-thou lefties who control most of our universities.

As the son of an immigrant father, who hugely admired Britain and was immensely grateful for the opportunities Britain gave him, I fail to understand how those who loathe Britain, British history and British values have come to dominate our society and how those who see value in British achievements are derided as ‘little Englanders’, ‘waaaaccciiisssttts’ and ‘bigots’.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be led to collective suicide by the parasitic, liberal leftie establishment? I don’t get it.

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  • Mohammed

    Maybe mr Fry feels that since we are already bombing them (supposedly), his criticism would be moot? I know it must be hard to regurgitate so much votrolic bile every 24hrs, but there is no need to be such a dick. Out of curiosity what would you do with all the muslims in europe? Whats the white ‘christian’end game david? Whats your final solution?

    Also whats the deal with never ever (i mean ever) citing sources? You are hardly a bastion of transparent journalism are you.

    Also why the raging hard on for zionism? People who think that they are superior because they are chosen by god, living in a country that they want everyone else who doesnt have their belief system or racial background to leave (including arab and, african jews) so they can dress up in funny clothes, pelt rocks with stones, commune with their version of the abrahamic skyfairy, call non believers gentiles or goys and, play the race (they are europenas in my torah) card whenever someone knocks them. The arabs and other assorted suntaned persons were there long before hundreds of thousands of people called steinberg and goldstein washed up on the beach bristling with army surplus and sauerkraut on rye. Might as well call themselves the moderate IS. Isril perhaps.

  • NoMore

    Your last paragraph describes Muslims pretty well for sure if you swap out a few words eg infidel for goy, koran for torah. The Jews lived in the same area as the Arabs for thousands of years too didn’t they? Israel is a safe, first world, democratic success story in a boiling sea of Islamic chaos, hate, violence, misogyny, homophobia and squalid backwardness. Long may it survive as a beacon to the benighted Arabs as to what their countries could be like one day (say in 500 years time).

  • Simon

    “Why are we allowing ourselves to be led to collective suicide by the parasitic, liberal leftie establishment? I don’t get it.” Well, that kind of sums it up doesn’t it? can’t really expand on that. I don’t get it either & nor do a silent & shrinking minority (I feel like a minority), it’s a keep your head down, keep working, keep your mouth shut society now. I’m nearly 50 work as a self-employed joiner & in my (most humble) opinion this country is screwed. I am most definitely not left wing, but the class system in this country is alive & well & I wonder (as a red blooded male) whether the Old Etonians & their ilk quite simply prefer buggering little brown, tanned bottoms to white ones. The whole mess smacks of the last days of the Roman Empire.

  • Tony Potts

    Dont worry there will be many more supports of the EU bearded clerics arriving this summer to Europes shores.

    This is the summary of Jan 2015 migration Forum, our EU unelected bureaucrats ruling over us, spending our money , their planning worked out well didnt, remember these people are Camerons, Merkels, Hollandes puppet string pullers expect increasing chaos as we all head into a glorious huge Sweden like broken mass.Of course the forum was attended by Gimmerants and Muslims telling us what to do as they know best of course , followed by Cocktails, see attached PDFs for the sordid , crawling details. Have a look around see what the loons have instore for us , doesnt look good comrades.

    1st European Migration Forum – ‘Safe routes, safe futures. How to manage the mixed flows of migrants across the Mediterranean?—safe-routes-safe-futures-how-to-manage-the-mixed-flows-of-migrants-across-the-mediterranean


    Migrant Youths required!! Preferably Rapists !!


    What is Integrating Cities?
    The Integrating Cities process was launched in Rotterdam in 2006 and is a partnership between EUROCITIES and the European Commission to promote local level implementation of the Common Basic Principles on Integration. It is based on a conference series and a programme of work led by EUROCITIES in close cooperation with the European Commission.

    Commitment to this process was reconfirmed through the 2007 Milan Declaration and developed further through the INTI-CITIES and DIVE projects. This process was further endorsed by the launch in 2010 of the EUROCITIES Charter on Integrating Cities which sets out cities’ commitment to integration of migrants.

    The delivery of this Charter, through peer reviews and benchmarking, has been the main objective of the MIXITIES project which was implemented with support from the European Integration Fund.

    On this website, you will find information on the established policy dialogue between EUROCITIES and the European Commission through the INTEGRATING CITIES Conference series, the EUROCITIES Charter on Integrating Cities and EU-funded projects INTI-CITIES, DIVE, MIXITIES as well as initiatives from EUROCITIES’ Working Group on Migration and Integration.

    In other words completetly destroy Europe’s historical cities and cultures and replace with a Migrant rapist hell hole.

  • Tony Potts

    Link for above Bull Shit


    More B.S. from Euroland , Gethenburg and Bristol showing the way. Of course a nice Webpage more important than the reality.

    Bristol telling the World how good it is, its enough to make you puke.


    Cities at work: Gothenburg’s entrepreneurial hub.

    won the EUROCITIES award for cooperation in November 2015

    The reality of course is different :

    In 15 years’ time, demographers say, indigenous Swedes will be in a minority because the men who arrive are allowed to send home for wives and children, who in turn will have their own children.
    The Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, who himself has an Iranian-Kurdish background, recently described what’s happening in Sweden as ‘quite disastrous’. He said: ‘This is an irreversible social experiment that no wealthy state has ever attempted. There are almost no ideas or visions over how this can be solved.
    ‘You can’t combine open borders with a welfare state. If you offer generous benefits, and anyone can come and use these benefits, a very large number of people will try to do that. It’s just mathematically impossible for a small country like Sweden to fund that.’

    Waiting at the bus stop with their bags are three Syrian men fed up with Swedish hospitality. Five minutes ago, they walked out of a charity-run migrants’ hostel surrounded by trees in a pretty tourist town, an hour’s drive from the country’s second city of Gothenburg.
    ‘We refuse to stay there,’ says 29-year-old Maher Al-Saleh, as he stands defiantly on the roadside. ‘The bedrooms are small, it’s dirty, and they serve pasta every night, which we don’t like. It is run like a Christian prison, with prayers before meals. We are Muslims.’


    Expect much more chaos rapes and total collapse from Sweden. a for taste of what is in store for the rest of us.Of course the Presstitute media will rattle on about the none existent Right Wingers not on the many multiplying Muslims looking for Benefit Jizya and Supplicating Dhimmis, they have found them in the EU alright, No Ifs No Buts, Happy Ramadan.

  • Tony Potts

    In Norway.

    “Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.” And Europe is bringing in millions more.


    In Ireland

    Professor believes the Irish will be an ethnic minority in Ireland by 2050.

    The former President of Dublin City University said, in 2005, that Ireland’s natives will be a minority in the country by the middle of this century, but that immigration is still essential if the country is to remain prosperous.

    Of course he says bringing them in to take over is essential, Suicidal Lunatic.

    Germany .
    Cologne Mayor says its the German womens fault for being raped.

    Cologne Mayor Slammed For Telling German Women It Is Their Responsibility To Keep Rapists At “Arm’s Length”

    “These people that we welcomed just three months ago with teddy bears and water bottles … started shooting at the cathedral dome and started shooting at police. Well seasoned police officers then confessed to me that they never saw something like this in their entire lives. They called it a ‘civil war like situation.'”

    Well yes of course its all Our Fault, we must try hard to be totally pathetic excuses for human beings and beg to be raped more often, men and boys included then we can have rape centres for boys like they do in Sweden.

  • Help

    More Muslims in England please Mr Cameron …

    Speaking of Charlie Hebdo, today is the one year anniversary of the horrific attacks that left 12 people dead at the offices of the satire mag. Apparently, one man decided to “celebrate” by attacking a police station in Northern Paris – with a knife.

    According to multiple reports, the would-be assailant shouted “Allahu Akbar” before attempting to enter the building.

    He was promptly shot.

    “He fell immediately,” Luc Poignant, a police union representative, told BFM.

    Apparently, there were “wires on the man,” and so, a bomb squad robot was sent in to “inspect” his corpse.

  • Help

    Here we go, the end of Free Speech, Totalitarian EU Stasi state, suffer in silence, Merkel says so.

    The German government’s demand that social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter remove what it calls anti-migrant ‘hate speech’ is having its first real test in the wake of the sickening sex attacks in Cologne over New Year’s Eve.
    In a deal reached last December, major social media sites said they would work to delete any German anti-migrant sentiments distributed on their networks within 24 hours after a removal request has been made.

    The outlets agreed to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts and already users in Germany are expressing disgust at the policy which came straight from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.

    Last September, Ms Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the issue, with Mr Zuckerberg replying “we need to do some work” to remove offensive posts, Wired reported. He agreed to collude with the German leader on the issue.

  • Help

    Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault In Every Major German City.

    German capital city Berlin has joined the sad parade of cities touched by migrant sex violence on New Year’s Eve, with hundreds of assaults now reported to police in Cologne and other cities.

    Although on a smaller scale to the unrestrained and un-policed sex attacks in Cologne, the Berliner Morgenpost has now reported on assaults taking place on the street “in front of the Brandenburg gate”.

    The revelation may prove difficult for the German media, which until now has stressed in most reports on the new year’s rapes that Berlin was not caught up in the scandal.

    The paper reports four separate incidents around the cite, including a tourist being sexually assaulted by a group of “three to five men”, and two women being “sexually harassed” by men from Pakistan and Iraq.

  • Help

    German State Broadcaster ‘Sorry’ For Slow Reporting On Cologne Sex Assaults.

    BERLIN (AFP) – German public broadcaster ZDF has apologised for delays in reporting on a wave of sexual assaults blamed on men of Arab appearance amid accusations Wednesday of media self-censorship of the inflammatory issue.

  • Help

    135 Per Cent Increase In German Asylum Claims, Just 34 Per Cent Syrians.

    Almost half a million formal asylum applications were registered in Germany last year. The 476,649 applications made in 2015 dwarf the 273,515 made in 2014, and represent a sharp increase of more than 135 per cent in 12 months.

    However, “the actual number of people [in Germany] for the purpose of applying [for asylum] is significantly higher”, explained German Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, commenting on the new figures.

    The real number is so much higher because the application process is lengthy and currently overwhelmed, plus many migrants avoid registering so they can move to their preferred destination firsts.

    So many Gimmegrants I think the UK should take them all next summer , dont you think, NOT … BUT WE WILL GET THEM ANYWAY, baton down the hatches.

  • David Brown

    in the last line -of the article – collective suicide i dont get it. Neither do I there has to be a motive because against the wishes of the people of Western Europe every one is acting to demographical change its population. England, Sweden, Ireland, France , Italy , Belgium , Netherlands, Germany, Norway . Moreover they are conspiring to use Turkey as a trojan horse ?
    Is this mass immigration part of what Malcom Muggeridge said half a century ago was part of the great death wish. Or is part of plan for evil to cause civil war or the creation of EU place state held together as Iraq. Syria, Libya and Yugoslavia where by a strongman ?

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