October 2023
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Please come to Sweden – our blonde women like to be raped!

Following Rotherham and Oxford and all the other towns where our M*sl*m friends have made gang rape and gang sodomisation of white girls the most popular sport in town, you might have thought they would keep a low profile. You would have been wrong. In a recent blog I wrote about how M*sl*ms in Rotherham had protested about *sl*mophobia. And now we learn that in Keighly, West Yorkshire, a 13-year-old schoolgirl was subjected to months of sexual exploitation by a gang of 14 “Asian” men.

I wonder what our media mean by “Asian” – were they Chinese? Or Japanese? Or Indonesian? It’s truly a mystery!

The girl – who was aged 13 when the rapes began – was allegedly attacked in car parks, parks and churchyards around Keighley, by the defendants, one of whom was 59 at the time. The girl said one alleged attacker called her a ‘little white s**g’ and ‘white b*****d’, and laughed at her as she wept on the floor.

But Britain’s rape epidemic has nothing on what’s going on in Sweden. I’ve previously shown this lovely chart about the increase in rape in our Nordic neighbour:

sweden rapes chart

And there was a heartwarming story a couple of days ago about a Swedish woman who was raped twice by different Arab asylum-seekers in Strängnäs. The woman was first caught by a [M*sl*m] man who pulled her down and raped her. After the attack, she started to walk back toward the center of Strängnäs. But just a short distance from the site of the first rape she was assaulted and raped both vaginally and anally by two other Arabs who also spat on her after they had finished raping her.

Sweden, a country of just 9 million people could be taking in around 200,000 backward, unemployable, violent, misogynist Third-Worlders this year. That would be equivalent to Britain allowing 1,500,000 of these excellent people into our country in just one year. Why the Swedes are committing social, cultural and economic suicide is something that future historians will study with amazement.

sweden rape

In conclusion, here’s Pat Condell’s latest video about Sweden’s bright, progressive, multi-cultural future:

7 comments to Please come to Sweden – our blonde women like to be raped!

  • tony potts

    “Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe”

    The outright betrayal of White girls and I mean girls some as young as, 3 years old, 7 years old , 11 years old(gang raped) some killed.( I can provide the links if no one believes me.) Is one of the most shameful acts of modern , utter shame on those that refuse to protect our children, yes the Police and Politicians, maybe they will only understand when the female members of their families are raped.
    Or will they do what they are doing in Denmark handing out leaflets telling them how to act like good little Danes, in the face of their Rape Epidemic, How Utterly Pathetic.

  • mike peters

    Somalian convicted of setting woman on fire in London.Why didnt the mainstream Presstitutes report this.

    If the races had been reversed, this would have been a major international news story.

    A 23 year old Lithuanian woman had been hanging out with a Somalian male at bars in East London. However, when she refused to have sex with him, the Somalian plotted a horrific murder. The perp asked the woman to speak with him privately in an alley. He had a gas can waiting for her. Without warning he dumped the gas on her and set her on fire.

    The woman was burned on 24% of her body, including her face, and is horribly disfigured for life.

    The perp, Mohammed Kosar, 28, was just sentenced to 16 years for the pre-meditated attempted torture murder. A slap on the wrist considering the horrific nature of the crime.

    The judge said that Kosar had shown zero remorse during the trial. The perp had several previous convictions.

  • mike peters

    Somalian gang systematically gang raped underage British girls in Bristol.

    In Bristol, Somalia sex grooming gangs raped girls as young as 13 and forced them into prostitution. Some of the girl were in state custody while the gang rapes were going on.

    Britain has already been rocked by revelations of large scale child rape perpetrated by Pakistani immigrants. Left has blamed “Pakistani culture” and says Islam is not to blame. However, this case shows that other Muslim immigrant groups are doing the same thing.

    13 Somali men have been convicted of raping children in Bristol. There are 49 other suspects.

  • mike peters

    Well what do you expect when our Politicians invite the dregs of the Earth into our homes.

  • david brown

    MIKE PETERS Mohammed Kosar put his name and BBC news into google nothing on that case on the BBC website . However they do have six stories on the case of the so called Croydon tram rant women Emma West . Who was rude but did not use racist words. Originally she was remanded by Magistrate Ian MacNeil tel 01689 811678 on the false pretext it was to protect her from an outraged public.

  • mike peters

    david brown,
    Daily Mail good enough for you, BBC wont have it no point looking there, just Googled his name got it in milliseconds.

  • david brown

    Mike Peters sorry if my comment was confusing. My point was the BBC had decided not to report it.

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