October 2021
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Welcome the *sl*mic Caliphate of Germanistan

Today just 3 short YouTube videos from the increasingly *sl*mic Caliphate of Germanistan.

1. Germans shocked to find their own police turning on them

After the mayor of the German village of Freiberg announced the arrival of 384 new migrants in 9 buses on 10-11-2015, locals, afraid of their safety and future, clashed with police and tried to block their path.

You can hear them calling for the police to “shoot them, if they have any honour left in them” because they are “fighting their own people” after the police violently removed them from the road.

Germany is expected to receive 1.5 million migrants this year. But once the migrants start bringing in 5 to 6 family members each plus having 4 to 5 children per family, the Caliphate of Germanistan will arrive sooner than anyone thought possible

2. German news reporter buying fake Syrian ID in Istanbul

Here a German TV reporter shows how easy it is to get forged Syrian identity cards in Istanbul (there’s an error in the translation as he’s buying an identity card, not a passport)

I have a feeling that a lot more ‘Syrians’ than ever lived in Syria are going to arrive in Germany following Merkel’s open invitation.

3. Merkel booed

I’m not sure if this is genuine or if someone has overlaid a soundtrack of people booing while Angela “I love M*sl*m Migrants” Merkel is giving a speech

(You only need to watch the first minute or so of this one)

4. And finally, Europeans are arming themselves

(From a reader’s comment yesterday) Reports of terrorists hiding among migrants, migrants with a different view of women, and fear of rising crime due to the massive influx of immigrants, mainly from M*sl*m countries, have Europeans flocking to gun stores to arm themselves.

Weapon sales are soaring in Austria as citizens of the small Alpine nation become paranoid over the numbers of refugees crowding into their country, Daily Mail reports.

In a country of 8.5 million people, there are now an estimated 900,000 firearms in homes.  And gun dealers report that it is women driving the sales rush. This year alone, police say 70,000 guns have been sold.

‘Virtually all shotguns are currently sold out, because you need no permit for them’, said Thomas Ortner, spokesman for an arms dealer in Upper Austria. For every other type of weapon, a licence is required.

Licence courses, in which applicants must demonstrate knowledge of firearms, used to take place every five weeks but they are now held weekly because of spiking demand.

In cities like Salzburg, a line of people outside the necessary government office to get the paperwork to buy a gun is now an everyday sight.

Broadcasters and local media say the numbers of refugees – coupled with a fear of break-ins as a result – is fuelling the arms race.

‘Because of the social change, people want to protect themselves,’ one arms dealer told the broadcaster oe.24. He said ‘many women’ were among his customers.

The flood of ‘refugees’ into Austria is continuing without interruption.

The daily paper Heute reported recently: ‘The cash registers are currently ringing loud at local gun dealers. Figures of the Ministry of the Interior prove it: more and more people are buying guns and rifles.’

A Central weapon register was introduced in June 2014 to record all legal firearm sales.
This year over 14,000 new weapons have been purchased. Dealers reported that women are also driving up sales of pepper spray because of their fears for personal security in the midst of the great migration of refugees heading to Germany.

‘We cannot complain about a lack of demand,’ said Stephan Mayer, a gun merchant. ‘People want to protect themselves’.

‘The most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women who are also buying tear [pepper] sprays, which are much in demand.’ The new trend is in stark contrast to previous business which was driven by the hunting brigade.

Also in countries like Norway, there has been an increase of people who sign up for a hunting licence course in order to buy guns, and for the first time in history, women outnumber men at the courses. ‘For the first time in history, more women than men have enrolled for the hunting course. I think it is the first time on a national basis,’ says Espen Stokke, who is an instructor, to Enebakk Avis

9 comments to Welcome the *sl*mic Caliphate of Germanistan

  • mike mines

    The Middle East comes to Austria and Austria becomes the Middle East in mind, soon by action.
    The stupidity of our ‘leaders’ is breathtaking, followed closely by those who think ‘it will never happen here’.

  • t reeves

    The Guardian newspaper and the Beeb falling all over and wetting themselves ,Turkey re-elects Erdogan , Camerons’ big buddy, it is one of Camerons’ big pushes to get Turkey and as many Muslim Turks into the EU as possible, as soon as possible while the EU sheeple are Cheering YES we want more or they are still asleep, before reality hits like in Swedenistan and its to late, and mission accomplished.
    Why work when you can pack up working and get more money in Germany free benefits and have a big family.And if Erdogan is so good why do they all want to leave? Oh yes I forgot he is busy trying as hard as he can with his buddies in Europe Cameron and Merkel to get them all into the EU, simples:)

    “95 percent of Turkish blue collar workers want to live abroad: Poll”

    Take note there are 72 Million Turkish Muslims waiting to get here, 80% of Turks in Germany those born there claim benefits at school they say it is their aspiration to claim benefits and drive BMWs’.

    Nicole, a German school teacher told me once, when she asks her students what they want to become in the future, the majority of Turkish students say, “State benefit receiver.”

    Three million Turks live already in Germany already, while 2.5 million of them have German nationality, and the majority of them are conservative Muslims.

    Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job; about 20%. The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits). 70% of their children have no GCSE; they left school before they finished their basic education.

    According to the German state benefit system, every adult citizen who possesses the German nationality, unemployed and cannot find an appropriate job, is entitled to get monthly 482 € ($627). Additionally, parents get for each child under 18 years old, 200 € ($261), plus all their monthly expenditures in terms of rent, heating, power, health insurance, and public transport.

    Kamal (46 years old) and his wife Shadia (42 years old) have ten children under 18 and live on Hartz IV (the German social benefit system). They have a monthly net income of about 3000 €. In addition, all their spending on rent, health care, transport, heating, etc. are paid by the state.

    Kamal never worked or had a regular job, never finished school, and never learned a profession. Now he claims that he is “ill.” Klaus, the landlord of Kamal says, “The man is fit.” He even confessed to Klaus that he lies when he says he is ill. “He told me once, ‘Why should I work if I can live well without/'” Klaus quotes Kamal.

    Although those photos look to be in the UK of protesters calling for a Caliphate.

  • t reeves

    Since when is it illegal to have a drink in the UK.Every woman to be covered from head to foot in the UK. This countries leaders and police are a disgrace.We in the UK are in Very Serious Trouble.

  • Timothy trent

    ‘Christmas cancelled’ at Trojan Horse school, tribunal told in Birmingham.(22 October 2015)

    Former assistant headteacher at Nansen Primary said prayers took children away from vital English and maths lessons.

    The former assistant headteacher of a Birmingham school at the heart of the so-called Trojan Horse scandal described how Christmas was “cancelled” as the school became more “Islamised”.

    “The focus of all the assemblies were very much on the Islamic faith, the focus of the RE syllabus was predominantly the Islamic faith.
    Ms Clark is accused of introducing an “undue amount of religious influence” in the education at Park View.

    Four other former senior leaders from the PVET – Monzoor ‘Moz’ Hussain, Arshad Hussain, Razwan Faraz and Hardeep Saini – also face the same allegation – which they deny.

  • fred stevens

    Germany’s Future Explained
    Posted on November 1, 2015 by Baron Bodissey
    The horrible thing about what this culture-enricher says is that he is basically speaking the truth. Germans’ daughters are going to marry Muslims and wear the veil. Muslims are going to outbreed Germans. Germany’s future is Islamic.

    And the Germans themselves will work hard and pay high taxes to fund the transition.


    0:00 Now, honestly, in Germany Islam will come whether you want that or not.
    0:06 Your daughter will wear a hijab. Your son will have a beard. OK?
    0:10 And your daughter will marry a bearded man. And we multiply more and more.
    0:14 You Germans don’t make any more children, you have maybe, tops, maybe two kids,
    0:18 and we make seven, Alhamdulillah, OK, comrade?
    0:21 And then we take four wives, and we have 22 children.
    0:24 So you have maybe one kid and one little doggie, yeah? And that’s it.
    0:28 Comrade, that’s not our fault, that’s your fault. When you exploited our countries
    0:32 colonized them, so that you can drive your Mercedes and use that digital camera there,
    0:36 that’s how Allah our god makes it that we will conquer you,
    0:41 not with war here in Germany but with birthrates, firstly, and secondly
    0:45 we marry your daughters, yeah? And your daughter will wear a hijab.
    0:49 So, now you can go and lose it, OK, one can already see the hate in your eyes.

  • harry hunter

    You aint seen nothing yet…..

    A Passage to Germany
    Posted on October 30, 2015.
    There has never been a better time to be in the people-smuggling business in Turkey. It’s a bull market — lots of demand, and now lots of supply, with 25,000 smugglers providing services to customers, according to the following Czech news report. Business is booming, and the price of a passage to Europe keeps dropping,

    00:00 World on the Edge
    00:04 Turkey will play a very significant role
    00:08 in the migrant crisis. Two million more migrants are still in Turkey. Mostly they come from
    00:13 Syria and Afghanistan. They want to go to Europe. The only reason
    00:18 why they have not yet done so is money. That is why one can see
    00:22 so many children and women who are begging. That is why young men are trying
    00:27 to get jobs here, at all costs. They are willing to work
    00:31 for a third of the Turkish wage.
    00:35 Where are you from? Afghanistan. And which city? Kabul. And you want to go to Europe?
    00:40 Of course. And why are you still in Istanbul? We have to earn the money for the journey.
    00:44 Then we will go to Europe.
    00:48 How long? How long until you can afford it?
    00:52 Till you will have enough money to go to Europe?
    00:56 How long you will work? One year. In Turkey, there are 25,000
    01:00 people smugglers, against whom till now nobody has taken any action.
    01:04 This is a huge problem. That is why they can send more and more boats
    01:09 into Greece, into Europe. It is also not difficult
    01:13 to find the webpage with contact information, including phone numbers,
    01:18 for people smugglers who are offering for €1,200
    01:22 to take customers to Europe, and for €6,000 to be brought directly into Germany.
    01:26 These are people against whom neither the local police nor the government take any action.

  • B Uttley

    October’s migrant and refugee flow to Europe roughly matched whole of 2014.

    GENEVA (Reuters) – The number of migrants and refugees entering Europe by sea last month was roughly the same as for the whole of 2014, United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said on Monday.

    The monthly record of 218,394 also outstripped September’s 172,843, UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said.

    “That makes it the highest total for any month to date and roughly the same as the entire total for 2014,” he said. The UNHCR puts 2014 arrivals by sea at about 219,000.

  • B Uttley

    And where will they out the millions of migrants that flood into Britain? Oh wait a minute they are already preparing for that dont panic, dont get your Burkha in bustle, ministers have got it covered.

    Tens of thousands of new homes in greenfield areas to get automatic planning permission
    Ministers quietly expand scope of ‘planning in principle’ power from brownfield sites to areas earmarked for development in local plans.
    Tens of thousands of new homes in greenfield areas in England will be given automatic planning permission amid fears that communities will have inappropriate developments forced on them.
    Ministers have quietly given developers the right to be granted “planning in principle” in areas that are earmarked for new housing schemes.
    Rural campaigners said the new powers will restrict the rights of council planning officers to ensure that the design, density, size and location of homes is in keeping with local areas.
    Shaun Spiers, chief executive of the Campaign to protect Rural England, said: ““The country needs more house building, but the way to achieve this is through well-planned developments that win public consent. Imposing development without local democratic oversight is a recipe for discord.

    David Cameron: ‘You’ll be able to see not just what crimes have been committed on your street, but what action the police have taken’

    Just three weeks ago David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said that the new “planning in principle” changes would apply to brownfield sites like former car parks and industrial areas.
    However Government documents said the new power will apply to “housing identified in local plans and neighbourhood plans” which include greenfield areas.

    Whitehall forecasts say the new plans could be used to give approvals to homes on 7,000 building sites a year.
    Whitehall documents published alongside the Bill say: “The total number of developments annually that could benefit from permission in principle will grow as plans and registers come on stream and make site allocations.”

    So dont worry SHEEPLE they are coming to a back yard near you soon.They will probably introduce some lessons for the migrants so they behave nicely,Keep Calm and Carry On like they do in the Rape Centres of Scandanavia:
    “We had some problems in Stavanger because some of the refugees had sexually violent episodes with Norwegian girls in the centre of the town,” she said. “So the police, the immigration department and Hero Norge launched a project to teach refugees about Norwegian behaviour.”

    Ye that should do it!!

  • NoMore

    In a natural response a small child could have foreseen (but not Merkel), neo-Nazism is blossoming particularly in parts of the former East Germany with asylum seekers being confronted by firework-throwing mobs and random bashings spreading (see the Daily Express). Kind of the opposite of what she wanted the world to see with her virtual signalling (itself a front for EU expansionism and race replacement).

    Meanwhile the Dhimmi fools in Wasteminster debated the recent anti-immigration petition and displayed their usual gross misconception of Islumism. Of course the petition was poorly worded and argued and even I didn’t agree with all of it just that it was the anti-petition to the luvvies’ one and had momentum. Hopefully it will give these cultural Marxist fools a strong hint that our collective patience is wearing thin though.

    Read it and weep

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