June 2024

Rejoice! Rejoice! Our ‘innocent’ brother is free!!!

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Great rejoicing amongst Britain’s leading *sl*mophiliacs and massive multiple orgasms from BBC and C4 reporters as they exultantly claim “the last Briton held at Guantanamo is freed”.

But hold on a minute. The guy is a Saudi  who is married to someone who happens to hold a British passport. So he’s a Saudi, not a Brit.

And what about the claims from the Yuman Rights brigade that the guy is “innocent”?

The US government believes Shaker Aamer to be a military-trained al-Qaeda member who recruited for extremist causes and had close ties to Osama bin Laden.

Aamer allegedly moved to Afghanistan, with his family, in the summer of 2001; however, the US believes he had visited the country on multiple occasions before. On one occasion, he visited Khalden training camp, which hosted several jihadists connected to al-Qaeda. In 2000, he accompanied the mujahideen on the front lines, carrying a gun as he did so. In the summer of 2001, Aamer returned to Afghanistan, living under Taliban rule in Kabul. In October 2001 – the same month that the US began its bombing campaign in Afghanistan, in response to 9/11 – Aamer moved his family to Pakistan. However, rather than accompanying them, he returned to Afghanistan.

The US believes that Aamer then fought at Tora Bora, Afghanistan, as the US and its allies attacked alQaeda and Taliban forces there towards the end of 2001. At Tora Bora, Aamer is thought to have served as a sub-commander under Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi’s command; al-Libi was the emir of the Khalden training camp. Multiple detainees at Guantánamo Bay have identified Aamer as the commander of the Juhanya Centre in Tora Bora (Abu Juhanyah was one of Shaker Aamer’s aliases).

Aamer was in possession of a false Belgian passport at the time of his capture.

At Guantánamo Bay, seven separate sources have described Aamer’s connections to al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden: Abu Zubaydah, Abdul Bukhary, Muhammad Basardah, Moazzam Begg,

Aamer is thought to have known several radical Islamists and terrorists, including the following senior al-Qaeda leaders: Abu Musab al-Suri, who has previously been described as the ideological “mastermind” behind the 7 July 2005 attacks on the London transport network. Walid Bin Attash – a senior al-Qaeda operative currently standing trial in a US military commission, for his role in planning 9/11. Abu Yasir al-Jazairi, an al-Qaeda facilitator. Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, who was on the al-Qaeda shura council.

Aamer was also reportedly tied to those who were well known within the British jihadist scene, including: Babar Ahmad, who has pleaded guilty – in December 2013, in the US – to terrorism offences. Abu Hamza al-Masri, the former imam at Finsbury Park Mosque, who was convicted in the UK – primarily for hate-speech offences – in February 2006 and has since been extradited to the US (where he has been jailed for life, as a result of terrorism-related charges). Abu Qatada, the ideologue whom a Spanish judge described as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”. Richard Reid, the al-Qaeda operative who attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on a flight between Paris and Miami, in December 2001. Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person to be convicted for involvement in the attacks on 9/11.

However, statements made by Guantanamo detainees would not be admissable in court because of accusations of torture and because Aamer did not have immediate access to a lawyer. Hence, he and many other detainees could never be properly prosecuted.

Aamer’s supporters say that he was in Afghanistan for innocent reasons: carrying out charity work. This charity has not been named, but has been described as a “Muslim charity building schools for Afghan orphans”. 

children's charity

Yet, the charities for which Aamer claims to have worked in the past are, in reality, groups providing support to al-Qaeda. Aamer claims to have worked for a “humanitarian” organisation in Bosnia in 1994, known as the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS) – an outfit based in Kuwait. In January 2002, RIHS was placed on the United Nations Security Council Committee’s ‘Al-Qaida Sanctions List’. Its work in Pakistan and Afghanistan was affiliated with the Afghan Support Committee (which had funded both alQaeda and Osama bin Laden), and its Pakistan branch had funded al-Qaeda, using money “ostensibly earmarked for supporting orphans”. In June 2008, RIHS was designated by the US Treasury, for providing “financial and material support” to al-Qaeda and its affiliates

Aamer’s lawyers filed a motion in a US court, arguing that Aamer should be released to the UK on the grounds of ill health. They cited a psychiatrist (whom other Guantánamo defence lawyers have also used to diagnose their detainees) who had diagnosed Aamer as suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and paranoia. They argued that these conditions would be worsened if Aamer was released to Saudi Arabia rather than the UK.

The suggestion that Aamer is too ill to be detained is a long-held tactic used by Aamer’s supporters. In February 2005, Clive Stafford Smith, one of Aamer’s lawyers, said that his client was “floridly psychotic”. At the same time, Stafford Smith said that Aamer was “really losing it” and “mentally unwell”; he repeated this claim in October 2007.

So, this (IMHO) piece of excrement is coming back to Britain where he will be feted as a hero by the Yuman Rights brigade and get a million or so in compensation.

But what will “Brit” Shaker Aamer do now? Will he live a life of luxury with his compensation and benefits while producing many more mini-Jihadis?

Or will he do what another Guantanamo ‘innocent’ did? Jamal Al-Harith, who was released from Guantanamo Bay in March 2004 following pleas from the British government was awarded compensation totaling £1m ($1.53m) in 2010 by the British government and then went off to Syria reportedly to join ISIL.

At the time of his release, the then-Home Secretary David Blunkett said: “No one who is returned . . . will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

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  • mike mines

    Haven’t heard much from Blunkett, did his brain retire to a stud kennel?

  • tony potts

    Isis planning ‘mass casualty’ terror attacks in UK, head of MI5 warns.

    Andrew Parker’s speech comes shortly before a new surveillance bill is to be published by parliament.

    Yep , yes I think so, YES please spy on all my web browser activity and pass this Bill on Surveillance of me and all My Thoughts.
    And I know its OK for you to do so because as you say if I havent done anything wrong what do I have to worry about. I mean a country that rewards and pays out to those with terror links and grovels at their feet , that at the same time Imprisons its own Soldiers like the Royal Marine Sergeant for killing the enemy, What could go wrong . I mean our countries leaders judgement of what is Right or Wrong is diabolical , what could Go Wrong.

  • tony potts

    Every body ,please sign this NOW.Before they find an excuse to stop it being signed.

    E Petition
    Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

  • mike rogers

    U.S. Threatens Trade Barriers If UK Leaves EU.

    F++K the USA.

  • vince reed

    Unfortunately we in the UK are defenceless.

    Europeans are arming themselves – in fear of mass immigration

    Reports of terrorists hiding among migrants, migrants with a different view of women, and fear of rising crime due to the massive influx of immigrants, mainly from Muslim countries, have Europeans flocking to gun stores to arm themselves.

    Weapon sales are soaring in Austria as citizens of the small Alpine nation become paranoid over the numbers of refugees crowding into their country, Daily Mail reports.

    In a country of 8.5 million people, there are now an estimated 900,000 firearms in homes.

    And gun dealers report that it is women driving the sales rush. This year alone, police say 70,000 guns have been sold.

    ‘Virtually all shotguns are currently sold out, because you need no permit for them’, said Thomas Ortner, spokesman for an arms dealer in Upper Austria.

    For every other type of weapon, a licence is required.

    Licence courses, in which applicants must demonstrate knowledge of firearms, used to take place every five weeks but they are now held weekly because of spiking demand.

    In cities like Salzburg, a line of people outside the necessary government office to get the paperwork to buy a gun is now an everyday sight.

    Broadcasters and local media say the numbers of refugees – coupled with a fear of break-ins as a result – is fuelling the arms race.

    ‘Because of the social change, people want to protect themselves,’ one arms dealer told the broadcaster oe.24. He said ‘many women’ were among his customers.
    The flood of ‘refugees’ into Austria is continuing without interruption.

    The Hungarian route has become less active, and traffic is now flowing at a rapid rate through Slovenia instead.

    Czech Independent TV also reported on the arms upsurge. As of Monday most rifles in the country are out of stock.

    The daily paper Heute reported recently: ‘The cash registers are currently ringing loud at local gun dealers.

    ‘Figures of the Ministry of the Interior prove it: more and more people are buying guns and rifles.’

    A Central weapon register was introduced in June 2014 to record all legal firearm sales.
    This year over 14,000 new weapons have been purchased.

    Dealers reported that women are also driving up sales of pepper spray because of their fears for personal security in the midst of the great migration of refugees heading to Germany.

    ‘We cannot complain about a lack of demand,’ said Stephan Mayer, a gun merchant.

    ‘People want to protect themselves’.

    ‘The most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women who are also buying tear [pepper] sprays, which are much in demand.’

    The new trend is in stark contrast to previous business which was driven by the hunting brigade.

    Also in countries like Norway, there has been an increase of people who sign up for a hunting licence course in order to buy guns, and for the first time in history, women outnumber men at the courses.

    – For the first time in history, more women than men have enrolled for the hunting course. I think it is the first time on a national basis, says Espen Stokke, who is an instructor, to Enebakk Avis.

  • vince reed

    What the Germans really think of Merkel.

    Cameron deserves worse treatment as traitor to Britain, grunt.

  • t reeves

    Coming our way?

    No Expense Spared: Slovenia Builds Temporary Railway, Lays On Extra Trains To Get Migrants Into Europe.

  • t reeves

    Oh the Multicultural Harmony , or is the hell Peter Sutherland et al planned for us all as intended,Lefty Liberal Cloud Cuckoo Land Politics, the most dangerous of all.


    Sweden is facing collapse thanks to the recent huge influx of migrants into the country, the Swedish foreign minister has said. As 190,000 migrants this year alone pour into the country, law and order is beginning to break down as the country plays witness to numerous arson attacks, stabbings and gang rapes.

    The Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom has warned that Sweden, a country of just 9.8 million people, cannot continue to take migrants at the present rate without services breaking down. In an interview, Mrs Wallstrom said: “I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year – in the long run, our system will collapse.

    “And that welcome is not going to receive popular support.”

    She has called on other European Union member states to take on more migrants in a bid to relieve pressure within her own country, but said: “I have to admit that there have been moments recently of very great disappointment. I have heard statements from member states that have been completely astonishing and very discouraging.”

    Once thought of as one of Europe’s most peaceful nations, Sweden is rapidly becoming a fragmented nation, at war with itself. Almost 26.8 per cent of the population is now foreign born or has at least one foreign born parent. With no way to assimilate such large numbers, the outcome has been the creation of ghettos in which crime and extremism are allowed to flourish.

    Malmo, which just two years ago played host to that most unifying of events, the Eurovision Song Contest, now has “no-go zones.” Last month, retired Chief Superintendent Torsten Elofsson told Breitbart London: “We have a number of no-go-zones in Sweden and they are expanding… police can go to these places, but you have to take precautions.

    “Years ago you could go with two officers, no problem. Now you have to send four officers and two cars – if the fire brigade want to go, they have to take a police escort. They throw stones and try to stop the fireman from putting out fires.”

  • t reeves

    Oh the BEARD of it.

    Islamist extremists are extorting ‘infidel tax’ from fellow prisoners in some of Britain’s toughest jails
    Inmates in category A prisons claim Islamists threatened and bullied them
    Extremists told non-Muslim prisoners to pay jizya as a protection tax.
    Some prisoners said they had to ask friends and family outside prison to transfer money to pay the tax

    Read more:

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