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Australian TV isn’t afraid to expose Britain’s VIPs (Very Important Paedophiles)

As ever more information leaks out about the huge scale of paedophilia amongst Britain’s ruling elites – politicians, top civil servants, military leaders and judges – the Government has set up the Goddard Inquiry.

However, the Goddard Inquiry will apparently not report until 2018 at the earliest. And cynics might suspect that Goddard will “do a Chilcot”. Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War has now been dragging on for over six years and there is still no sign of any conclusion. Though all those involved in the Chilcot Inquiry have become very rich indeed thanks to almost unlimited access to taxpayers’ money and all those who could have been criticised by the Inquiry have partied, confident that the whole thing will end up in a pointless fudge although we proles will be told by our rulers and their obedient media that “no stone has been left unturned” and that “very important lessons have been learnt” and all the guilty will, as usual, avoid any punishment for their crimes.

If Judge Goddard does decide to “do a Chilcot”, that will give Britain’s VIPs (Very Important Paedophiles) – many of whom are still active in Parliament and the Lords – plenty of time to either “do a Janner” (claim to have dementia while still turning up at the Lords to speak, vote and claim generous expenses) or else die.

great escape

And then we proles will be told once again that “no stone has been left unturned” and that “very important lessons have been learnt” and everyone involved will avoid any punishment for their crimes.

In fact we already seem to be heading for the usual Whitehall whitewash. Apparently the Government in its wisdom has decided that evidence of abuse of children from the Northern Irish Kincora Boys’ Home by powerful establishment figures is ‘not relevant’ to the Goddard Inquiry – even though many boys from Kincora were shipped to London to be raped – and instead will be examined by a separate Northern Irish inquiry which has no legal powers to compel witnesses to testify. Nice one, eh?

So anyone hoping that the truth about Britain’s VIPs will be exposed shouldn’t hold their breath.

In the meantime, here’s a link to an Australian “60 Minutes” investigation into Britain’s Very Important Paedophiles:

I know readers are probably too busy to watch the whole programme. But just look at the first 5 or 6 minutes – the interviews with the man who, as a boy, was sent from Kincora to London’s Dolphin Square to be abused by groups of MPs and their mates and the woman who was first forced into oral and penetrative sex with MPs and other VIPs when she was just six. That will start to give you a flavour of the extent of paedophilia amongst our ruling elites and also the extent of the ongoing Establishment cover-up.

3 comments to Australian TV isn’t afraid to expose Britain’s VIPs (Very Important Paedophiles)

  • david brown

    judge Goddard has a 500.000 a year pay package to kick the can as far down the road as possible. It is not going to just focus on Westminster , Dolphin Square and Elm guest House but all child sexual abuse in England and Wales. This will have the intend effect of both ensuring the so called investigation will drag on and a huge smokescreen of unrelated stuff will help avoid direct focus. Its a well known tactic in fraud trials to try and confuse things with a mountain of paperwork.

  • MGJ

    Isn’t investigating alleged law-breaking something we already pay the police to do?

    One wonders just how appallingly corrupt these so-call Inquiries have to get before the public and the media cotton on. Anyone who hasn’t worked it out yet that they are aimed at protecting the guilty and fleecing the tax-payer is presumably beyond hope.

    It is (literally) pathetic so see genuine victims demand “An Inquiry” in the belief that it will somehow represent their interests.

  • John Fields

    I love your blogs Mr Craig. it is like going back to school. I learn more about the
    rotten things in life every week. Now I know about our sick ruling elite,I have tied this
    together with the menace of Islam, and I think that we are in for a future of being
    well and truly shafted.

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