July 2021
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Our busy police find time to investigate “horrendous crime”

(Another dementia day for me. They’d better find a cure fast or our country is going to be overwhelmed by creaky old zombies who can’t remember who they are and why they are where they are)

Occasionally there’s a trivial news story which tells us more about the state of our country than we would like to admit. Today’s story is about a police investigation being launched into finding out who had broken the law by attempting (unsuccessfully) to poison a seagull:

An investigation has opened into the alleged poisoning of a seagull. Police appealed for information and released a photograph of the seagull lying in the yard of a police station.


PC Scott McGregor said in Bridport, Dorset: “The seagull had vomited considerably and when the RSPCA were sent out it was their view that the bird was poisoned. If anyone knows of anybody in the local community who is engaging in this cruel manner towards protected birds, we would urge them to contact the RSPCA.”

The suspected poisoning, which did not kill the seagull, took place amid an increase in the number of reports of violence by the seabirds.

It is an offence to damage the nests of wild birds or to kill them, although special extermination licences have been awarded in cases where their presence has constituted a risk to public health.

PC Paul Freestone, a wildlife crimes officer, said: “As soon as a gull lays down just a few bits of material to start to build a nest, that nest is protected. People need to be aware of the law.”

Our police claim they don’t have the resources to protect us from around 9 million crimes committed in England and Wales each year – that’s over 25,000 crimes a day:

crime stats

Our police do nothing when our M*sl*m friends rape and torture tens of thousands of ‘white trash’ girls. They do nothing when top establishment figures are buggering young boys by the hundreds. But when someone tries (and fails) to get rid of a seagull, our dopey plods burst into action.

Ffs – you couldn’t make it up!

Meanwhile our great leader, David Cameron also showed his decisiveness when he declared last week that there ought to be a “big conversation” about controlling the seagull population. “I think a big conversation needs to happen about this and frankly the people we need to listen to are people who really understand this issue in Cornwall, and the potential effects it is having.”

Well, I bet everyone is looking forward to Dave’s “big conversation” about seagulls. I wonder if Dave will ever want a “big conversation” about the *sl*mification of Britain?

2 comments to Our busy police find time to investigate “horrendous crime”

  • MGJ

    There was a time when asking a policeman about his role would most likely produce a sarcastic response along the lines of “Locking up the bad guys obviously! Duh!!!”.

    Nowadays the response tends to be an uncomfortable pause before stuttering something learned on a training course about respecting people’s cultural identities. This often seems to involve spreadsheets or attending meetings and eating biscuits.

    Such is the success with which the left wing establishment has neutered them.

  • Barry Richards

    The seagull probably choked on a chip. Almost as good as the dead parrot sketch.

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