February 2024
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Come to beautiful Turkey – and get murdered by a mad Muzzie

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Around 2,500,000 Brits go there every year. And you can see why:

turkey 1

But there is another side to sun-drenched Turkey – the Turkish government’s tacit support for our friends from ISIS.

Yesterday in Turkey around 30 young people were blown to mincemeat and perhaps another hundred injured by a suicide bomber from the ISIS branch of the religion of tolerance and peace:

turkey 2

Of course, the Turks couldn’t give a toss as most of the victims were Kurds. And as far as the Turks are concerned, the more Kurds that are killed by ISIS the better. After all, if the Kurds were to set up their own independent state in the hell-hole that once was Iraq, then Turkey’s 20 million Kurds might start getting itchy feet and demand independence as well. Hence, Turkey has watched with glee as ISIS enthusiastically reduce Iraq’s Kurdish population.

But Turkey’s Kurds are angry about the latest bomb attack. So, to calm the Kurds’ anger, the Turkish authorities might have to try to give the impression that they’re sort of clamping down on their ISIS friends.

Then what will happen if ISIS get upset? I think Tunisia has shown us how ISIS would react – a few small massacres of tourists on Turkish holiday beaches.

Personally, I would not be planning my holidays in Turkey in the near future. Tourists might find it’s raining – raining bullets and body parts.

2 comments to Come to beautiful Turkey – and get murdered by a mad Muzzie

  • david brown

    the UK Government issued a warning that Tunisia is not a safe tourist destination.Result almost zero uk tourists are going.

    Will they do the same with Turkey. I think even if they had really genuine intelligence that an ISIS attack on UK tourists was probable the UK foreign office would only at best advise caution.

  • According to the Express, the Foreign Office did issue a low-key warning about possible terrorist attacks in Turkey just a few weeks before the Tunisia massacre

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