May 2024

The Trough is greater than the Truth

What fun to watch our useless EU rulers in complete confusion. The Greek debacle and the African/Arab invasion have exposed the massive gulf between what we the people of Europe want and the self-interest of our snouts-in-the-trough rulers.

The people of Europe couldn’t give a toss whether Greece stays in the euro or not. In fact, most of us would probably prefer Greece to go back to the drachma then we could go there for nice cheap holidays. But our EU-rulers are desperate to keep their United States of Europe project on the rails and cannot allow the Greeks to slip away from their control. After all, imagine the popular rebellions against the EU in Spain, Portugal and Italy if the Greeks abandoned the euro, re-adopted the drachma and Greece’s economy started growing again precisely because it had left the Eurozone and the crushing hand of German-backed economic asphyxiation.

As for the invasion from Africa and the Middle East, this has exposed the stupidity of the United States of Europe’s freedom of movement rules which our rulers have used to try to wipe out national borders and nation states to replace them by their great single Europe empire controlled by German-dominated Brussels. Last night our EU-rulers decided to start distributing tens of thousands of primitive, religiously-bigoted, Western-hating  Third-Worlders around Europe against the will of most Europeans. We’re told that only 50,000 or 60,000 will be spread throughout our continent of 500 million. We’re assured that this is just a one-off and that our masters know what’s best for us.

But we know that this is just the thin edge of the wedge. After all, there are another 500,000 dirt-poor migrants already en route to Europe. Then there will be at least a million next year and the year after that and the year after that. No doubt they will also be distributed around Europe turning our cities and towns into stinking, impoverished, Third World slums.

Paris already looks more like an Arab or African city than a European one:

Paris immig

Where Paris has gone, the rest of our cities will follow.

Moreover, as the African/Arab invasion accelerates, all the Third-Worlders will send for their extended families – brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and the rest will be heading our way.

The populations of Europe have had enough. Even the Scandinavians and the Dutch are rebelling. A couple of weeks ago Denmark elected a new government that wants immigration controlled just at the same time as our EU-rulers are increasing it in their bid to wipe out national identity. Once the Germans decide enough is enough and don’t want their country turned into a cross between Syria and Sierra Leone, we all know from history that it will turn very nasty very quickly.

In the UK , when Africans are sleeping on the streets of Notting Hill and Syrians are building their first Mosque in Chipping Norton, the political class may begin to realise that the horrors they have inflicted on much of our country are coming to a street near them.

But because the EU elites are more interested building their own single superstate and in their own prospects which are best served by keeping their oppressive, bureaucratic juggernaut on the road, they are deaf and blind to the catastrophe they are inflicting on Europe. After all, they can never admit they got it wrong and a United States of Europe is completely unworkable.

However, with their massive salaries and pensions paid for by us, they can always retreat to safe, gated, guarded communities where they’ll be protected from the Third-World violence, crime, squalor  and misery for which they are responsible.

The trough is always greater than the Truth

7 comments to The Trough is greater than the Truth

  • Keen Reader

    Every word you write is true.

    (And isn’t it fun, indeed, to observe their current contortions – better than any acrobatic display!)

  • NoMore

    Snouts in the Trough IS the Truth for sure !

    The self-important fools will hopefully be the authors of their own demise over the next year or so – the Greeks surely must leave the euro if not the EU and when they boom the other Latin countries will gain the confidence that they can go their own way again too. Then Q’moron (not mine but I love it!) will collapse like the soufflé he is and be forced into a Brexit (OK I’m dreaming now).

    As you say the illegal immigrant invasion is the other catalyst to return folk back to defending their native borders and giving Brussels the finger.

  • david brown

    Greece would never have got into so much debt if they had not joined the Euro and been able to borrow from German banks to fund a sending spree from fighter jets, staging Olympics, Air conditioned subway system for Athens, plus all the money syphoned off by its corrupt ruling class.
    As for the boat people soon to come by their millions to add to the millions already in France, England and much of Europe. Well the United States of Europe is in a race with the United States which is soon to become majority non white. All part of the suicide of the west.

  • MGJ

    Greece is frankly irrelevant. The players here are the banks and the EU/governments. We are just arguing about what form the banks’ bailout takes.

    The issue is how long we continue with ‘extend & pretend’, pumping in a few billion here and there, before the inevitable default. In which case we can be confident of several things:

    1) It will be dressed up as something else and not called a default. A supine MSM will fail to call anybody to account.
    2) No bank will suffer negative consequences.
    3) There will be a further massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich, in the name of ‘saving the world’ (i.e. banks).

    At the root of all of this is a fiat money system which requires banks to move away from financing wealth creating businesses to just pushing IOUs around financed at 0% by Central Banks. All in the full knowledge that any recklessness or incompetence is fully underwriiten by the public.

  • MGJ

    I put together a list of confused and incredibly expensive programs tried so far to save ‘Greece’. I’m sure there are others that I missed:

    Shock and Awe
    LTROs (Long-Term Repurchase Operations)
    Operation Twist
    Formal QE
    ELA (Emergency Liquidity Assistance)
    EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility)
    ESM (European Stability Mechanism)
    European Fiscal Compact
    Sovereign Bailout Loans
    Bank recapitalisation programme
    Open mouth operations
    PCCL (Precautionary financial assistance)
    SMSF (Secondary Market Support Facility)
    ECCL (Enhanced Conditions Credit Line)
    HFSF (Hellenic Financial Stability Fund)

    I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to compile a list of heads that rolled as a result of their total failure.

  • Barry Richards

    Greece will leave the EUro eventually Grexit stage left, once they have had a good feed from the financial institutions that are keeping it afloat. Then they will turn their economy around with cheap tourism and free trade with the rest of the world. The united states of Europe is already crumbling with political opponents gaining ground in many countries. The immigration of all types will finish it off as we are on a downward slope towards third world status and when sovereign states finally realise and close the door, it will all be over. The majority of people are tired of EU interference on all levels, not to mention the vast cost. I don’t believe there will be a referendum, Dave will dodge that with a last minute swerve saying we have won concessions so we won’t need the vote. Gated communities won’t save them.

  • david brown

    Barry your last sentence, In the 1970s a group within the army /intelligence services planed a coup when the country was being undermined by strikes. That was then
    Enoch Powell predicted immigration would lead to civil war. You can look this up on youtube.
    The problem is the population is almost totally disarmed . The politicians have control of the police and the military and may try and use them against the people of England.

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