July 2024

We’re not ‘rescuing’ anyone, we’re providing a free ferry service

Hardly a day goes by without the BBC telling us what a wonderful job the crew of HMS Bulwark are doing supposedly  ‘rescuing’ thousands of African and Middle East economic migrants. And today, we even had a report about Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, flying out to the ship to congratulate the crew on their courage and achievements. What total bllx!

My limited understanding is that the people smugglers now just take their boatloads of Africans into international waters, abandon them and send a distress call to the Italian coastguard. Then a ship from Italy or Britain or some other EU country helpfully rushes to the ‘rescue’ and, even more helpfully, provides free transport to Europe for all the migrants who were so destitute that they could afford to pay the traffickers thousands for their journey.

Here are some of the lucky Africans benefiting from our free ferry service:


The BBC is happy to big up HMS Bulwark’s supposed ‘successes’ – helping flood Europe with tens of thousands of Africans. But the BBC seems less keen on mentioning the real problems – the corruption of all of Africa’s billionaire rulers, pathetic African economic mismanagement which has impoverished almost a billion people and African population growth that is completely out of control.

In 1950 there were 229 million Africans and (despite our Germans friends’ efforts at population reduction) 549 million Europeans. Since then the population of Africa has shot up more than 400% to over 1.2 billion, while Europe’s population has only increased by 35% to 742 million (much of that due to Third World immigration):

population Europe vs Africa

Every day, another 71,000 Africans are born. In Europe it’s about 1,800 a day. Every year another 26 million Africans are born – 90% of which will live in excrement-covered hell-hole poverty until they grow up and head for Europe.

We need population control in Africa and we need it now. But to suggest that would be ‘waaacccciiiissssttt’.

Coming soon to a street near you

Latest estimates are that around 500,000 Africans and Arabs will try to get to Europe this year. Next year, what will it be? A million? Two million? Who knows?

save us

Britain’s leaders claim that they’re being firm in resisting the European Commission’s proposal to resettle Africa’s millions around the EU. But all that will happen is that Italy and Greece and other landing points will quickly give these economic migrants EU travel documents and most will head for Britain because we have the most generous benefits system in the whole EU.

Remember that nasty Mr Gaddafi? The one we overthrew to liberate the Libyans into the welcoming arms of the *sl*mic State? Apparently when he was in power he warned Europe’s leaders about the need to control a deluge of migration from Africa and offered to work with Europe to prevent it.

Below is a link to a YouTube video about how Europe is committing suicide by allowing the Africanisation of our continent. At 10 minutes it’s a bit long for my taste. But it does painfully expose the stupidity of Europe’s leaders as they try to claim that ‘rescuing’ (providing a free ferry service for) millions of Africans is our ‘humanitarian duty’. The in-yer-face rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins is the only person who has dared say what most people probably privately think, we should pick up the migrants and take them straight back to Libya.

A  deluge from hell (also known as Africa) is heading our way and our rulers are powerless to stop it. In fact, they’re encouraging it by providing free ferry services to Europe:

3 comments to We’re not ‘rescuing’ anyone, we’re providing a free ferry service

  • Peter

    UK supermarkets could run dry as migrants threaten food supply

    MIGRANTS are threatening the British food supply as terrified lorry drivers refuse to ship essentials across the Channel.

  • david brown

    After a high profile trial the cops often say- this has sent out a clear message.
    People making travel plans in say the Sudan can read this on line and this they will get the message.
    As far as I can find not a single boat person reaching the EU has been returned to their point of origin or a safe African haven.
    Its as if the EU is intentionally sending out an invite for a vast African migration.
    In the early 19th century people took huge risks on wagon trains in search of a better life.
    The only thing which would deter the boat people would be if all or almost all where refused entry into any part of the EU
    this is intentionally not being done. We can look forward to the demographic destruction of the historic nations of Europe . Including our England.

  • MGJ

    I think this is another example of the power of the left dominated MSM. Although it is no excuse, I doubt Cameron believes in this policy; nor the rest of the Tory MPs; nor probably even most Labour MPs. They are just terrified of being called uncaring and – of course – waaaaaciiiiist!

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