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What is 3,500 x 365? Europe’s suicide

(Today I’m sticking with this story because someone has to expose the mainstream media’s lies)

Yesterday, around 3,500 Africans and Arabs were supposedly ‘rescued’ by ships from European countries. Here’s a triumphalist headline from the Sunday Times “Navy flagship races to save 3,000 migrants”.

The article then starts “The Royal Navy flagship was taking part last night in international efforts to rescue more than 3,000 migrants stranded at sea 50 miles north of Libya”.

If the Sunday Times had even the slightest shred of honesty, they could have written “Libyan people smugglers have now found that they just need to take their human cargoes 50 miles offshore and radio the Italian coastguard, then ships from the British, German, Irish and Italian navies will come rushing  to ferry the thousands of African economic migrants and Middle-East M*sl*ms who loathe the West all the way to Europe”.

If you multiply 3,500 by 365 days in a year, you get 1,277,500 migrants who will probably be ferried free of charge to Europe by ships from EU countries this year. Conveniently, there are said to be about 500,000 already massing on the shores of the Mediterranean. So we can expect all of them and more to come here in the next few months.

As a reader yesterday helpfully pointed out, “that will send a clear message to other Africans and West-loathing M*sl*ms“. And that message will be – “you’ve destroyed your own countries through your stupidity, laziness, corruption, incompetence, intolerance and bigotry, so come to Europe”:

refugees 2

“The stupid Europeans will transport you, feed you, lodge you, give you medical care, give you new travel documents and let you settle in any European country of your choice”.

For most, that will be Britain as we have the most generous benefits system in Europe. And. of course, once the tidal wave of human garbage reaches our shores, they’ll be allowed to bring in their families and uncles and cousins and aunts and grandparents and their relatives and so on.

Though, as another commenter wrote, our rulers probably know that providing free ferry services to Europe for millions of the world’s most backward and violent people is a disaster. But they’re afraid to prevent this for fear of being labelled ‘uncaring’ by the mainstream media.

I suspect that if you moved the whole population of Europe to Africa and the whole population of Africa to Europe, within 20 years Africa would be flourishing and prosperous and Europe would be a stinking, excrement-covered, backward, violent, economically-wrecked, Third-World hell-hole.

So, let’s hang out the welcome signs and hand over passports and benefits to millions who will destroy what’s left of our country and our culture in the same way that they have destroyed their own countries (click to see more clearly)

welcome to Britain

Let’s commit suicide! You know it makes sense!

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  • david brown

    In 1990 the BBC made an expensive drama roughly loosely inspired by the novel The Camp of the Saints. The premise is due to global warming, so it our fault, a large number of Africans demand to be let into Europe.
    As with the 2007 drama documentary BA Flight 146 the BBC have an embargo on The March being released on DVD.
    You can find clips on you tube – google BBC THE MARCH 1990

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