March 2023
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Jihadi John’s parents must be very proud!

While Britain’s Hindus have made an enormous contribution to our country, it seems that all ‘British’ M*sl*ms can do is spread hatred, claim benefits and produce endless streams of babies, most of them called “M*h*mmed”.

However, now Britain’s M*sl*m community has produced a British, and maybe even a global, celeb – a real superstar. Yup, it’s our very own Jihadi John – real name  M*h*mmed (of course, what else could it be?) Emwazi.

How proud Mr and Mrs Emwazi must be. Their son is famous. He’s been on the TV and in newspapers all over the world. He’s very brave. He’s not afraid to behead innocent, helpless hostages. Here he is looking at a big knife probably wishing his penis was even half that size:

jihadi john

I’ve no doubt that when Mr and Mrs Emwazi walk through the streets of London (assuming Mrs Emwazi is even allowed out of her home by her husband. master and owner) they are greeted by cheering crowds of British M*sl*ms. After all, the latest polling shows that at least 27% (that’s 1,350,000) of British M*sl*ms support the murder of the French cartoonists. If 27% admit this, this probably means that at least half of Britain’s M*sl*ms actually believe the cartoonists should have been executed for poking fun at their medieval death cult masquerading as a religion.

I wonder if the imams in Jihadi John’s local mosque have a board up with all the latest press cuttings about their most famous and successful recruit. Perhaps they even award Jihadi John points? Say, one point for beheading a M*sl*m opposed to IS, five points for beheading a Middle-East Christian and ten points for beheading a Westerner?

jihadi john at work

Yup, there must be great rejoicing in London’s M*sl*m community as they read about the exploits of their favourite hero. And no doubt other young ‘British’ M*sl*ms are queuing up, eager to be as famous and as feared as our great Jihadi John –  M*h*mmed Emwazi.

After all, there are already more than twice as many ‘British’ M*sl*ms fighting for the *sl*mic State than there are in the British armed forces:

Jihadi John mates

I think that makes it fairly clear where the loyalties of ‘British’ M*sl*ms lie despite our useless, cowardly, lying leaders’ repeated claims that “M*sl*m values are British values”.

There are at least 54 M*sl*m countries in the world. It’s a pity our ‘British’ M*sl*ms don’t seem particularly keen to live in any of them. I wonder why? Can’t have anything to do with benefits, can it?

Meanwhile, we can expect much more of this…

islam progress 3

and this:

islam progress 2

from Britain’s ever so well-integrated M*sl*m community.

Thanks for everything Mr and Mrs Emwazi!

6 comments to Jihadi John’s parents must be very proud!

  • TotallyPeeved

    Of course they are, they are koranimals with a famous murderous jihadi son.

  • NoMore

    450 people made a stand against the Islamisation of the UK in the first UK PEGIDA march in Newcastle. These people are braver than I am to put their jobs and careers in jeopardy by protesting peacefully for their country , culture and children’s futures. No doubt the Servants of Dhimmitude spent the day faithfully videotaping every face for future accusations of Anti-Establishment Activities.

    A typical misrepresentation from one of the Establishment mouthpieces (Telegraph) :-

    “The German-based anti-Islam group Pegida held its first rally in Britain Saturday, sparking scuffles as police tried to keep the group away from counterdemonstrators” – 1) they are not anti-Islam but anti-Islamisation of their own countries, 2) note the suggestive subject/object inversion in the phrase “as police tried to keep the group away from counterdemonstrators” as if the PEGIDA marchers were rabid attack dogs in need of restraint when it is more like they were the ones in need of protection from the howling mobs of United And Fascist and other lefty useful idiots.

    If the real British had the same freedom to protest as the M*sl*ms without intimidation, abuse and repercussions I’m sure there would have been a lot more than 450 marching.

  • Simon

    I see there are another 300 abuse victims of the ROP in the news today in Cameron’s beloved Oxfordshire. He must be so proud of leading this lovely multi-culutural toilet of a country.

  • mike mines

    Among their own kind they will be heroes for such a son, for our sucker media it will be sack cloth and ashes. That’s why no one of their kind should be inside our borders.
    Rabies is a pussy in comparison.

  • BaronessBonkers

    I am intrigued that the state/police/special agencies must have informed the parents and family of this loony murderer that his name was about to be made public.
    What right do they have to do that?
    Why not say nothing and wait for the natives to tell them, politely of course?
    I hate it in this pigswill country.
    At least Hitler and his chums had the decency to wear uniforms so we could spot the enemy.
    I wonder whether that prat, Cheryl Bullivant or whatever his name is, has stopped running away from Kay Burley yet. That woman has big balls and I love her.

  • NoMore

    His parents are rather good at playing the system here (running rings round all the dim bulb lefty hand-wringing traitors in charge of seemingly everything)

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