January 2023
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It’s not great living in ‘interesting times’ when there are no leaders

While the EU still battles with such issues as saving the world from the fiction of man-made global warming and whether British prisoners should be allowed to vote and while Dave relaxes after the struggle to impose things like gay marriage, more windfarms, the HS2 train and the Royal Mail sell-off on us, there are some pretty biggish sort of things going on in the world:

– Western influence declining – the West’s share of world GDP is now less than 50% and dropping fast. In 1945 the US was the largest creditor and accounted for 60% of world GDP… now probably the US is $20 trillion in debt and perhaps 25% of world GDP

– The Arab Spring has turned into an *sl*mist Winter with ISIL and its associates wreaking havoc across the Middle East and Africa

– The *sl*mists are also bringing attacks to Europe. In the UK they have mostly been stopped by excellent intelligence work, but ultimately they will succeed in carrying out a few atrocities

– The immigration invasion – the tsunami of Third-World immigrants into Europe means that native Europeans will be in the minority and M*sl*ms will be the majority in most major European cities by 2050 if not earlier

– Ukraine – the EU has sparked a totally unnecessary confrontation with Russia by trying to grab the Ukraine so that NATO can plant its tanks on Russia’s borders

– Fighting the wrong enemy – in fact, our useless leaders are desperately trying to fuel the conflict with Russia to make themselves look ‘heroic’ when we should be welcoming Russia into NATO as part of an alliance against the *sl*mist takeover of the West

– World security – there is no effective UN security council and there won’t be while the completely unnecessary and futile confrontation with Russia continues

– The West is floundering unsure of where to intervene to prevent the spread of war – Syria? Mali? Cameroon? Libya? Yemen? Ukraine? – while they try to save money and reduce their budgets

– Southern Europe – most of Southern Europe is effectively bankrupt. Debt levels in the Mediterranean PIGS are increasing by the day and can never be paid back

– Austerity – German-imposed austerity is pushing the Med-PIGS even further into debt and leading to the rise of extremism

– Youth unemployment – around a half of all 18- to 25-year-olds in the Med-PIGS unemployed and never likely to get a proper job in their lives. We have an almost unimaginable social and political crisis heading our way

– China’s rise – China is flexing its muscles and would dearly like to give a few of its neighbours (particularly Japan) a bloody nose as it tries to claim oil and mineral resources in disputed territories

At a time like this, you need great leaders to avoid catastrophe. Here’s a nice picture of one great leader looking totally pissed off at having to talk with two total clueless idiots:

merkel putin and hollande

And one of these two arrogant, self-regarding buffoons, neither of whom have ever had a proper job in their lives, will be the UK’s next leader:

great leader

Churchill, Thatcher, Roosevelt, De Gaulle, Adenauer – how we miss you and need you.

4 comments to It’s not great living in ‘interesting times’ when there are no leaders

  • mike mines

    ‘The enemy of my enemy’ was made for just this situation, it certainly doesn’t apply to the fifth column in our midst.

  • Keen Reader

    Exactly. I wouldn’t very much want to live under Putin and in the main haven’t been a particular fan of Syria’s Assad, but there’s no doubt that either of these semi-Westernised leaders are infinitely preferable to the Islamification of Europe and the excesses of ISIS.
    Since the Norman Invasion of 1066 our great strength as a nation (and following union with Scotland, as the UK) has been our sense of national identity, supported by our island status and naval prowess which enabled us to repel invaders. So 20th century politicians sanctioned the building of a tunnel to the rest of Europe, which because they have since singularly failed adequately to police it provides a ready route into the UK for undesirables, and invited tens of thousands of medievally-minded followers of an alien religious doctrine to set up home and places of worship in our country, all in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness. But as you say, gay marriage, desecrating the landscape with gigantic windmills which self-destruct in a gale and fail to work at all because there’s no wind when most needed, and lobbing out £50 billion and rising in order to cut 30 mins. off the time taken to get from London to Birmingham by train, are all infinitely more important to our self-aggrandising leaders. Never mind failing and falling education standards, widespread youth unemployment, work ’til you drop for the older generation, and food banks which are flourishing because thousands born and bred here cannot afford to feed themselves. Tragic as it is, it’s probable that the UK has already pressed the self-destruct button and the process of disintegration is already well under way.

  • MGJ

    Regrettably I don’t think our society and culture has any place for leaders any more; it’s all about inquiries and focus groups and sneaking out legislation when nobody is looking.

    I am reminded of the joke about choosing between two candidates for leader. One is a smartly dressed tee-total, non-smoking vegetarian who genuinely loves children and animals and is always polite towards women. The other is an alcoholic, fat, depressed, scruffily dressed smoker who is frequently disrespectful to women.

    Which would get your vote? (They are of course respectively Adolph Hitler and Winston Churchill).

  • John Fields

    The two leaders sat with Mr. Putin are amongst other E.U. Leaders who endorsed
    the N.A.T.O., strategy of placing tanks and aircraft on Russia’s doorstep via
    the Ukraine. What kind of a bloody madness is that when they are aware of what a strong
    leader’s reaction would be?

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