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“LIFE OF ALI” – the film that can never be made

Remember how we all laughed in 1979 when Monty Python brought out their brilliant film LIFE OF BRIAN (click to see more clearly)


And how we enjoyed one of the most famous songs ever to be written in English:

Of course, a few excessively zealous Christians were angered by the film and some financial backers pulled out. Fortunately for us, former Beatle George Harrison stepped in with the necessary money and the film was made and distributed. But there were no threats against the makers; none of the actors was killed; there were no attacks on cinemas showing the film and there were no mass protests across the UK from hundreds of thousands of screaming, hate-filled, mouth-frothing protesters against this ‘insult to their religion’ and the film’s ‘blasphemy’.

Now spool forward to today. Imagine (and I know it’s hard to do) someone wanting to make a film called perhaps LIFE OF ALI about some hapless fool (like Bwian) being mistaken for the Prophet Mo………….

For a start, nobody would be foolish enough to even think of making such a film; no actors would risk their lives appearing in it and no cinemas would dare show it for fear of being attacked and burnt to the ground:


Moreover, were such a film to be made, rather than supporting freedom of speech, our spineless politicians would all be lining up to condemn the film as being ‘provocative’ and ‘causing social tension’.

One of our British values is/was our sense of humour and our ability to poke fun at even the mightiest and most self-righteous groups in our society. *sl*mo-Dave Cameron claims “*sl*m’s values are British values”. The fact that the film LIFE OF ALI can never be made suggests that Dave is a blatant and recidivist liar.

It’s sad to see how much Britain has changed and how we have all been diminished by the *sl*mification of our once great country forced on us by our cowardly rulers.

11 comments to “LIFE OF ALI” – the film that can never be made

  • Keen Reader

    Our politicians are evidently hell-bent on leading the UK into slaughter the like of which has never been experienced on this island. It will make the Civil War of the 1640s look like an out-of-hand kids’ tea party. In fact, as one respondent said yesterday, not only the UK but the whole of Europe and the USA will eventually be involved. To see a few days ago pyjama-clad, turban-toting, hijab-swathed UK “citizens”, all with beliefs and attitudes which make the Middle Ages appear advanced by comparison, marching on Downing Street and insulting by their presence the Cenotaph, our national monument to those who have fallen in war whilst fighting for freedom of the individual against oppression, fills me with utter disgust. I shall probably be dead by the time the real trouble starts, but I fear greatly for my children and even more for my beautiful grandchildren, all currently too young to understand what their future is likely to be. Islamic “faith” schools should never have been permitted in the UK, aiding as they doubtless do the perpetuation to the young generation the beliefs and prejudices of this medieval religion. ISLAM IS AIMING FOR TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. I see it. You and countless others see it. Why can’t those who wield power over us see it and do something about it now, before it is finally too late?

  • Kensington Chubb

    Keen Reader. It’s your last point which is the key question. Just why are Western governments so hellbent on setting their countries on a path of total destruction by unfettered immigration? Do they believe their policies of appeasement towards this one particular ethnic group will somehow save them in the coming civil war.

    I too was disgusted by the way the followers of the “RoP” were allowed to swarm over the statue of Monty with the police doing absolutely nothing to stop it (and of course this protest was totally unreported on the BBC). Cast your mind back a couple of years and what the police did to that chap who did no more than read out the names of the war dead at the Cenotaph. The dhimmitude of the police, government at all levels, civil service, judiciary and media will be our downfall.

  • NoMore

    To follow on from the above:-

    You would think our Police were all servants of All*h the way they are behaving – must flush out all those nasty Islamophobes before they destroy our appeasement policies.

  • Kensington Chubb

    I knew about Wiltshire’s plod trying to dig the dirt on who had a copy and was prepared to put it down as a one-off by a dopey dhimmi but it now appears to be more widespread. So just who issued these orders, what was done with the information and more importantly what aspects of the Data Protection Act were broken in trying to get the names?

  • Nick

    I’ve always thought that it would be a great idea if the Python team made a film just like this but arranged to have it released on the internet after they’ve all passed on. What a great way for a great comedy team to give the finger to you-know-who from the grave. Ha Ha it would be brilliant!


    contrast with

    Enoch Powell predicted civil war. The civilian population of the UK is disarmed. I do not think British soldiers would turn their guns on the British people reason Cameron wants to reduce their numbers. Not so sure about the Police.

  • MGJ

    There’s an awful lot of turkeys voting for Christmas – or should that be R*m*d*n?

    On the rare occasions when I can tolerate Question Time, there inevitably seems to be a fashionably dressed, educated, left wing, white female dismissing any possible objections to *sl*m*c values as waaaaccciiist and being wildly applauded by like-minded people in the audience.

    It seems not to occur to them that in the event of sharia law being introduced, they’d be executed for:

    1. Not being m*sl*m
    2. Being female & educated
    3. Exposing flesh
    4. Leaving the house without the express permission of her male owner
    …and unless she was extremely unusual…
    5. Adultery
    6. Alcohol consumption

    I’m sure you could continue the list but you get the picture.

  • Kensington Chubb

    I had to give up QT due to the sheer, naked bias shown towards left-leaning panel members who get an easy ride from David Dithery or the bussed-in, paid-up UAF Marxists. My blood pressure is much better as a result.

    @David Brown. What a great concluding quote in that first link that sums up in a nutshell where we are heading: “The residents of Rotherham are learning what the entire West will soon understand—a strong tribe will defeat a weak nation”.

  • Keen Reader

    “I had to give up QT due to the sheer, naked bias shown towards left-leaning panel members who get an easy ride from David Dithery or the bussed-in, paid-up UAF Marxists”
    Likewise. It’s been evident for a long time that the audience is packed with leftie supporters and the PC brigade. Regardless of where the programme is coming from, the small number of both-feet-on-the-ground common-sense folk of any age is outnumbered by idealistic idiots who scarcely know which way is up. Radio’s Any Questions, chaired by Dithery’s brother Jonathan, isn’t much better.

  • BaronessBonkers

    I’m fed up with all this shit. Can we have a proper leader please?

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