June 2024

This is NOT a cartoon! This is NOT about Mo…(you know who)! I am not afraid! Oh yes I am!

Here’s a link. Clearly it’s NOT a link to a cartoon as cartoons are now dangerous. And clearly the cartoon is NOT about Mo….(you know who) as that would get me killed:

And here’s a reader’s comment I read on the Daily Torygraph website:

The big issue for the UK is the increasing 5th-column of *sl*m-dependent immigrants.

Nothing else is as important to our country’s future.

*sl*m advocates and promotes: autocracy: theocracy; servile females; oppression of infidels, gays and apostates; polygamy; first-cousin marriage; FGM; sexual exploitation of non-M*sl*m girls; and marginalization of individual freedom – many of these are explicitly illegal under British law dontcha-know?

For the avoidance of doubt, *sl*m is utterly toxic to a modern democracy – it is a medieval comfort zone for those with limited intellects. It is also anti-science, anti-development, backward-looking and worships death, not life.

I find *sl*m and M*sl*ms in general, utterly abhorrent to my (British) values and hard-fought and died for British morals of liberty, equality and free expression. As such I regard *sl*m/M*sl*ms as an enemy to me and my country.

It’s refreshing to see someone express what millions of us feel but are afraid to say for fear of being branded “waaaacccciiiiisssssttttt!”

As for publishing the cartoon to which I provide a link above – would I dare? Nope! I’m not that stupid!

So much for ‘free speech’ in Britain today.

And finally, here’s another link. It’s to a story that has appeared in several papers about a 19-year-old ‘British’ M*sl*m caught by police with a hammer, knife and Jihadist flag while on his way to find a soldier at an army recruiting office and behead him (or her)

Reading the garbage uttered by this vile piece of human excrement shows the extent to which we have allowed the M*sl*m fifth column to grow in our country. The police should have followed him and shot him like a mad dog. Instead we will now be paying over £40,000 a year to keep him in a comfortable prison with three hot (halal) meals a day, colour TV, video games and plenty of time to pray to his primitive god and to radicalise others to kill us on their release.

How did we allow this to happen?




7 comments to This is NOT a cartoon! This is NOT about Mo…(you know who)! I am not afraid! Oh yes I am!

  • Muslims in such large numbers do not belong in England. In large numbers the seek to impose their will on the land they have invaded.Their history is not ours. Its the 800 Anniversary of Magna Carta drawn up by Christians and based on The Bible.

  • Bernard from Bucks

    “How did we allow this to happen?” you ask.
    Douglas Murray writing in the Spectator has a very interesting ‘take’ on this –
    “In the aftermath of last month’s Paris atrocities there was a remarkable piece in one of Denmark’s leading papers signed by more than a dozen prominent Danish Muslims. It said that France, like Denmark, is a country where there is freedom of speech and freedom of religion and that writers and cartoonists had every right, in such societies, to draw and cartoon whatever they wanted, including Islam’s prophet. Muslims should get used to it.”
    Not so here.
    “One reason is the weakness of British proponents of free-speech to stand up for what they believe in. One of yesterday’s speakers, Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, said:
    ‘The actions of the UK media in not publishing the cartoons is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.’
    As for publishing the cartoon – you are not stupid, but like millions of others – just plain scared.
    Douglas also has some excellent videos up on YouTube.
    And me? I find it safer now to treat ALL Muslims with the utmost suspicion. It’s like going into a wood to pick wild mushrooms – can you really be sure which ones are safe and which will kill you?
    Best to steer clear of them all.

  • Keen Reader

    Large areas of our major towns and cities are now almost exclusively Muslim. Portsmouth, the traditional home of the Royal Navy, of Nelson’s flagship “Victory”, of Henry VIII’s “Mary Rose”,now boasts no fewer than six mosques and long-standing English residents tell me they are feeling increasingly marginalised. Given that Muslim couples in the main produce 6 or 7 offspring in contrast to the standard 2.4 born to English couples, the mathematical progression to total Islamification of the UK must be evident to anyone with a smattering of common sense. But then, most of the leftie journalists and certain members of the Establishment, including the Heir to the Throne, demonstrate a truly stupefying absence of such. Vote-rigging is, we all know, widespread in Muslim areas and it’s only a matter of time before it is endemic in every borough and Parliamentary constituency. UK Law-makers who continue to endorse what is happening should be put on trial as traitors to our country.

  • mike mines

    ‘The police should have followed him and shot him like a mad dog’
    Yes, eventually that’s what comes for the English who have fought for millennia for their freedom, it’s a lose lose situation. Frying pan or fire.
    And would you trust the PC Plod from Rotherham and their ilk with the power of life and death?
    It looks to me like the importation of certain people have turned our country into a banana republic. I despair for my grandchildren.

  • Kensington Chubb

    The country Great Britain as we knew/know it will cease to exist due to the imbalance in demographics between the stable, indigenous population and the RoP imports and their offspring.

    There can be only one outcome, in the absence of any political will by successive governments and also Royalty to put the brakes on immigration and then to also repatriate, and that outcome will be civil war, not just here, but continental Europe, the USA and any other country that let them in, in the naive belief they would quietly reside us. I won’t be around to see this war, but know the future of my grandchildren will be very bleak indeed.

  • Reading the link by Bernard . So what bothers these protester is some French magazine thats nothing to do with us. They dont think they should be protesting the Demonic acts of evil perpatrated by ISIS and Boko Haram .

  • Kensington Chubb

    Of course they won’t protest against the vile acts perpetrated by ISIS/BH and any other branch of the Izzlamic death cult’s atrocities because our own leaders keep telling us and them after each of these occurrences that they are nothing to do with Izzlam. Until this policy of appeasement changes (and it won’t under LibLabCon) then the “community leaders” feel they have nothing to worry about so get their dander up over nothing more than a cartoon of the pederastic prophet.

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