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Was the Glasgow bin lorry ‘accident’ a Jihadi attack?

The Internet is fertile ground for lunatic conspiracy theories. You know, things like Martians are controlling the Queen, Prince Harry is really James Hewitt’s son, the missing Malaysian Airways flight was abducted by aliens and you can believe any of Dave ‘Cast-Iron-Promise’ Cameron’s promises.

But one theory going the rounds may not be so crazy – that the Glasgow bin lorry ‘accident’ which killed six Christmas shoppers and injured many others was actually a Jihadist attack and that this has been desperately covered up by our rulers just like they covered up the gang-raping, gang-sodomisation and perverted torture of thousands of British girls by Pakistani and Bangladeshi M*sl*ms.

It should be noted that around the same time there were two similar episodes in France where M*sl*ms drove cars into pedestrians. There the authorities tried to claim that both men were mentally deranged and not Jihadi murderers. In the second of these attacks, in Dijon where 11 were injured, the prosecutor improbably stated that the driver ‘shouted “God is great” to give himself courage to act, and not out of religious belief.’ Umm, how likely is that? Anyway the French authorities’ almost laughable attempts to absolve M*sl*ms for the two attacks sort of fell apart after the deadly Paris murders.

If people in Britain did find out that the Glasgow incident, where a bin lorry mowed down Christmas shoppers, really was a Jihadi attack, then this would have two awful consequences:

1. Total fury amongst most of the population against ‘British’ M*sl*ms and probable violence against M*sl*ms

2. A string of dreadful jokes about ‘Osama Bin Lorry’

Here’s a blogger who suggests that the Glasgow bin lorry incident was not a M*sl*m attack, but that by refusing to release the names, religion or ethnic origins of the driver and the other two workers on the bin lorry, the authorities have fuelled speculation that they are covering up a Jihadi attack to avoid ethnic tension:

Please note that every time there is a report of a car accident, the driver is always named. For example the authorities recently named a GP who killed another driver when she panicked after a spider fell into her lap when she was driving. Yet strangely the driver of the Glasgow bin lorry apparently cannot be named.

Here’s a slightly more in-your-face report of the Glasgow incident which suggests it actually was a Jihadi attack and that there has been a massive cover-up in the same way as the authorities (councils, police and politicians) spent more than ten years covering up the widespread sexual exploitation of tens of thousands of British girls by M*sl*ms:

Was it really a Jihadi attack? I leave it up to you to decide.

4 comments to Was the Glasgow bin lorry ‘accident’ a Jihadi attack?

  • NoMore

    My first thought as the news about it came through and the unprecedented cover-up of the names of the 3 men in the cab was that it was a Jihadi attack. Since then I have vacillated between still thinking that and thinking it was a health related accident as stated and some kind of confederation of left-wing entities are sticking together incredibly well to hide the names of the innocents in the cab for fear of retribution against them.

    It is bizarre that amongst all the Police, paramedics, bystanders, medical staff, council workers, journalists NO-ONE has prised open this lid of secrecy.

    After Rotherham I have lost trust in the Police and local authorities (I never trusted the Government) – they are traitors to their own people.

  • Eleanor

    This is an obvious cover-up. For the sake of the lives lost & their families and the people of Glasgow traumatised that day – everyone should know what caused that accident by now. What if it were a faulty braking system – then all the bin lorries should be withdrawn from service….Glasgow City Council as well as the Police should hang their heads in shame….and all this talk about waiting for the Procurator Fiscal is tantamount to blackmail….at every major accident – the reason for the incident is known pretty soon afterwards in order to prevent something similar happening again – yet almost ONE MONTH after this atrocity, we know NOTHING….so make your own mind up who’s preventing who from telling the truth???

  • pollygarter

    So, the driver was a kindly elderly native Brit type gent.

    End of story? Tragic accident confirmed?

    Spiked cuppa tea? Shurely that’s a conspiracy theory too far? Though of course, you don’t blame the pilot of a plane that goes down in flames for human error.

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