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The five biggest lies about M*sl*m terror attacks

I’m afraid it’s back to *sl*m again today. Why? Because I believe the three biggest problems facing Britain today are:

1. The rapid rise of a M*sl*m population most of whom do not accept our values of freedom, tolerance, democracy and equality

2. The handing over of our sovereignty to a German-run undemocratic, wasteful and corrupt superstate run by a privileged elite of hereditary, self-serving bureaucrats

3. The failure of our politicians to govern the country within our financial means leading to a national debt that will soon hit almost £2trn and annual interest payments that will soon cost us more than we spend on education and defence.

All the other stuff about the NHS under crisis, the rise in food banks, supposed Climate Change and so on is trivial compared to the three issues listed above.

So, here are the five big lies we will constantly be told as *sl*mic attacks increase:

1. The attack has nothing to do with *sl*m

This, of course is absolute rubbish. In all cases, London bombings, Lee Rigby murder, Sydney siege, Paris murders, the perpetrators have made it very clear that they are acting because of their *sl*mic beliefs instilled in them by M*sl*m preachers living (usually on benefits) in our midst

2. Almost all M*sl*ms here and abroad found these attacks repugnant

I believe the latest published research showed that around 48% of British M*sl*ms believed that anyone making fun of their death cult masquerading as a religion should be punished.


In a post a few days ago, I included a short piece of a Radio 4 broadcast in which the hapless interviewer struggled to find any M*sl*ms in High Wycombe who would condemn the attacks. Most supported them.

3. The attacks were perpetrated and supported by a minuscule number of people who can simply be defined as ‘terrorists’

Even if the ‘vast majority of M*sl*ms are peaceful and do not support these attacks (which there is strong evidence to show is not true) let’s crunch some simple numbers. Let’s suppose that 99.9% of Britain’s M*sl*ms would not commit or support violence. That leaves just 0.1% who would attack us. With at least 3 million M*sl*ms in Britain (nobody knows the real number). that 0.1% gives us about 3,000 British M*sl*ms who would commit violence against us or support those committing violence. And if only 99% of Britain’s 3 million M*sl*ms are peaceful, then that gives us 30,000 who would kill us in the name of their ‘religion’. So all this tosh about ‘the vast majority of M*sl*ms are peaceful’ is irrelevant. What is relevant is the 3,000 or 30,000 who would happily murder us in order to protect their ‘religion’ against our ridicule

4. Immigration and multiculturalism were in no way contributory causes of either the Paris attack or the attacks which we might experience in the future or have suffered in the past.

This claim is surely so laughably obviously a lie it’s difficult to know what to say to refute it. Imagine we had never allowed mass M*sl*m immigration. There would be no first-cousin marriages, no female genital mutilation, no Trojan Horse schools, no M*sl*m ghettos, no cruelly-slaughtered Halal meat, no hate preachers, no Sharia Law, a massive drop in the benefits bill, no attacks.

burkha 2

Every other immigrant community coming to Britain has managed to adapt, generally accept our values and make a contribution to the country. The British M*sl*m community is unique in the way it has refused to integrate and instead tried to force its blighted views on the rest of us responding with fury and violence every time someone dares question any of its often medieval practices

5. We are all Charly

Our rulers’ attempts to portray themselves as standing up to M*sl*m terror are more than pathetic. No publication dares print the supposedly offending cartoons. The Daily Telegraph even disallows any readers’ comments on any articles about M*sl*ms and their violence and hatred. And our politicians are desperately trying to explain away the mounting series of attacks without mentioning the words ‘M*sl*m’ and ‘*sl*m’

We are entering a very dark period. The coming clash between the M*sl*m world and civilisation is going to be brutal. Millions will die because, just as they did in the years up to 1939, our rulers refuse to recognise the true nature of the evil that threatens our way of life.

Interesting times ahead. And remember, in times of war, the first casualty is the truth.

6 comments to The five biggest lies about M*sl*m terror attacks

  • Peter

    The Muslim Infiltration Of Britain – Luton 2012

  • Keen Reader

    The situation is infinitely worse than 1939. Then the threat was contained within one nation, its geographical boundaries clearly defined, and “all” that was needed was to contain it within those boundaries and destroy it.
    Now the threat is disseminated throughout all those countries of Europe which have misguidedly extended hospitality to practitioners of this brutal so-called religion, forming for every one of these countries a home-nurtured fifth column of loathing and intolerance, which is bent on destroying the native populations of its host nations. Personally, I fear greatly that the time for effectively doing anything to prevent this has long passed.

  • only slightly off topic but check out as he says crazy conspiracy ?

    In the Express Leo Mckinstry mentioned in list of Islamic attacks Glasgow .Is there some news blackout on this in MSM ?
    Or is it just a wacko conspiracy?

  • NoMore

    The problem for us native nationals in each country is that the colonists see themselves as M^sl^ms first, Pakistani/Algerian/Somalian whatever second and British/French/Dutch etc if at all 3rd. The Umm@ trumps all. They are not collectively here to being Europeans or even European M^sl^ms but to be M^sl^ms who happened to live in Europe.

    They (with some justification) see Europe as culturally weak and racked with post-Nazi and post-colonial guilt and our leaders are definitely weak, afraid of causing offence, and privately probably afraid now of Isl*m and all the 5th columnists they were foolish enough to allow to enter and spread like they have done. Isl*m however is very much in a position of strength across the world. They therefore feel Europe must come to meet them on their own terms not the other way round.

    It is mainly leftards that feel still white guilt and pander to the 3rd worlders as “victims” these days, WWII and the Empire were well before most European people’s time now so that guilt is fading and with it any sense of obligation to help the “poor” ex-colonies. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

    If the native Europeans can recover their self-confidence and overcome the leftards with their evil PC and name-calling we can at least avoid being completely swamped and our traditions and beliefs overrun. We all need to be a bit smarter and more collective with all Europeans countries acting together to a) ban the veil (France) b) prevent first-cousin marriages and going back the “home” country to marry (Denmark) c) filter out M*sl*m immigration (Spain). These were all achieved in a clever and indirect way that is not seen as prejudicial to M8sl*ms. d) slashing of benefits (esp. child) (nowhere yet!). It means of course giving up some of our own rights in return (eg yarmulkes and large crosses (whatever they are) were also banned in schools in France) and our home-grown bludgers will feel the pain too but giving up a little to get a lot is very much worth it.

    There will be much atrocity visited upon us in the meantime.

  • Peter

    Mass immigration has led to Muslim ‘ghettos’ in Britain run under Sharia Law, says Farage: Ukip leader claims authorities turn ‘blind eye’ to them during TV interview

  • John Fields

    Another great blog Mr Craig. It should be shouted from the roof tops, so that the
    people will know where to place their cross next May. Some politicians are saying
    that it is scare-mongering to talk about this problem. What a load of crap. It is like
    telling someone not to worry about their terminal cancer.

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